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[kar • lee] (pr. noun) - The friendship and on-off rivalry between Glee characters, Kitty Wilde and Marley Rose. (See also Kitty-Marley Relationship)


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Featured Karley Moment
Kitty confesses to Marley that, while she maintains a nice demeanor for a while, she can often return to her natural state, thus leading to rejecting the role of Mary in the McKinley nativity scene (5x08).

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Featured Karley Fan Fiction

Title: Lockdown
Summary:McKinley High goes on lockdown with Marley and Kitty stuck in the choir room together. Karley.


She reached the choir room and flung herself against the door, sighing a heavy sigh of relief when it swung open. She collapsed inside the choir room, letting the door bang shut behind her.

It was empty. She locked the door quickly, thankful for the fact that Finn told them where he did his key. She threw herself into one of the chairs, shaking violently and feeling downright miserable.

More gunshots. A bang. The sound of glass falling to the floor, someone crying hysterically. How many were dead? How many injured? She didn't know. Part of her didn't even want to know.

Her stomach dropped when she thought of something she hadn't even thought about before. Her mother. What was of her? It wasn't her shift, per se, but she often worked overtime in hopes to stretch the money a bit further. Marley instantly felt sick to her stomach at the prospect of having forgotten her mother, and she firmly wiped away a single tear that trickled down her cheek.

She was so selfish. She should've gone and taken care of her mother first before worrying about herself. She buried her face in her hands and sighed deeply, running her fingers through her hair.

She started when someone began to bang on the door. "Who is it?" She called out, before realizing how immensely stupid that was. Never alert anyone to your presence, all of the survival handbooks stated, and now she had just broadcasted her location.

"Open the door!" Came an impatient cry from the other side, and Marley furrowed her brow in confusion. She knew that that voice.

"Kitty?" She said cautiously, sliding off of the chair and stepping towards the wooden door. "Is that you?"

"Yes, now open it," Kitty said from the other side of the door, desperation creeping into her voice, although Kitty would never admit it.

Marley's hands found the key and fumbled clumsily with the lock. It finally clicked into place. Marley thrust the door open to reveal a wide eyed-Kitty, who nearly leapt through the door, breathing heavily and collapsing on a chair. The door closed loudly behind her.

"Are you alright?" Marley said, stepping towards her and trying to keep her voice down. Another gunshot echoed through the hall, and Marley shrank together, feeling her stomach twist and convulse. Kitty, however, seemed unfazed.

"I'm fine," Kitty spat out after the noise had gone. Marley stayed silent and stared at her with a worried expression, finally crossing over and sitting down a few chairs away from her.

"Do you know what's going on?" Marley asked after a few seconds of silence. Kitty shrugged and looked away, saying nothing.

"Lock the damn door," Kitty said after a few seconds of silence, and Marley slid quietly off of her chair and did so, the lock sliding into place with a dull and ominous click. She was hopelessly trapped, locked in the one place that had given her some degree of happiness, with her worst enemy.

Well, not her worst enemy perhaps, but certainly close enough.

Marley's eyes flickered around the room nervously as if looking for some kind of threat, her mind instantly zeroing in on the large glass panel by the door. "Kitty," she said in a forced whisper, and the blonde girl still sitting with her arms crossed looked over to her, her expression carefully blank. "We need to get away from the window," Marley continued, motioning towards the glass behind her.

Kitty's eyes flew wide open for a split second, panic flickering in her expression. Marley stared at her with a grim expression. Kitty nodded once, then got off the chair quickly and strode over to a far corner of the room, sitting down and staying silent.

Sighing quietly, Marley crossed over to the other girl, sitting down next to her. Their proximity was slightly uncomfortable, but Marley ignored it. They had to survive.

It became silent, the only sounds that surrounded them the occasional bang of a gunshot, scattered screams, loud sobbing. It was a gruesome orchestra, and Marley didn't even want to think about exactly what was going on. So instead, she concentrated sounds closest to her, the incessant ticking of a clock, on Kitty's shallow breathing that was useless but reminded Marley that she was still alive, that they were both still alive, and on the beating of her own heart, pounding madly as she tried to escape whichever reality she had found herself trapped in.

"How long has this been going on?" She found herself whispering, and Kitty turned to her, brushing back a stray strand of hair with her fingers.

