"I think Rachel's heart belongs to Finn." - Mark Salling
"Will and Emma belong together, as do Rachel and Finn." - Chris Colfer
"I like Finn and Rachel. I'm a sucker." - Amber Riley
"I've heard a lot of people want more Puck and Rachel, I don't think that will happen. I would like to personally see more Rachel and Finn." - Jenna Ushkowitz
"No matter what's going on in their lives, they'll always have an eye on the other one." - Brad Falchuk
"I think Finn was more authentic when he was with Rachel." - Romy Rosemont
"I think [Finn and Rachel] are made for each other." - Cory Monteith
"Finn definitely has Rachel's heart...that's for sure." - Lea Michele
"One of my favorite parts about [the show] is those two." - Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy and Cory Monteith said that Finn/Quinn's relationship isn't true love, but Finchel definitely is.
So, if you accept this as truth, then sign your name!

This is a team dedicated to those who support Finchel. This team was created by Gleefinchelbartie.



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So Many Finchel Kisses



Rachel - I’m On My Own with a Crush, what happened to Taking Chances? Lastly, I would like to thank you for knowing What a Girl Wants, it will never be time to Take A Bow. Wherever you go, I will find you Somewhere. I know that you Don’t Rain On My Parade and you will always be My Man. I can't live Without You, so Here's To Us.

Finn - Hello I Love You Rachel, I just wanna let you know that I Can't Fight This Feeling, I loved you even when you were Jesse’s Girl. Later when You're Having My Baby, I'll Stand By You. If She’s Not There, I will be Losing My Religion. Don’t ever forget you’re amazing Just The Way You Are and that you are More Than a Woman to me.

Rachel - I will never forget What I Did For Love . The Climb is what brought me here to you and I’m so sorry if the thought of me being with Jesse Gives You Hell, but that shows me How Deep Is Your Love. I don't usually fall for people like you, but you are The Only Exception. Baby, you're a Firework, I really wish you would go out with me Baby One More Time and It's All Coming Back To Me Now. Maybe we could go to park and I won’t sing Papa, Can You Hear Me this time. I missed you Last Christmas, and I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas Darling.

Finn and Rachel - I just wanna let you know that You’re The One That I Want, whenever you aren’t here it is like there is No Air. I Just Can't Stop Loving You. You're the only one who can make me Smile. I can Give Your Heart a Break. Sometimes it feels like we’re on a Borderline, and I’m wishing you would Open Your Heart. I know you won't Don’t Go Breaking My Heart like Last Christmas. Just remember Damn it Janet. With You I’m Born Again and I'm so happy we stopped Pretending. Never forget that I'm forever yours, Faithfully.


Finchel is the lovely relationship between the hot male lead and stunning young ingenue who everyone roots for, Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry. Finchel is true love and nobody can deny that. Finn loves Rachel and Rachel loves Finn and let’s just say they are adorable together. They are each other's best friends even when they're not dating.They’re so happy with each other and love each other for who they are. Even when Finn was dating Quinn and she was pregnant with what he thought was his baby, he couldn't help but fall in love with Rachel. They support each other and don’t care what people think of them when they’re together. They inspire each other to be better people. Finn makes Rachel so happy and when they're together they can't help but smile. They trust each other, Finn can be who he is with Rachel and would put his heart on the line for her. Instead of quitting football he wanted to score a touchdown and point to her in the stands because no one has ever been proud to date her. Nobody can take Finchel away from us, not the writers, not another couple, no one. So accept the truth that someday they’re going to have beautiful, football playing, Emmy award winning children.

Stop pretending not to love Finchel and become ours, faithfully.


In a cut scene, Finn and Santana go out jewelry shopping in Extraordinary Merry Christmas for Rachel. 

