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The Pezberry Team

Created by Soholade
0v/AAsrXy2HgAY0 This team supports the friendship and/or relationship between recent McKinley graduates and now roommates Rachel Berry and Santana Lopez.

Team Rules

  • Only sign your name once.
  • Do not bash Pezberry (or Rachel/Santana) or any other ship for that matter.
  • Help us think of reasons to ship their friendship and/or relationship.
  • Don't spam the page. Please.
  • Don't delete anything that isn't yours.
  • If you notice that something isn't right, feel free to comment on the comments section below or contact Soholade on her message wall.

Reasons to ship Pezberry

  • In I Kissed a Girl Rachel stood up for Santana and helped her come out of the closet in a song (I Kissed a Girl).
  • In Hold on to Sixteen, Rachel "carries Santana home" during the performance of We Are Young.
  • After their So Emotional duet in Dance with Somebody, Rachel tells Santana that their voices are great together and they should've sung together more instead of being enemies.
  • In Dance with Somebody, Rachel asks Santana to put a picture of her up in her locker, and she does, though not before they hug each other.
  • In Naked, when asked by Kurt, Santana travels to New York with Quinn to convince Rachel that she'll regret going topless later in her life.
  • In Girls (and Boys) on Film, Santana finds Rachel's pregnancy test and when Rachel breaks down in front of her, she comforts her by saying that everything is going to be okay.
  • In Feud, Santana claims Rachel to be family to her, and goes so far as to sing Cold Hearted to Brody and call Finn from Lima, all in order to protect her.
  • In Guilty Pleasures, Rachel thanks Santana for protecting her, and they sing and dance to Mamma Mia together.
  • In Prom-asaurus, along with Quinn, Santana let go of winning prom queen, thing she always wanted, so Rachel could win and feel confident about herself.
  • In Lights Out, Rachel is concerned about Santana's future and tries to encourage her by complimenting her performing skills. She later helps her rediscover her childhood dream, dancing, along with Kurt.


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