Kurt being thrown in the dumpster.

The Human Garbage is a bullying technique created and used by Puck. It involves him and various other Titans taking people they don't like, teasing them a little and then throwing them in the dumpster in the school parking lot.

Episode appearances


Season One


Kurt is thrown in the dumpster by Puck and the Titans, while Finn holds his designer jacket.


Kurt is thrown in the dumpster again by Puck, but Finn is not a part of it this time around.


Puck is thrown into the garbage by Jacob Ben Israel and his friends, because Puck is no longer cool without his mohawk. This is where Puck says it is called "The Human Garbage."

Season Three


Puck arranges with Rick Nelson to meet him in front of the garbage container to brawl with him. After they fight and Puck loses, ironically, he is thrown into the container himself, but he crawls out with a fake knife from the West Side Story play and attempts to scare Rick, when Coach Beiste comes to stop the both of them. In this episode, "The Human Garbage" is not similar to the one seen in Season One. 

Season Five

The Quarterback

THG 5.03

Kurt is seen watching other students write messages to Finn on the garbage container. Puck arrives, asks what they are doing and has a flashback of himself throwing Kurt in it, before pleading Kurt to give him Finn's jacket.


  • Chris Colfer hurt his arm and broke his toe when they filmed him going into "The Human Garbage." (Behind the Pilot: A Visual Commentary)


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