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Welcome to the Kurtbastian Team, where we wished that Sebastian went for Kurt instead of Blaine because we think they look better together! If you do not like Kurtbastian, please note that bashing is against the rules. Feel free to join the team, we accept anyone!


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  8. If you don't ship Kurtbastian, don't come here to bash.
  9. Have fun!!

The Kurtbastianers


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Reasons Why We Love Kurtbastian

  • They've both been/are educated in Dalton Academy.
  • They've been described to be complete opposites, and opposites attract.
  • The more you hate, the more you love.
  • Their chemistry kills us.
  • Even though they're not canon, Kurtbastian still has a lot of fans.
  • Because both Chris and Grant wanted Sebastian to chase after Kurt.
  • They're not afraid to be really honest about each other.
  • Many fans prefer Kurtbastian than Seblaine.
  • There is a thin line between love and hate.
  • Grant Gustin ships Kurtbastian.

Featured Dream Quote

I call him mine.

—A Change In The Weather, Sebastian



Title Rating Summary
In My Veins T He'd only introduced Carole to his father so that he could get closer to Sebastian - it was just a simple crush at first. He didn't expect to become his stepbrother. And he certainly didn't expect to actually fall in love.
The Five Times Sebastian Asked Kurt To Marry Him T With most people it takes one time, you celebrate or you give up. For Sebastian Smythe, it takes five times to get an answer. Four of the times, Kurt thinks he isn't serious. But he is, he's the most serious he's ever been. And he won't give up on Kurt.
On My Own T Sebastian is sentenced to community service for pick-pocketing. He starts at a childrens home for kids with nowhere else to go, he mees Kurt who lives there. What ties does Kurt have with Sebastians life. And can the unlikely happen of a friendship or even... love?
Someone's Gotta Go PG-13 Kurt and Sebastian are tributes in the Hunger Games who form an alliance.
The Best Approach to Being True PG-13 It isn’t until Sebastian loses Kurt that he realizes he never really had him in the first place.
Hopelessly Devoted To You PG-13 Sebastian wasn’t the best at voicing his feelings, though, especially if they weren’t biting remarks about someone’s appearance. And he didn’t say anything he wasn’t sure about, and he wasn’t sure if Kurt saw him as more than a friend.
Hooked and I Can't Stop Staring PG-13 Kurt and Sebastian are best friends. Each harboring a secret. Which turns out to be the exact same one.
I Need You So Much Closer PG-13 The stress of a wedding and everything that comes with it finally builds too high, and Kurt and Sebastian have the biggest fight of their relationship.
Closeted PG-13 Closeted!Sebatian who also literally gets locked in a closet with Kurt by Santana and Blaine.



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Kurtbastian au catch me if you can

Kurtbastian au catch me if you can


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