Shoppingfinntana1 Shoppingfinntana2

Shoppingfinntana3 Shoppingfinntana4

Shoppingfinntana5 Shoppingfinntana6





Title: Lea

Description: Lea Michele accepting her Teen Choice award



Featured Fanfiction:

Title: my heart is yours to fill or burst

Categories/Category: romance/angst

Rating: T

Author: singntheshower

Summary: This is how things always go, though, how they are doomed to always be, he fears, because he's in love with a girl who has a fiancé. AU

Status: Complete


He hates his job. He wants to quit every single day, but he doesn't, and he won't, because selling paper may not be all that exciting, but it does pay the bills, and anyway, he can't leave Rachel here to fend for herself against Jesse, his kind of insanely obnoxious desk-mate.

The paper company, McKinley, isn't very large, just a local business in Lima, Ohio, with a few other branches across the state and a corporate headquarters in New York City. He's a salesman, and so is Jesse, for that matter, and then there's Puck and Santana in their department as well. The accounting department is made up of Quinn, Mike, and Jake, and then Brittany is their customer service rep, while Blaine is in charge of human resources. Will's their boss, and he definitely thinks he's, like, the coolest boss ever, even though he's mostly just embarrassing, although Finn will admit that he does have his moments.

Then there's Rachel, the receptionist, and she's definitely Finn's best friend in the office. She's really cool, and basically since Finn's first day two years ago, they've been really close. She told him that Jesse was a bit on the strange side, and he made a face at her after Jesse asked him to please not breathe too loudly, as it would possibly damage his impeccable hearing. Rachel had tried to stifle a giggle behind her palm, and that had been it. She's been his best friend ever since.

She's not happy here, he knows. And sure, he's not really happy either, but he never really had a dream, an idea of something bigger than working for a paper company. Rachel did; she was accepted to NYADA – this performing arts school that's apparently pretty prestigious – and everything, but she deferred when she got engaged to Brody, her longtime boyfriend, right out of college. Brody's kind of a dick, and just thinking of him leaves a sour taste in Finn's mouth, but that's not the point. Rachel could be a star, should be, even, but she's stuck in this town, and it just kind of makes him sad.

She's bigger than this place, and he doesn't know why she lets Brody or anyone else anchor her here.


Read this story!

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Monchele Quotations

"It’s safe to say there was always a spark between us."
Cory, Ryan Seacrest interview
"I don’t even remember a time when he wasn’t my boyfriend. No one knows me better than Cory. No one knows what it’s been like to go through this more than he does. Feeling like you have that net underneath you allows you to jump higher and go farther. He makes me feel like I can do anything. For the first time in my life, I feel really, really settled and happy. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world."
Lea, Marie Claire magazine (certification needed)
"See, look how cute she is."
Cory, The Ellen DeGeneres Show


