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Welcome to the Hevans Team that deals with the relationship between Sam and Kurt.


The Hevans Team


This is a team for people who love the friendship between Sam and Kurt and possibly wish for more. We only wish that this couple would have had the chance that was originally laid out for them.


  • You have to have an account to join, or if you are an anon, you must link to your Special Contributions page.
  • Don't go around spamming or disrespecting other ships' pages.
  • Don't delete anything that isn't yours.
  • Respect other people's point of view.
  • No spamming or inserting false information.
  • If you don't ship Hevans, please don't bash or vandalise this page.
  • You can't sign more than once.
  • You can't sign for someone else.

Reasons to Ship Hevans

  • Sam was originally written to be Kurt's first boyfriend
  • The scenes that they share are heavy with chemistry
  • It would've given a different voice to gay teens
  • Sam was the first person to confront Karofsky about his bullying, wanting to protect Kurt


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My OTP is Hevans
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Screen shot 2012-01-04 at 5.53.29 PM Hevans would have been the best ship
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Hevans 8 Hevans would've been so hot
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This user loves Hevans.
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Kum "I want to thank you all... especially Sam"
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  1. If you see my reflection in the snow covered hillsWell, the landslide brought you down
  2. Bohemian-moon/BringontheKum
    KUM AT ME BRO. ;D|
  3. Pretty Young Thing (Repeat after me)
  4. Let the rain wash away~ all the pain of yesterday~
  5. Glee+me+Kurt=love (Got Kurt? I do)
  6. Terupmoc
  8. --Finchel, St.Berry, Bartie Quick, Chang2, Samtana, Hevans Are my ships = I ship Quam and Klaine also.
  9. Froggy Lips If you tried hard enough you could suck a baby's head
  10. djulienr
  11. Tina Cohen-Chang  When does Asian Santa arrive?
  12. Jordan Sullivan-I really want this to happen
  13. puckelberry 4 evaheavans raine brittana and fabson rocks
  14. LovesMeSomeKurt, though I do love all Kurt pairings because I just love Kurt
  15. JustaSweetie
  16. KURTxSmexy
  17. Cute But Psycho It evens out</font>
  18. Gleek.0
  19. Pig&gleecrazy
  20. This could be the end of everything... So why don't we goSomewhere Only we Know?
  21. ShiverGirl-
  22. Lizzy - Whatisaluftballoon!!!
  23. Hevans Is So On It Was On In Season Two
  24. FunnyFlyby- Me probably being the only person on this site who's signed Hevans, Quam, AND Klaine. If Sam is straight, I want him with Quinn, if not, I want him with Kurt.
  25. Don't stop me now. Cause it's gonna be totally awesome.
  26. i'm not unfaithful but i'll stray TalkBlogs 19:14, October 22, 2011 (UTC)
  27. --Leabanese [I'm With Stoopid]
  28. Gleekjonleaheathernayadianna
  29. I'll Be My Own Savior
  30. BrittBrittQuinny
  31. User:Ryan P94
  33. --To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
  34. Yukimi924
  35. yayforllamas:-D
  36. Ke$ha blew the place and Usher wanted more. And where was I?Going my own way, that's what
  37. Star101
  38. --What about you and I? proudly so♥
  39. --Did I miss the election for queen? Because I didn't vote for you.
  40. Remember,if Sue finds out you posted the Glistdon't scream like a womenArtie helps Kurt
  41. BrittanaAndKlaineLover
  42. SapphireSkies "I Worked That Song Like A Stripper Pole"
  43. Glee4Glee
  44. WildJackal
  45. Alice de Winter
  46. Puckleberry,Quartie,Brittana - Talk & Blog ~GLeeLOVER
  47. Wicked.Renthead-Gleek I'm Never Saying Goodbye to You
  48. Would you mind taking me back to the start?
  49. Kurt's Boy 86
  50. Dream as if you'll live forever Live as if you'll die today 10:23, February 17, 2012 (UTC)
  51. SlusheeFacial
  52. BloodOnTheRocks
  53. Ropowo
  54. Djulienr
  55. FabrevansIsEndgame
  56. Helios_Knight
  57. RiseAgainsT
  58. Poufkimashoula
  59. I will love you 'til the end of timesI would wait a million years!!!
  60. Rusheranddirectioner
  61. . ❅ IceBerry ❅ .
  62. Smythehummel
  63. Colferized21444
  64. MrBlaineHummel
  65. LookToTheHevans
  66. Emmaloves1d
  67. NayaRiveraFan15
  68. Luckygleegirl
  69. Nxt2normalfan
  70. Andromeda_Uchiha_11
  71. NayaHolic12
  72. Nxt2normalfan
  73. NightfallWolves
  74. Sam Evans, you are crazy! Crazy about you. ♥
  75. Dinosawr
  76. Once a Warbler always a Warbler - Layla Gleek
  77. Cat5sparkles
  78. Devilsophie2
  79. IiLoveBrittana
  80. Nic98ole
  81. Spimax12
  82. Brittanalovers
  83. Iloveklaine10
  84. Colferstreet
  85. Valetwi
  86. AddictedToTv2012
  87. Gleekforever1018
  88. DrewlovesKuinn
  89. On the thin line between love and hate, I choose love - Kurtbastian for life
  90. Ilovesebastiansmythe
  91. TheSevenDeadlySins
  92. HermioneGleek
  93. The light in the dark, shining your love into my life
  94. If you have love in your heart, you always have something to give.
  95. ItAllRevolvesAroundKlaine
  96. MarauderingGleek
  97. CatalinaSw33t
  98. AllYouNeedIsGlee11
  99. The dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had. ♥
  100. DoubleBritts
  101. WesLuvsBTR
  102. Caritho Hevans
  103. Armand555

