The Choir Room
Glee room2
Place: William McKinley High School
Episode: Pilot through to New Directions except The First Time and Sadie Hawkins.
The Untitled Rachel Berry Project - Dreams Come True.

The Choir Room, also known as The Music Room (being The Becky Jackson Memorial Computer Lab between New Directions and Loser Like Me), is the classroom at McKinley where the New Directions rehearse every day after school. All their meetings (with the exception of Sadie Hawkins, due to the Glee Club being disbanded) have taken place there and so have most of the show. Many musical numbers have also been performed in the Choir Room along with classes.

In City of Angels, it is revealed by Sue that The Choir Room will be turned into two computer rooms, since New Directions have lost at Nationals and have to be disbanded due to budget costs. As of the episode New Directions, the changes had been finalized; The Choir Room was defunct. As first shown in The Untitled Rachel Berry Project, it became a computer lab.

Since the Glee Club is reinstated at the beginning of the sixth season, the computer lab now has turned into the Choir Room again.

Notable Appearances

Songs per Episode


  • The First Time and Sadie Hawkins are the only episodes prior to New New York not to feature any scenes in The Choir Room at all.
  • The Choir Room looks different in the Pilot than it does in the rest of the episodes. This is because the Pilot was filmed at an actual high school. When the show was picked up for thirteen episodes, producers decided to build a replica set.
  • In Season One, Sue continually tells Will that, once the glee club is cancelled, she'll use the room as her personal trophy annex.



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