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Reasons to ship them

Why they should

 be together

  1. Tina's Sassiness and Hunter's Devious Personality blend Deliciously together
  1. Close your eyes, Now, Imagine them having a Duet..... Chills, Right?
  1. A Relationship between people from enemy Glee Clubs is so ... Scandalous :D
  1. Canon ships are way too mainstream. We need a few cracks to liven it up!
  1. Yes, I Know all my points are number one but they are just so hot together

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Crush by David Archuleta, Sung by Tina, in the Auditorium (Spimax12)

Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, Sung by Hunter and Tina, in the Auditorium with the Warlblers and Cheerios (Spimax12)

Die Young by Ke$ha, Sung by Warblers feat Tina (at Dalton) (Raybelle)

Criminal by Britney Spears, Sung by Tina in Music Room and Hunter and the Warblers at Dalton (Raybelle)

Good Time by Lady Antebellum, Sung by Hunter and Tina at a bar/club (not the two so far featured) (Raybelle)

If We Ever Meet Again by Katy Perry feat Timbaland, Sung by Tina and Hunter at the Sadie Hawkins Dance (after he initially rejects her) (Raybelle)

One More Night by Maroon 5, Sung by Hunter and Tina at Dalton (Raybelle)

Meet Me Halfway by The Black Eyed Peas, Sung by Hunter and Tina, Sung in TBA with the Warlblers and Cheerios (Quinfan96)

Hey There Delilah by Plain White T's, Sung by Hunter, Tina is going to NY and Hunter sings this to her, sung in Dalton  (Quinnfan96)

C'mon Let Me Ride by Skylar Grey, Sung by Tina and Hunter (MarowSk)

Tearing Up My Heart by N'SYNC.,Sung by Tina and Hunter (with back-up by ND girls and Warblers), Sung in the Music Room and Dalton, respectively (Raybelle)

Laila by Eric Clapton, Sung by Hunter and the Warblers at April Rhodes Pavilion to Tina (Raybelle)

Hot Blooded by Foreigner. Sung by Hunter and Tina feat. The Warblers at Dalton with flashbacks to the couple sneaking around on dates (Raybelle)

Radioactive by Marina & the Diamonds, Sung by Tina, sings it after the ND telling her that she can't date "the enemy" (SugaryCarnival)

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