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Jitty is the relationship between Jake and Kitty.  We Jittians welcome all our brothers and sisters with open arms.

Reasons to ship Jitty

  • They had a relationship.
  • Jake serenaded Kitty on the football field whilst Marley was singing Everytime.
  • When Jake broke things off with Kitty, Kitty looked hurt and disheartened.
  • They get each others banter.
  • They sang Everybody Talks together and sounded so amazing that the song even won as the best female/male duet at the Glee Wiki Awards 2013.
  • They have a lot of sexual chemistry together.
  • They're dance partners.
  • They're both great dancers.
  • Kitty gets jealous when Jake is with Marley during Born to Hand Jive.
  • When Kitty is about to swing for Marley Jake shakes his head knowing what's coming and quickly moves her out of the way.
  • When Kitty said that he ruined Hand Jive and Jake replied with "No, I didn't, we were great it, just didn't work out", Kitty said that she'd been hearing that a lot from him lately and her face looked heartbroken.
  • During Holding Out for a Hero Kitty whips aside all chairs to make a path towards Jake and sings a part of the song towards him.
  • She made Marley have an eating disorder just so she could get Jake back.
  • Because Jake said to Marley: "Kitty’s funny and hot and yeah a little crazy, but you know what? She likes me and when I’m next to her, no one makes fun of me, for once."


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