1. User:Flibbles
  2. If you see my reflection in the snow covered hillsWell, the landslide brought you down
  3. So if You're Rebecca Black Then Why are You White?
  4. I worked that song like a hooker pole.
  5. Bohemian-moon
  6. Pretty Young Thing (Repeat after me)
  7. Xx-LiZzYcOdY-xX
  8. Sombraline
  9. Santana Lopez"Get Up In My Grill"
  10. Finchelquicklover
  11. gleefinchelbartie 'You're very talented. I should know, I'm very talented too.'
  12. ThisKidLikesGlee
  13. Finchell
  14. Gleek5
  15. Glee+me+Kurt=love (Got Kurt? I do)
  16. Isn't it killing you;like it's killing me
  17. RachBrittzGlamazonBitch♥ ~Proud Pezberry Bitch!♥~
  18. Petrificus14
  19. i've been afraid of changing..♥cause' I built my whole life around you..♪
  20. Daftendirekt Homework Technologic
  21. I'm a 9 year old gleek. Does that matter?
  22. FernandaMouta
  23. Gleestyle
  24. Nayapher (got it coach!)
  25. izzypotterrocks!!! :D
  26. Jpo06
  27. BlackAndYellowSwaqq
  28. Brittany Breaks The Truth To Artie Well, for a while, I thought you were a robot.
  29. Rigby Aww man! This sucks.
  30. Babyjabba@fandom
  31. Gleek Brittana21
  32. Pigandgleecrazy Let’s do Run Joey Run!
  33. Brochy
  34. You can take everything I have, You can break everything I am, Like I'm made of glass, Like I'm made of paper Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground Like a Skyscraper.
  35. therosieposie24
  36. Brittana forever♥♪☺ It's All About The Teasing, and NOT about the Pleasing!♥♪♥
  37. Gleekster101
  38. Froggy Lips If you tried hard enough you could suck a baby's head
  39. Klaine and Fabson are pure epicness!
  40. Brittz Here!Did You Know That Dolphins Are Just Gay Sharks?
  41. QRGleek - Zombie Double Rainbows
  42. Peacekeeper13
  43. Audball2108
  44. Gleeful Don't hate me just cause you ain't me
  45. Goldstarrach
  46. Ronn.
  47. Golden_Starz Whether it's a heart attack or heartbreak, just like Broadway, the show must go on
  48. --Did you get my text? Yes... Well, you didn't text me back!
  49. GleekyVivi
  50. LYDMAN

51. --This is how the story plays out Quinn: Rachel gets Finn and YOU get heartbroken
52. --Rachel Berry "There's NOTHING ironic about show choir!! FinchelShipper<33
53. gleekjonleaheathernayadianna
54. Careyellow
55. .-Capture The FlagLebanese
56. You like HER more than ME! She's BLOND and AWESOME and SO SMART! ADMIT IT! Just ADMIT IT! NO KISS ME! The wisdom of a Weepy Hysterical Drunk.
57. You WANNA be a LOSER Like Me?!! abDREAM IT !!
58. GleekandGleekier
59. Samchel:D
60. --I want my kids to be able to look back at these books and see who I was, make them proud — not the bastard one I'm carrying now, of course — the ones I'll have when I'm married and ready [Quinn Fabray the best glee character]
61. --Here's my song it goes blah, blah, blah. ~Glee Spoof, The Blaine Song~
62.  핀첼팬노원 It's Korean!| 16:19,4/23/2011  
63. User:Goth-wheelkids
64. --Pigandgleecrazy
65. Lebenese>Bitch Obviously you don't love you as much as I do or you would Put the shirt on and dance with me.

66. --♥♥Gleek4ever♥♥Yobro001 :)
67. LoserLikeMe
68. St.berrylover
69. --Abejita gm
70. HannahGleek
71. Britanna is lesbian-liscious
73. --I'm not giving up those Shinny Crowns 17:05, August 30, 2011 (UTC)
74. Can't sing
75. User:Baby Tana
76. Just a Lucky Person
77. you can get married as many times as you want' you only get one shot at your junior prom♥
78. Quinn.Sam
79. Mrs. Puckzilla
81. Tell me if I was brilliant or simply outstanding.' She can be difficult, but, boy, can she sing

82. Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?
83. CuteKurt Let me tell you about CHRIS COLFER He is TALENTED HE IS PURE AWESOMENESS
84. I'mfromlimaheights
85. User:xMimiii
86. Look, I don't mean to be a bitch... Well, acutally I do
87. Idobite
88. User:Samantha2337
89. User:Gleek1537
90. D-Dizzle Charlie Swagron 91. Per3ylove - Talk
92. Whether It's a Heart Attack or Heartbreak, just like Broadway... The Show Must Go On
93. SariahOStalk
94. --Shootingstars12
95. RedQueen Still waiting for the right time to be with you.. and spend the rest of my life beside you.
96. User:LoveNayaRivera
97. User:Georgialovesglee:)
98. Quamfan
99. I wish I knew how to make a cool signature
100. --To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

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