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Welcome to the team dedicated to all of those amazing people who want Brittana (also known as Santitany) together and hate seeing Santana and Brittany so sad. They've made us laugh with brilliant and quirky one-liners they have provided and they have made us cry with the beautiful renditions of Songbird and Landslide and their heart stopping confessions of their love for one another. Only Brittany can bring out the soft and non-bitchy Santana while only Santana can expose Brittany's bright side and understand her ditzy one-liners and not diss her for it. They pour out so much emotion for each other with the most "I love you" being said on the show and they are implied as soulmates (Rumours)

For a detailed overview, refer to the Brittany-Santana Relationship page.


Reasons Why They Belong Together

Sofuckingcute myfeels brittanaBRITTANAISREAL OMG FEELS brittana

  • They are bestfriends.
  • They complement each other nicely.
  • Both were on the Cheerios.
  • They both happen to be extremely attractive.
  • The chemistry is undeniable!
  • They are always doing cute things in the background.
  • Glee needs girl-love ;).
  • They constantly sit together.
  • Santana always defends Brittany when needed.
  • Brittany always comforts Santana when needed.
  • They sound wonderful together (Me Against The Music).
  • They almost always wear their friendship bracelets.
  • They have matching backpacks, as seen in Original Song.
  • They said that they love each other numerous times.
  • Brittany brings out the non-bitchy Santana.
  • Santana brings out the smart Brittany.
  • Santana treats only Brittany with love and care.
  • They are very protective of one another.
  • They are in love and have been for a long time.
  • They always join clubs together i.e. Glee, Cheerios, Celebacy, Troubletones.
  • Brittany was class president and Santana was first lady.
  • Santana is grumpy and Brittany is cheerful, so they even each other out well.
  • Because Santana thinks that Brittany is a genius and always supports her, even when no one else does.
  • Santana thinks Brittany is a Unicorn.
  • Whenever Santana seems to be happy, Brittany is staring at her
  • Brittany always encourage Santana to chase her dreams.
  • They would never cheated on each other.
  • Brittany loves Santana more than anyone else in this world and Santana said she will always love Brittany the most.
  • Santana used to sit in the back-row of the choir room and secretly watch Brittany, she counted the number of times Brittany would smile.
  • No one understands Brittany like Santana does.


Featured Quotation Scene

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Santana: You really are a genius, Brittany. And you're my best friend.


Brittana Cinema

Featured Video:

Glee Brittany Santana - The Nicest Thing

Glee Brittany Santana - The Nicest Thing

Other Videos

Brittany & santana break up (so cold)

Brittany & santana break up (so cold)

Brittana Movie Trailer (Glee Spin-off) Subtítulos en español

Brittana Movie Trailer (Glee Spin-off) Subtítulos en español

Brittana- A Thousand Years

Brittana- A Thousand Years

Invisible tether britt & san

Invisible tether britt & san


Brittana Images



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In Progress - Rated K - T

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Rated K - T:




Mischances, Stances and Stolen Glances

Fifty First Times: Brittana Style

I Need a Medic

We're Just Getting Started


Memories of Yesterday

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner


Second Chances


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"I wish you all the love in the world,
But most of all i wish it from myself"

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Stop the violence and give me Brittana

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They are the Unicorns

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Who Run The World?

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are soulmates.

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Sometimes it lasts in love

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No Finn,
Brittany does love Santana

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Brittana from the very beginning.

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Brittana are girlfriends, get over it!

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Brittana duets.

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Vday ♥ Brittana's First V-Day ♥

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"And the first time, ever I lay with you, I felt your heart so close to mine."

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We Found Love In a Hopeless place.

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♫ ♪ I've been afraid of changin' cause i've built my life around you ♥ ♫

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Britt San Dance
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"Sophomore year i used to sit in this back row and secretly watch you, i counted the number of times you smiled at me and i died on days that you didn't."

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Yeah, Brittany will always be my girlfriend. SCORE!

