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Since our blog-post got more than 25 signatures, we finally were allowed to create our own page. So, welcome to the "Flamotta Team"-page!
This team is dedicated entirely to the adorable relationship between Rory Flanagan and Sugar Motta, more commonly known as Sugary, Sugory and Flamotta. If you ship the Sugar-Rory Relationship, feel free to leave your signature or ask someone else to do it. We welcome every suppoorter. We are still making our baby steps, so if you have any constructive ideas to contribute, just tell us. :)



  1. The normal rules also apply to this team page. Otherwise, the normal punishments apply to you.
  2. If you don't ship Flamotta: Move your cursor to the right "X" up in your top right corner.
  3. Don't sign more than once. If you do, your second signature will be put down faster than you can blink.
  4. Don't , just don't post inappropriate content (images, videos, fanfics, etc). Otherwise, the punishments mentioned in point one will be enforced on you. :)
  5. Respect other people's views. If you don't: Well, we can't really stop you, but consider that you will be a disgrace for Flamotta fans.
  6. Don't delete what isn't yours to avoid chaos, please don't undertake bigger changeswithout discussing them with other team-members. Because seriously, how would you find it if somebody changed and undid things you made? There you go.


  1. Andy I Am. And I Like Green Eggs and Ham
  2. DoubleDdog09 Whatcha Doing On Your Back? AAAH You Should Be Dancin! YEAH!
  3.  On the thin line between love and hate, I choose love - Kurtbastian for life ♥
  4. You're a very pretty girl, Quinn - But you're a lot more than that

  1. ♥Each one a line or two, I'm fine baby, how are you?♥Flamotta♥
  2. SamAndQuinnForever123
  3. Noahshadowfangirl
  4. KrazyGleek
  5. Tinkerbell18
  6. Sugaryanderpezfinchel95
  7. Coherenteve
  8. LoveYourLife
  9. Gleek170
  10.  Surfing2 Simple.PlanNER Surf's up dude
  11. Brittanalovers
  12. Izzimaple369
  13. Nrstooge
  14. Puckleberry shipper 4 life. - Message & Blog ~ GLeeLOVER/Kristen/Kris
  15. SugaryFTW
  16. Greenunicorn
  17. Rory sugar123
  18. FinalF2481
  19. Jgal12 Happy days are here again! Come and talk to me!
  20. XIamAweSam
  21. Purple-Glee-Project
  23. Cat5sparkles
  24. GlenGleek
  25. GleekBrittana4life
  26. Sam Evans, you are crazy! Crazy about you. ♥
  27. PutYourHeartsUp
  28. NightfallWolves
  29. SamcedesandKlaineForever
  30. SugaryDonught
  31. Once a Warbler always a Warbler - Layla Gleek 21:13, June 15, 2012 (UTC)
  32. Gleek4ever2012
  33. It doesn't matter where you go in life, what you  do, or how much you have. It's who you have beside you that counts. Fabrevans Forever ♥
  34. MoncheleGleek33
  35. Chiamaka Jane Onwuegbule
  36. Finchelforever5000
  37. Soondegrassistar1
  38. Theworldscolliding
  39. Supernovs <- inspired by sugar's nickname: SUPERNOVA
  40.  Gleek4life353 I loved you then and I love you now
  41. QuicksamcedesFTW!!
  42. tall, awkward, canadian, actor, drummer, person. RIP ✞
  43. MoreKlaine22
  44. Quinndependence98
  45. TheFemaleBoss
  46. Maam's
  47. LoganMcKinley
  48. PowerPuffGirls
  49. Quinn's man
  50. Devilsophie2
  51. AnnieeRivera
  52. Baby, I'd rather die......Without Yoü and I.Gliebe
  53. Iloveklaine10
  54. Brittsnixxyo
  55. Sweetgleek
  56. JarleyFever92
  57. Gleekgirllosersam
  58. • 1, 2, 3 • | • Not only you and me • | • Got one-eighty degrees • | • and I'm caught in between. •
  59. CatalinaSw33t


There are no peacekeepers here. Everyone gets treated equal.


What do you expect of the Thanksgiving episode in which Rory returns?

The poll was created at 15:30 on September 20, 2012, and so far 40 people voted.

Past Polls

Do you think Rory lied about being deported at the end of the school year? 57 Users thought at that time that Rory wasn't honest about that, seven said that he might have lied, and five Users were convinced that he was telling the truth. It turned out that these five people had been right.

What do you think this page's team colours should be? Nobody wants "other" or "Green and Blue" to be this team's official colours, one voter wanted "green and orange", and whole 61 Users want it to be "green and pink". This result is clear, guys.


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My OTP is Flamotta

Flamotta Fanfiction

Read some fanfiction!

"Little Miracles" Click here to read it!

Rory goes back to Ireland, leaving Sugar broken hearted and with a little surprise.

"Knock Knock" Click here to read it!

Sugar and Rory don't know what to do when Sugar finds out one of the worst things a girl can in high school - she's pregnant.

"Loves In Lies"

Click hereto read it! As Rory's perfect lie crumbles in around him, he has to find a way to win Sugar's forgiveness, as well as that of his friends before he must leave. Sugary/Sugory/Flanamotta with perhaps a dose of other canon couples.


  • Sugar and Rory dancing in Heart
  • Flanamotta in the Sugar Shack
  • Sugar saying that she will miss him when he goes back to Ireland
  • Sugar saying that maybe her dad could buy Ireland
  • Rory giving her a 'Kiss me' heart
  • Sugar receiving a bag full of hearts
  • Them laughing in Heart
  • Sugar showing Artie the bag of hearts
  • Rory giving her a dog in Heart
  • Rory giving her a BE MINE heart right before Artie gets her confetti
  • Confetti Artie gave her
  • Rory and Sugar dancing together in Yes/No
  • Rory giving her a BE MINE
  • Rory laughing
  • Sugar asking him out
  • Sugar coming back into New Directions
  • Sugar says she would kill her self if a picture like that was leaked and Rory says twice to make sure in On My Way
  • Sugar and Rory sitting in front of Tina and Mike and Blaine and Kurt in Big Brother.
  • Rory looking at Sugar
  • Sugar in the Sugar Shack
  • After Brittany says Kurt is the most unicorn of them all
  • Flanamotta hugging
  • Mr Schuester saying she can't join Glee Club
  • Flanamotta smiling at each other
  • SugaryNationalssong Sugar spraying champagne over Rory, this could be pay back for the girls kissing him
  • Sugar spraying champagne
  • Singing In My Life looking at each other and Sugar has her arm round him
  • Sugary during "I'm Still Standing" performance
  • Script in "Heart"
  • Script in "Heart" 2

Flamotta songs

Here are some Flamotta related songs, hope you love it!

Glee - LOVE (Full Performance) (Official Music Video)01:54

Glee - LOVE (Full Performance) (Official Music Video)

Glee - Home (Full Performance) (Official Music Video)02:51

Glee - Home (Full Performance) (Official Music Video)

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