Other Couple Alliances

  1. Quick
  2. Tartie
  3. Quartie
  4. Brittana
  5. Finchel
  6. Fabson
  7. Pucktana
  8. Puckleberry
  9. Pizes
  10. St. Berry
  11. Blainofsky
  12. Artcedes
  13. Puckcedes


Crave (I Want You) Glee; SamxKurt04:05

Crave (I Want You) Glee; SamxKurt

K&S The Boy Saw the Comet00:58

K&S The Boy Saw the Comet

Stay with me sam & kurt01:20

Stay with me sam & kurt

Kurt sam somebody that i used to know02:13

Kurt sam somebody that i used to know


Who is Sam Evans He's on the football team, dating the prettiest girl in school and on his way to being the most popular guy in school. But who is Sam Evans, really? He's doesn't know anymore.
Everything Sam is slowly trying to come out at his school, and with Kurt as a couple. As their relationship matures, and the two begin this difficult task, they realize it will be a lot harder than they thought. Sequel to "Who is Sam Evans?"
Falling For You Kurt takes a tumble off the top of a cheerios pyramid and Sam catches him. Kurt is trying to suppress his feelings while Sam may just be discovering the
Teenage Dream Kurt Hummel is in love with one Sam Evans. Only problem is Sam is straight or at least that's what Kurt thinks.
Love Heals After Kurt is the victim of a hate crime, Sam is left unsure if he can pick up the pieces. Set sometime in the future, rated for violence and homophobic language.
The AW RootBeer Reunion Sam gets kicked out for coming out to his parents, so he lives at Kurts, stealthily committing the fact that he's gay from the people he lives with.
Bring Me A Unicorn Dress Sequal to A&W Rootbeer Reunion. Sam and Kurt are happy together, until they meet Sam's parents for the first time since they kicked him out for being gay.
Spin The Bottle in Hevan A Sequel to "Spin the Bottle in Hevan" after Sam has a fight with his father Sam ends up staying at the Hummel-Hudson home. Sam/Kurt/Blaine Love Triangle.

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