Debut: A Night of Neglect
Type: Academic Decathlon Club
Institution: William McKinley High School
Awards: 1st Place - 2010 Sectionals
1st Place - 2011 Regionals
1st Place - 2011 Nationals
Status: Presumed Active

The Brainiacs are the members of McKinley's academic decathlon club. The club has only been mentioned in A Night of Neglect so far. Although not much has been said about the club, they are seen to be extremely successful, winning at Regionals against Carmel High School's team (which includes Sunshine Corazon) and ultimately winning Nationals in Detroit, Michigan.

Brittany is the team's secret weapon who was bribed with Dots and helped the team win against Sunshine with Cat Diseases as her topic. The final round's topic was White Rappers.

At the end of the episode, the last category is revealed, which was Hermaphrodite Nazi Sympathizers. If you recall back earlier in the episode, Holly taught the kids a lesson covering this topic, which is why they knew the answer.

Known former members


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