  • They are each other's heroes
  • They defend each other (Click here to see when Finn has defended Rachel) (Click here to see when Rachel has defended Finn)
  • They help the other follow their dreams
  • They always talk to each other, even when not dating
  • Whenever one of them is dating someone else, each are visually jealous and/or upset
  • They complement each other's singing voice
  • The majority of times, whenever Finn or Rachel sing duets or solos, it's related to the other
  • Whenever their other relationship ends, it's because they have stronger feelings for each other
  • Rachel's home is Finn
  • Their voices mix together perfectly and they sing amazing duets
  • They are F-Rod and A-Rach
  • They wrote original songs about each other
  • They have amazing chemistry
  • Finn let Rachel go to New York to make her dreams come true, even though Finn's dream (wanting to live happily every after with Rachel) was crushed in the process
  • They were engaged
  • Their relationship started in Pilot
  • They bring out the best in each other
  • They are tethered
  • Rachel said Finn is the love of her life
  • They are soulmates
  • Finn has a special smile reserved just for Rachel
  • They both look at each other like they hung the moon
  • They support each other's dreams
  • They both believe they aren't good enough for the other
  • They both believe the other is a star
  • They both think the other is hot, sexy, and beautiful
  • They have the best duets
  • Their kisses take your breath away
  • They have a deep connection
  • Lea and Cory both said Finchel is forever
  • They are a metaphor of the entire show of two different worlds coming together and making somehing beautiful through music
  • Opposites attract
  • Finn lets Rachel play the drums
  • They sext
  • They love each other for who they really are, and don't try to change one another
  • They kissed during their Nationals competition, and even though they lost, they thought it was worth it
  • Their first duet was You're The One That I Want
  • Lea, Cory, Chris, Ryan, Brad, Naya and more cast and crew members support Finchel
  • Quinn, Puck, Jesse, and Santana support Finchel eventually
  • They have so much history together that Brody, Jesse, and Puck can't share with Rachel and Quinn and Santana can't share with Finn
  • She thinks he's the best person in the planet
  • He makes her want to be a better person
  • He named his rifle in the army Rachel
  • He was the first boy who made her feel loved, sexy and visible
  • Finn was Rachel's first love, and she wants him to be her last
  • They're forever each others, faithfully
  • Before they were about to 'do' it, Finn made sure she was ready
  • He is the only boy who ever liked her without an ulterior motive
  • Finn wanted to make Rachel smile even when they weren't dating
  • Rachel always chooses Finn in the end and Finn always chooses Rachel in the end
  • They always support each other even when they're not together
  • Finn has always loved every part of Rachel and has never wanted her to change a thing
  • They look adorable and hot together
  • Rachel sees Finn's potential and knows he's better than he thinks he is
  • The universe always does its thing and brings these two soul mates back together
  • They love each other more than they have and will ever love someone else
  • She made matching cat calendars and eventually he used them
  • They're going to have Jewish babies
  • When they kiss everything else disappears
  • They've been through a lot together and have resolved their past issues
  • They are soulmates who found each other against all odds
  • Their first date was amazing
  • They always did their best together as leaders of the Glee club
  • They both felt something the first time they saw each other
  • They are endgame
  • Rachel gave him something that no one else was ever going to get get
  • Finn loves her, Rachel's beautiful and prom sucked without her
  • Finn brought her to the doctor when she had laryngitis
  • Finn said "I love you" first
  • They talk a lot and discuss their problems
  • Because the T-Rex ate the Jew
  • He bought her a star and named it after him so that she'd never feel lonely
  • They help and comfort each other
  • Their love is epic
  • They were ready to be husband and wife
  • He is so chivalrous
  • Because they're Finchel
  • She loves to bury her nose in his shoulder
  • They always feel something when the other sings