"I don't know," Kitty said, and for the first time, it seemed like she had a soul. Marley turned towards the clock on the wall, the ticking slowly beginning to drive her insane. '6:24', it said, but that was impossible. She vaguely remembered Jake and Ryder standing on a chair and screwing around with the hour hand, and she rolled her eyes. Damn boys. "I think it's been a while," Kitty said, her voice soft. Marley nodded, turning her head to the side.

Time went on, and it felt infinite. It could have been hours, minutes, mere seconds, but time went on and on, the occasional shrieking cry being heard. But the rest of the school was silent, holding their breaths, waiting, waiting.

"Where were you when it started?" Kitty asked, and Marley's head jerked around to meet the other girl's eyes.

"I-I was late to class," she said, remembering the last moments of peace she had had for what was probably going to be a very long time.

Kitty nodded. "I had just finished Cheerios practice," she said, her voice surprisingly monotone. Marley said nothing. It seemed like she had more to say. "The shots were so close, and I ran." She took a deep, shuddering breath, and Marley felt a small stab of pity for the smaller girl.

"Do you know if anyone has," Marley's voice faltered, and she felt like she couldn't go on. "Died?" she finally brought out, the word tumbling from her lips in a display of uncertainty.

"How the hell would I know?" Kitty said, her voice full of venom. Marley shrank back meekly, the tone all too familiar.

"Sorry," she began to say, but Kitty cut her off.

"There's blood on the window," Kitty said, her voice harsh and grating but nonetheless a bit softer.

"What?" Marley said, her stomach dropping in nausea.

"There," Kitty whispered and pointed to the window, where specks of blood clearly shone against the polished glass.

Marley felt her stomach twisting and contorting furiously, and held back a racking sob that somehow still escaped. "Oh my god," she whispered, staring at the small, gruesome flecks of someone's life. "Oh, god."

She felt the presence of a hand on her shoulder and her heart kicked into overdrive. She buried her face in her hands and looked back up again, the marks still firmly blazed into her mind.

Maybe this was a nightmare. Maybe it was nothing. Maybe if she closed her eyes, it would all go away. But Marley Rose's eyes were open, and this wasn't a nightmare. It wasn't a prank, or a joke. This was real life, bitter reality, and there was no escape from it, no matter how hard she tried.

This was it.

Featured Karley Video

Title: EELG || Karley -- The Last Time
Description: Karley fan video; The Last Time by Taylor Swift feat. Snow Patrol

EELG Karley -- The Last Time01:46

EELG Karley -- The Last Time

Glee Season 4 DVD Extra Deleted Scene 2 Marley & Kitty HD02:21

Glee Season 4 DVD Extra Deleted Scene 2 Marley & Kitty HD

EELG Karley -- The Last Time01:46

EELG Karley -- The Last Time

Don't Deserve You Kitty & Marley01:31

Don't Deserve You Kitty & Marley

EELG Karley -- Say Something01:52

EELG Karley -- Say Something

Kitty Marley - The Hardest Of Hearts*01:08

Kitty Marley - The Hardest Of Hearts*

Karley - Complicated03:47

Karley - Complicated


The Karley Fiction Korner

Title Rating Summary
She was jealous. She just wanted to be her, have her life and everything that came with it. Rated T for Eating Disorders, Abuse, Self-Arm. Kitley, as FRIENDS, not romantically together!
McKinley High goes on lockdown with Marley and Kitty stuck in the choir room together. Karley.
My Whole Life Long
"I'm not gay!" Marley protests, biting her lip nervously and looking around. Unique cocks a finely plucked eyebrow and looks at her dubiously. She has nothing left over for Kitty. She barely even knows the girl. What was she thinking? AU Karley.
Broken: A Karley Fanfiction
Kitty Wilde was leading the perfect life, perfect rep, great grades, amazing friends. Wait, that's a lie. Her life wasn't all it was cracked up to be, horrible grades, barely any real friends, and parents who hated everything she did. But when Marley Rose tries to help comfort her, she's forced to choose. Having a great reputation, or having Marley.
Journey Soon Begins
Marley Rose and Kitty Wilde have hated each other with a passion since they first met. But when an enchanted fortune cookie causes them to swap bodies, they must work together to find a way to swap back and mend each other's broken lives and relationships in the process. Based loosely on Freaky Friday. Karley hints, Ryley, Jitty.
If You Fall I'll Catch You
Kitty Wilde is tired of picking on Marley Rose and her mom Millie, and decides to try and make it up to them. Marley may just be falling for Kitty as she learns more about the Cheerio and her tough home life.

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