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My OTP is HeYa

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"All i want to be able to do is kiss my girlfriend"

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Take my breath away,
my love
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Brittana Wish List

Theperfectsong brittanaLandslide! brittana

Wish List
Dancing 2

Sung by Santana
Sung by Brittany

The Script - Breakeven
Natasha Bedingfield - These Words
Parachute - She Is Love
Parachute - Kiss Me Slowly
Josh Kelley - Baby Blue Eyes
Hedley - For The Nights I Can't Remember
Hoobastank - The Reason
Gavin Degraw - I'm In Love With A Girl
Paramore - Stop this Song (Love Sick Melody)
Snow Patrol - Set Fire to the Third Bar
Hot Chelle Rae - Bleed
Loni Rose - I Never Thought That You Would Come
The Cranberries - Linger
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
Kate Nash - Nicest Thing
Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah
Ed Sheeran - Lego House>
James Blunt - You're Beautiful

Cheryl Cole - Parachute
Mandy Moore - I Wanna Be With you
Sixpence None The Richer - Kiss Me
Jennifer Lopez - Should've Never
Katy Perry - Thinking of You
Secondhand Serenade - Your Call
No Doubt - Running
Tiesto - Your Loving Arms
Boys Like Girls - Thunder
Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl
Brad Paisley - She's Everything
Jesse McCartney - Leavin
Delta Goodrem - I Don't Care
Leona Lewis - I Will Be
Sixpence None The Richer - There She Goes
Taylor Swift - Ours

Blackstreet - Don't Leave Me
Tegan and Sara - When I Get Up
Cascada - Everytime We Touch
Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love)
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko - Stay
Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window
Auburn - Perfect Two
The Cranberries - Dreams
Lifehouse - You And Me
Taylor Swift - Back To December
P!nk ft. Nate Ruess - Just Give Me A Reason
Gavin Degraw - Not Over You
Lady Antebellum - Just A Kiss


Brittana Based Songs

Me Against The Music
Episode : Britney/Brittany
Info: As Santana accompany's Brittany to the dentist, they are both hallucinating as a result of an anaesthetic procedure which gave them both a fantasy about one another giving us a rendition of a Britney Spears and Madonna classic.(Lyrics) (Video)
Episode: Sexy
Info: The song that started the whole angsty Brittana saga!! With the help of Ms Holiday, this beautiful heart wrenching song confirmed Santana's romantic feelings for Brittany, which confirmed or further confirmed our love for Brittana. (Lyrics) (Video)
Episode: Rumours
Info: After breaking up with Artie, Brittany turned to Santana for support, where it allowed Santana to express her true feelings for Brittany in song privately. It showcased Santana's vulnerability as her true-self is revealed.(Lyrics) (Video)
Run The World (Girls)
Episode: Asian F
Info: Brittany runs for senior class president with Santana being her number one supporter and dances in a group number with her along with the rest of the cheerios and some glee club members. (Lyrics) (Video)
Rumour Has It / Someone Like You
Episode: Mash Off
Info: Sung with Mercedes, Santana's emotions are being depicted through the lyrics as her lesbian identity is starting to be exposed. In the video, Santana and Brittany gazes in sadness as their secret relationship begins to unravel. (Lyrics) (Video)
I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
Episode: Dance With Somebody
Info: They perform it as part of the assignment for Whitney Houston week. Brittany states afterwards that she thinks everyone is a good dancer, but likes dancing with Santana the most. (Lyrics)(Video)
Episode: The Break-Up
Info: After finding that her leaving for collage has taken a bad toll on Brittany, Santana serenates Brittany. All of her emtions is being poured out with each lyrics. (Lyrics) (Video )
The Scientist
Episode: The Break-Up
Info: Sung with the other main couples of the show. After facing the reality of their long distance relationship and made a decision about it, they sing it to express the pain of their break up since they are still in love with each other. (Lyrics) (Video )
There Are Worse Things I Could Do
Episode: Glease
Info: Santana sings this songs as apart of McKinley's Grease play on stage, however it is directed at Brittany who watching at the side of the stage. She is expressing that their break up has been sad for her too. (Lyrics) (Video )
Make No Mistake, She's Mine
Episode: Diva
Info: Santana and Trouthy Mouth both want Brittany, and fight against each other for her through song. (Lyrics) (Video)
Girl On Fire
Episode: Diva
Info: After being motivated by Brittany to chase her dreams and go to The Big Apple. Santana states once again that Brittany is a genius and starts singing this song; a montage of Brittany in McKinley and Santana heading to New York is shown. (Lyrics) (Video)



For a detailed overview of the locker scenes, click HERE


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