  • He's fond of her banana bread
  • He's the only exception
  • They serenade each other
  • Their height difference is the cutest thing ever
  • Jesse gave up Rachel for Nationals, Finn gave up Nationals for Rachel
  • She's the first to say he's really talented
  • They see the perfect being in each other
  • Finn wrote a song for Rachel about how they had to stop pretending
  • Rachel thought of Finn in her My Man flashback
  • He gives her the cutest presents
  • He's the hottest guy in school according to her
  • Their first time was amazing and Rachel said he deserved a standing ovation
  • He always knows what she's thinking
  • They were prom king and queen
  • Finn said she's sexy, beautiful, amazing and an inspiration to everyone
  • He had the best of Quinn but he still chose Rachel
  • He kept her Christmas present with him until Valentine's Day when they were broken up
  • She makes his heart beat fast
  • They inspire each other to dream big
  • Even Patti LuPone supports them
  • She's his beacon of light, guiding him through the darkness
  • He said that she's a big gold star that chose to let him love her
  • Their romantic New York date was amazing
  • Their first kiss was perfect
  • They belong with each other
  • Everything they've been through has only made them stronger
  • Finn bought Rachel a song
  • Finn didn't make Rachel rub butter on a turkey
  • They have the best plotlines
  • She always has to share her accomplishments with Finn
  • They're each other's moose
  • Rachel called Finn in Swan Song, and even though they established no contact, she said she needed to hear his voice
  • Finn loves Rachel for Rachel. He loves her when she was a loser and wore animal sweaters and leg warmers
  • They kept tabs on the other through Kurt even though they decided they wouldn't contact each other
  • A lot of the reasons to ship Finchel are facts over opinion
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  • Rachel had to share her accomplishment with Finn not Brody
  • Finn loves her with pure adult love
  • Finn cried on the phone after hearing about her accomplishment because he loves her so much and he's so proud of her
  • They love each other
  • The person you love the most is also the person that hurts you the most, and it shows with Finchel time and time again
  • Hiram and LeRoy like Finn (as seen in Heart) and Carole and Burt seem to like Rachel a lot
  • Finn knows all the different types of Rachel's cries
  • Rachel is Finn's muse
  • They have the most epic kisses (Showmance, Never Been Kissed, New York, Without You, etc.)
  • They have the best and most inspiring scenes, even when they weren't together
  • In Artie's dream in Glee, Actually, Finchel never happened and Rachel never went to New York because Finn wasn't there to motivate her to chase after her dreams
  • Finn and Rachel balance each other out
  • Finn loves Rachel no matter what, no matter where she is or who she's living with, proven in I Do
  • When Finn and Brody fought, Finn said that Brody should stay away from his "Future Wife" in Feud
  • Finn is ready to fight with Brody for his girl
  • Finn comes to NY, immediately after Santana calls him about Rachel
  • Finn knows for a fact that Rachel is his future wife and they are endgame
  • Even Santana dislikes Brochel and calls Finn to tell Brody to go away
  • It is so obvious to even Brody that Rachel still loves Finn
  • Rachel looked and sounded glad that Finn defended her honour and punched Brody
  • Rachel couldn't believe Finn came all over from Lima to beat up her ex-boyfriend
  • Rachel's boyfriend-pillow starts with a letter C like Cory Monteith
  • Rachel moved on very fast after Brochel's break-up while after each time Finchel broke up, Rachel was hysterical and she never said that it's over between them forever in comparison to Brochel which she clearly said it's the end of.
  • Even though Brody admitted he loved Rachel, she never reciprocated those feelings. Where as Rachel had already admitted to Kurt she loved Finn in Hairography prior to Finn professing his love in Journey
  • No matter where Rachel and Finn are, they keep calling each other for support and advice i.e. Sweet DreamsSwan Song
  • Rachel clearly had Finn in mind in To Love You More
  • Finn knows Rachel very well. He remembered about her Funny Girl audition when Rachel called him in Sweet Dreams
  • Finn fought for what he loved, Rachel, in Feud
  • Rachel got a tattoo that says Finn

