The Rory-Sam Team is a page for all the hardcore shippers of Sam and Rory. This beautiful relationship started in Extraordinary Merry Christmas. Referred to as Sory, Ram, Flevans or Flanevans.

The Team Rules

  • No spamming or inserting false information.
  • If you don't ship that couple, please go on a different page; please do not bash or vandalize that page,
  • You can't sign more than once,
  • No inappropriate pictures.
  • You cannot sign for someone else.

Please follow These few simple rules to make this team page, as well as the Glee Wiki, a safe and fun place to be! Obeyrule

Welcome to The Flevans Team!


Hi there, Flevans shippers! Welcome, Sponsors, to the peaceful village that is RamVille. Please don't be shy, come out to play! We don't have any ship wars here, and we do not start them. This place allows us to express our devotion talk about anything related.

Why we ship them?

  • They have such great chemistry it is undeniable.
  • They have had at least three scenes involving them in one episode alone, showing that RIB likes them.

    1. The First Locker Scene where Rory drops his books.
    2. The Scene in the Auditorium where Rory doesn't accept Sam's offer for a ride home.
    3. The Scene in which the pair is collecting money for charity.
  • Before Rory sang Home, when he said he's "grown to love each and every single one you," the camera turns to Sam first.

♥ The Flevans Team Signatures ♥



  1. BlaineIsAmazing
  2. NayaRiveraFan15
  3. "I'm through excepting limits, cause someone says there so, Some things I cannot change, But till I try, I'll never know!" 20:44, December 21, 2011 (UTC)
  4. Personally, I perfer the name Roam. ROAMER 4 LIFE! UndercoverGleek1
  5. Gleeful
  6. Did you love me? Yes, especially now.
  7. {Kurt's Boy 86: Defying Gravity Since Birth}Brittana and Flevans Shipper
  8. --Just come out so we can talk...or sing about it.
  9. ✎Abc is just easy as 123✎
  10. Adani23
  11. Kathy22
  12. Andy I Am. And I Don't Like Green Eggs and Ham
  13. DoubleDdog09 Whatcha Doing On Your Back? AAAH You Should Be Dancin! YEAH!
  14. RandomRambler
  15. Sinn1996
  16. makelayladapper
  17. Notevensory
  18. blackcage
  19. candy--warh0l
  20. SoryGleek
  21. Helios Knight
  22. Air_wing
  23. QFabrayGleek4eva
  24. djulienr (Sory is my OTP <3)
  25. Little<^>Monster<^>Gaga
  26. IShipQuick
  27. Go Flevans!
  28. StevenGleeks
  29. . ❅ IceBerry ❅ .
  30. Glengleek Shake it out ! Shake it out!
  31. talkSvwiki99blog
  32. Strykerkid
  33. RobHiro02
  34. Dano1163
  35. Would you mind taking me back to the start?
  36. WeWantKlisses
  37. UK1
  38. Cat5sparkles
  39. Vick93
  40. AnnieeRivera
  41. Vitorvmb21
  42. DodgeballSantanaSpimax is AwesomeDiarySantana
  43. Carman39
  44. HermioneGleek
  45. Soondegrassistar1
  46. PhoebeGleek
  47. WesLuvsBTR
  48.    danieltravelStilessig


