The Dantana Team
~also known as 'Santani'~

Dani: Here Comes The Sun... (doo, doo, doo, doo)
Santana: Little Darling~

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5pxv/rlddBOcX3OE0Featured Song: Here Comes The Sun by Dantana (Glee)

Little Darlings LOVE & SHIP Dantana/Santani because...

~They already have a duet and the song is Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles.
~Gleeks that ship and love Dantana made a DantanaArmy account on twitter, there is also a account, the real life ship between Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato.
~The new pics of Dantana came out before the season 5 aired and it made the Dantana fans psyched about the chemistry between Santana and Dani.
~Dantana/Santani shippers call themselves as "Little Darlings" from the lyrics of the song Here Comes The Sun by Santana and Dani.
~They already had their first kiss in Tina in the Sky with Diamonds.
~Dani made Santana so nervous, and this is like the first time we've seen Santana being all nervous about a girl.

~They are now officially dating.

~ The cute little moments and touches, the eye contact during the Starchild audition, the "semi-cuddling" with Santana's legs on Dani's lap...

Gallery of Dantana

Fanfics of Dantana
annnd mooore!!!

♥also check out the Dani-Santana Relationship page for more details ☻

Featured Video

Glee 5x02 Sneak Peek 1 "Tina In The Sky With Diamonds" ft00:34

Glee 5x02 Sneak Peek 1 "Tina In The Sky With Diamonds" ft. Demi Lovato HD

Full Performance of "Here Comes The Sun" GLEE-102:34

Full Performance of "Here Comes The Sun" GLEE-1

Demi Lovato On Glee Dantana Moments Season 5 Episode 208:47

Demi Lovato On Glee Dantana Moments Season 5 Episode 2

Naya Rivera 'Having A Blast' With New Onscreen Glee Girlfriend Demi Lovato05:58

Naya Rivera 'Having A Blast' With New Onscreen Glee Girlfriend Demi Lovato

G ee - Dantana Kiss Scene00:21

G ee - Dantana Kiss Scene

Here Comes Demi Lovato GLEE-201:28

Here Comes Demi Lovato GLEE-2

The Lovera Corner

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Gallery of Lovera

Dantana Lovers aka 'Little Darlings'

2. ❤ Oh, there you are - I've been looking for you forever. ❤
3. ~ Nayaforever ~
4. NayaLovato
5. REBƎLReloaded | Message Wall | Blog  | ProfileNeed anything? Just talk to me!
6. • 1, 2, 3 • | • Not only you and me • | • Got one-eighty degrees • | • and I'm caught in between. •
7. Artemis Thorson
8. And the shame was on the other sideWe can beat them, for ever and everThen we could be HeroesJust for one day
9. Would you mind taking me back to the start?
10. Teenagediva101
11. Let's all admit that Max is AWESOME!!
12. Bartieandquick+6
13. BitchTookMyPillow
14. My biggest fear is that you will see me the way I see myself. We accept the love we think we deserve. He was like the moon,part of him was always hidden.
15. Eturner141
16. Gabriela♥isBEAUTIFUL
17. FoodIsLife
18. QFabrayGleek4eva
19. LoveQuinntana
20. CarlotaGomes97
21. KurtanaLove1998
22. Brittanalovers
23. Jkaayy
24. Finn's Dance
25. KeepCalmAndThrowACupcake
26. MrSecondPlace
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29. GleekOut79
30. MzGleek15
31. Wanky
32. Thenaturals
33. KittyWildeTobin
34. Dancin'NoViolence
35. Dejahh_Janaee
36. TakeMetoWonderland
37. JOSHgleefan
38. "All I've ever wanted to do is spend my life loving you"
39. N3Rdy933k
40. Grandeobsession
41. Lea Michele Sarfati
42. Troy Bowman
43. QuickForeverr
44. NayNayfan
45. Quinnartlor menari TalkSamart
46. MarauderingGleek
47. LacKdaiSicaL
48. Marlie Magalhaes
49. Brittanarocks
50. TakeMetoWonderland
51. LittleDarling
52. Perfectnaya
53. BryMac
54. Strykerkid
56. Gleekarvin
57. Bramlover
58. AllYouNeedIsGlee11
59. MsGleek
60. LukeKlaine88
61. UnderagedThinker
62.    danieltravelStilessig
63. Thanasis Fabray
64. Asian Persuasion

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