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Love Is3 Love Is4
Love Is5 Love Is6
Love Is7 Love Is8


Finchel Quotations

"Rachel: You have his eyes…and his mouth a little bit too.
Finn: I’ve always had trouble finding myself in his face, you know. When I was a kid I used to stare up at the wall at his picture hanging there and I’d convince myself we were like twins.
Rachel: Is that why you asked me to meet you here? To talk about your dad?
Finn: No, no, I uh want to talk about you…about us. I was gonna lay out a…a picnic like the one you had for our first date but I really couldn’t figure out where you go those cool airplane cups, so…
Rachel: And I told you, you could kiss me if you wanted to. I never understood why you ran off so quickly.
Finn: Yeah, I was just nervous.
Rachel: Oh, I could never make you nervous.
Finn: I’m kinda nervous right now.
Rachel: Wait, what’s going on?
Finn: Look, uh…I…I have something to talk to you about, but you have to promise me that you won’t say a word until I’m done, okay. I know that’s sorta hard for you so I need you to promise me.
Rachel: Okay. I promise.
*Sits on stool*
Finn: *Takes deep breath* Um, I just feel like all my life I’ve been you know, wondering if I was going to be as much as a man like my father was. Now all of a sudden I’m up a night worried that I’m going to become the man who he was. Let’s face it; I got high school hero-life zero written all over me…except for one thing. You. You’re like a beacon of light…guiding me through the darkness. You’re like this--this big, gold star, and for some bizarre reason…you chose to let me love you…and…I feel like if I can just convince you to let me keep doing that, I’m gonna be okay. Everything’s gonna be okay. Uh…
*Reaches into back pocket and pulls out black ring box* I opened up my first credit card to get this. I know it’s not a…swimming pool full of dancers or, or, a tux, it’s not very big, but it’s a promise. A promise to keep loving you for the rest of my life. *Gets on one knee* All you’ve got to do is say yes. *Opens box* Rachel Berry, will you marry me?"
— Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry, Yes/No
"Don’t get down on me about this dude! Rachel’s like the only good thing I’ve got going on in my life."
— Finn Hudson to Kurt Hummel, The Spanish Teacher
"Ooh... I know what that is! Finn sends me cutesy text messages all the time. Usually they’re puns about my boobs, but I still appreciate the effort."
— Rachel Berry to Kurt Hiummel, Big Brother
"Rachel: *(Crying)* I love you so much.
Finn: I’ll love you forever.
Finn and Rachel, Goodbye
"Finn: You’re on the 4:25 to New York. You-your dads are going to meet you there and they’re going to help you look at dorms at the new school. You’re going to spend four years of your life there and you never even step foot in the place, so…
Rachel: But I…I have all year to go look at it.
Finn: You’re going there in the fall, alright. You’re not deferring. We’re not getting married.
Rachel: You don’t want to marry me?
Finn: I wanna marry you so badly I can’t go through with it. But the thought of you being stuck here for another year because of me, it makes me feel sick.
Rachel: Well than come with me, okay? We can get married in New York and-and live in a little shoebox apartment together. It’ll be romantic.
Finn: Do you love me?
Rachel: Of course I do.
Finn: Then tell me the truth and not just something you think I wanna hear. Are you 100% sure you wanna marry me?
Rachel: N-No-no one is 100% sure of anything.
Finn: I am. I am that sure you’re something special. But, this is just the beginning for you. You’re going to do amazing things, but to get there; you gotta have these experiments on your own-
Rachel: Wait a minute.
Finn: Listen to me, you gotta-
Rachel: Wait a minute
*interrupting Finn* Wait a minute. Wait a minute; are you breaking up with me?
Finn: I’m setting you free.
Rachel: Oh my God!
Finn: Look, you know how hard this is for me? How many times I’ve cried about this?
Rachel: No, I’m not going. I’m not going, not without you.
Finn: You don’t have a choice. I can’t come with you.
Rachel: Well then I’ll stay here. I-I’ll go where ever it is you’re going.
Finn: Fort Benning, Georgia? Look, I-I-I-I-I need a chance to redeem my father, okay. I-
Rachel: Oh my God! Oh my God, wait a minute. You’re joining the Army? Are you insane?! I can’t believe that this is happening right now.
Finn: I needed to go places I knew you couldn’t follow me. I-Look, you’re-you’re going to get on that train…okay? And you’re going to go to New York, and you’re going to be a star. Without me. That’s how much I love you. You know what we’re going to do? Surrender. I-I know how hard that is for you because I know how hard you hold onto stuff, but-but, we’re just going to sit here and we’re just going to let go. Kay, and let the universe do its thing, and if we’re meant to be together, then we’re going to be together. Whether it’s in a little shoebox apartment in New York, or-or on the other side of the world. Okay? Can you do that with me? Will you surrender?
Rachel: I love you so much.
Finn: I love you.
*They kiss*'"
Goodbye, {{{3}}}
"Hey, whoa, I’m not just some guy you met at the music store you can just blow off. I don’t give up that easy."
Finn to Rachel, Hell-O
"My home isn’t some place, it’s someone…it’s you."
Rachel to Finn, Saturday Night Glee-ver
"Rachel: Yeah, I would've just come here first, if you would've picked up your phone or answered my text messages. Instead I had to get on a plane and drive around town, looking for you like an idiot!
Finn: I just needed time to think.
Rachel: You had four months! I hated you for what you did to me at that train station!
Finn: I was just trying to help-
Rachel: I hated you! But when I got to New York, I thought.. how much you loved me.. and how hard that must've been for you! And I thought...this...this is what a mab looks like. This is how a man loves. But you, not telling me where you were for four months, and sneaking up before sunrise in the middle of the night without saying hi, that is not being a man, Finn!
Finn: I'm trying to give you your freedom!
Rachel: I don't need you to give my my freedom. I am a grown woman. I don't need you to hide form me, to keep me from doing what is right for me.
Finn: Like that Brody guy?
Rachel: I didn't do Brody, okay? And don't you think that I'd rather have been with you?
Finn:But didn't you say that he was on Broadway? He has like 3% body fat? Who am I? I barely even graduated high school and my life has absolutely no direction.
Rachel: Don't you get it? No matter how rich or...famous.... or successful I become, when it comes to you...I'm.. I'm always gonna be that moon-eyed girl who... freaked you out on that first Glee rehersal... You were the first boy who made me feel loved... and sexy...a-and visible... You are my first love...and I want more than anything for you to be my last.But I can't do this anymore. At least not now. We're done.
Finn: Wow... What am I gonna do with my life..I-I don't have my girl, I don't have a job and I don't have a place in this world...
Rachel: You have you! And that's better than anyone else on the planet as far as I'm concerned.
*kisses Finn*"
Rachel and Finn, The Break-Up