  1. BlaineIsAmazing
  2. FlyWithBrokenWings
  3. Gleek090892
  4. Brittana_glee We found love in a hopeless place
  5. Camsay xD Talk! - What's new Buenos Aires? :P
  6. PauArg
  7. MamaUmbridge
  8. I can't believe what you did to my body; I used to have abs!
  9. Puckleberry,Quartie,Brittana - Talk & Blog ~GLeeLOVER
  10. Personally, I like the name Roam. ROAMER 4 LIFE! UndercoverGleek1
  11. Wicked.Renthead-Gleek Life's To Short to Even Care at All
  12. ATLA Gleek
  13. Samchel fan
  14. That special place she lives in,yeah,it's beautiful-But someone has to help her cross the road
  15. GleeGenerations
  16. "Married by 30 Legally!!!"
  17. EverydayISeeMyDreamMy TalkBlogs
  18. Elvah1
  19. Bartiefan101
  20. Kathy22
  21. Glee-is-gleek
  22. WillDaGleek
  23. RoamingwithSamcedes
  24. Say hello to your reflection, Be yourself, your true perfection.
  25. Rian Anderson
  26. Br0dxwerc
  27. Lunaagleek
  28. GleeUser
  29. Would you mind taking me back to the start?
  30. You've Been Hit By A Smooth Criminal
  31. KurtGirl13
  32. SlusheeFacial
  33. Mr.KurtHummel
  34. IHasTroutyMouth
  35. LovesMeSomeKurt
  36. Veterangleefan
  37. I love you baby, River Deep-Mountain High
  38. QuickForeverr
  39. "I'm through excepting limits, cause someone says there so, Some things I cannot change, But till I try, I'll never know!" 21:59, March 9, 2012 (UTC)
  40. Dream as if you'll live forever Live as if you'll die today
  41. IShipQuick
  42. I Love You Trouty Mouth!
  43. Go Flevans!
  44. LukeShakespearee.
  45. They tried to take away my tots, but I said hell to the naw.
  46. Once a Warbler always a Warbler - Layla Gleek
  47. GleeFan95
  48. KCisaGleek98
  49. StevenGleeks
  50. FinchelQuickBritannaSamcedes
  51. Paco.haley
  52. UnholyTrinity
  53. PatLoThe Warbler
  54. RobHiro02
  55. Glengleek Shake it out ! Shake it out!
  56. Dano1163
  57. Rory sugar123
  58. Brittanalovers
  59. I'm With Stoopid-Talk to the stoopid one. 16:19, June 12, 2012 (UTC)
  60. Soondegrassistar1
  61. Freak_For_Finchel
  62. LunevilleKlaineWolfstar
  63. JadeGagaOlly
  64. UK1
  65. NayaSantanaLopez01
  66. Cat5sparkles
  67. Vick93
  68. AnnieeRivera
  69. Camigleekrusher
  70. Brittanalovers
  71. Vitorvmb21
  72. Sweetgleek
  73. Spimax
  74. Gleekgirllosersam
  75. Carman39
  76. HermioneGleek
  77. Cherryemily27
  78. GabyMEL
  79. Myers1978
  80. Brochel Is Forever
  81. Quinnartlor menari TalkSamart
  83. MarauderingGleek
  84. CatalinaSw33t
  85. Geoff109
  86. Vidapelin
  87.    danieltravelStilessig

♥ Featured Dream Quote ♥

Sam: Rory, how long are you here for?
Rory: As long as you'll have me.
Sam: So, forever, then?
Rory: Sounds great.

—Sam whispering to Rory while watching a horror movie., from 'Find My Way Back' by 'for always forever' on

♥ Flevans Royalty ♥

There is no royalty here. Everyone is equal.

♥ Flevans Fanficiton ♥

Rated K Rated T
Untitled Sory Fluff-Fic Christmas Break
A Sponsor For Valentines Day
Find My Way Back
You Smell Better Than Ham
Real Men Wear Kilts

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Feel free to add as much as you desire!

♥ Cinema ♥

Glee - Rory flirts with Sam00:59

Glee - Rory flirts with Sam

Rory's flirt towards Sam. Notice how Rory check Sam out before flirting with him.

Sory Flevans- Sam and Rory (Glee)02:14

Sory Flevans- Sam and Rory (Glee)

The Pair In Action.

Sam & Rory (SORY FLEVANS) - My Best Friend03:57

Sam & Rory (SORY FLEVANS) - My Best Friend

Sam & Rory (SORY FLEVANS) - I Love You, Man03:42

Sam & Rory (SORY FLEVANS) - I Love You, Man

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