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  • A = Airplane cups, Auditorium
  • B = Bowling, Barbra (the South African pig), Beacon of light, Banana Bread, Bow Bridge, Butt dial, Brad, "Break a leg" "I love you," Bouquet, Boob puns, Brody problem, Bowling, Break ups
  • C = Crazy Cat Calendars, Cory necklace, Coffee makers, Cabo, Coachella, Controlist, Cuddles
  • D = Diet Cokes, Drum lessons, Don't Stop Believin', Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Duets
  • E = Engagement, European trips, Eye sex, Endgame
  • F = Finchel, Faithfully, Four types of crying, Finn Hudson, Finchel Fridays, Fireplaces, Facebook status, Future husband-to-be, First time, Flowers, Future wife, Finn Hudson star, Finn tattoo
  • G = Grilled Cheesus, Get It Right, Gold star, Glee Club, Graduation
  • H = Heroes, Hawaii, Height difference, Heartbroken, How Deep Is Your Love, Hotel room, Hot 6'3" Canadian,
  • I = iPod, Infin(n)ity, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, I love you
  • J = Jewish babies, Jerusalem, Janet, Jar of Hearts, Jesse problem
  • K = Kisses, Kiss of the Century
  • L = L&C necklace, Lava Lamps, Love of my life, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Last Christmas, Lights off
  • M = Monchele, Moose/Muse, Mr. and Mrs. Bossypants, Miss Hudson-Berry, More Than a Woman, My Man, My Canadian, My future wife, Musical chemistry
  • N = No Air, New York
  • O = One Hand, One Heart, "Only guy for me"
  • P = Pillow talk, Prom royalty, Pastries, Pranks, Prom King and Queen, Pretending, Pregnancy tests, Proposal, Phonecalls, Puck problem
  • Q = Quinn problem
  • R = Rachel Berry, Rangers hockey game, Roots Before Branches, Regionals, Radiohead
  • S = Subway, Stars, Sour Patch Kids, Surrender, Ski ball, Shoe box apartment, Sardies, Standing ovation, Smile, Stereo Hearts, "She loves me, she loves me not," Snowboarding, Smiling ear to ear, "Stay away from my future wife," Santana problem, Superman of all kisses
  • T = T-Rex and the Jew, Trains, Teen Vogue magazine, Tether, Two forty-seven (proposal time), The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face, Take a Bow, The Only Exception, Talks
  • U = Uncontrollable feelings, Unconditional love
  • V = Vancouver
  • W = Without You, Whistler, We've Got Tonite, "Will you marry me," Wedding, With You Im Born Again
  • X = X-rays of broken nose
  • Y = You're the One That I Want, "You can kiss me if you want to," "You're the love of my life," "Yes, I will marry you," Yearning, "You're beautiful"
  • Z =



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