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This team page is for the gleeks who support Noah Puckerman and Rachel Berry aka Puckleberry.

When viewed at a glance, Puckleberry is the stereotypical relationship between the bad boy and the good girl, but being with Rachel has proven that Puck does in fact have a soft side, and she makes him want to be a better person. She is the first girl that we get to see Puck's soft side come out around. Please be respectful of the rules and leave no offensive comments or vandalism. This is a page for those who support Puckleberry. If you don't ship them and have nothing good to say about them. Then I suggest you get off the page immediately, and go to your own page. Hopefully you guys enjoy the page, it has gone through a lot of work. Just to be perfect for you guys.


Official Team Rules

Official Team Rules


1. You have to have an account to join. If you attempt to do so and do not have an account, your signature will be deleted. 
2. You may not go around spamming other teams. 
3. Don't delete anything that isn't yours. 
4. Respect other people's point of view. 
5. Don't vandalize the page with harsh comments saying, "Puckleberry sucks," (certain couple) is endgame, etc. 

The Puckleberrians


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100. MercurySummer100
101. Theanue
102. ABeachDancer
103. Once a Warbler always a Warbler - Layla Gleek
104. FinchelQuickBritannaSamcedes
105. Limeblue.Fangirl
106. I like walking under the rain 'cause no one knows that i'm crying
107. Lina.FabrevansLover
108. Kathyism
109. tall, awkward, canadian, actor, drummer, person. RIP ✞
110. CarCar1223
111. . ❅ IceBerry ❅ .
112. Br0dxwerc
113. Rberryw
114. Ceris.T
115. PurelyPuckleberry
116. NightfallWolves
117. Colferandklainebows
118. Cat5sparkles
119. JadeGagaOlly
120. Frankenteen96
121. Lilmaz18
122. Jujugleekmaniac
123. Quick23
124. TinaForever
125. Spimax12
126. Edopeltier
127. Raybelle
128. HermioneGleek
129. WeWantQuick 
130. KISSwift
131. I m p e r f e c t i o n   i b e a u t i f u l .
132. HermioneGleek
133. DrewlovesKuinn
134. ThatGirlOnFire
135. Future Mrs.Malik-Styles
136. Lucia132377
137. AquaticPhoenix
138. Chip123
139. BeeBumble3
140. AnneGleek13
141. MsGleek
142. QuinnGlee
143. Malice1329
144. Kefa 123
145. LadyTayTay
146. MarauderingGleek
147. Puckleberry83
148. AllYouNeedIsGlee11
149. Thanasis Fabray
150. Danielle54
151. CatalinaSw33t
152. BerryHudson1218
153. Artsyshawdow11
153. Diannaagronlover

The Larkers


Sign here if you also support a relationship between Lea Michele and Mark Salling!

  1. I Ship: Puckleberry, Quartie, Brittana, Tike, Klaine, Samcedes ~GLeeLOVER
  2. Gleegirl14
  3. PuckleberryQuam
  4. BloodAndy
  5. Adani23
  6. Limeblue.Fangirl
  7. Ceris.T 
  8. DiannaAgron_xo
  9. Let's all admit that Max is AWESOME!!

Couples That Support Puckleberry

Couples that support




Title Summary Genre Rating
Topsy Turvy Mark/Lea and Puck/Rachel swap places. Welcome craziness Humor/Romance T
On Paper, I'm Perfect Apparently, you can have a baby with your worst enemy without touching him Humor/Romance T
Tweety You're Not A Warbler She was kicked out of McKinley's Glee club but given the chance, will she be able to chirp as the newest member of the Dalton's Warblers? / Glee version of She's the Man Humor/Romance T
Peanut Butter and Mayo "Finchel is like chocolate covered ants. Looks great from the outside, but the inside? Friggin' gross, bro." A sneaky smile comes across Santana's face. "Puckleberry though? Now, that's something. No genre listed T
Not Yours, But Mine In reality? Noah doesn't belong to either of them – he's hers Romance T
Became the Summer Their history started at summer camp when she's 10 and he's 11. From different parts of Ohio, they become best friends, but when their non-camp lives collide when he's 17 and she's 16, will his bad-boy ways destroy the best relationship he's ever had? Friendship/Romance T
Conversations Between Two McKinley High Students ...who are not friends. At all. Or: Moments where Noah Puckerman is not a total *bleep* to Rachel Berry. Humor/Friendship T
Who's That Guy With Rachel Berry? Rachel has a new boyfriend, and Puck gets jealous! Romance T
I sing the body electric He calls her Berry when he talks to her. Which is not often. She doesn't call him anything. Her voice is caught between "Noah" and "Puck" so she avoids situations where she might have to say his name. Romance/Angst T
Memories of a Family It's the last day before graduation, and the members of New Directions are feeling a bit nostalgic. One-shot. Rated T for language. Oh, and for adorableness and cool words. Romance/Friendship T
Out of the Blue When Puck admits something to Rachel 'out of the blue;' what happens? Now both will face the ups and downs of his admission and find a little bit about each other along the way. Romance T
Returning Home Before Beth is born, Rachel and her fathers move away abruptly. Seven years later, she returns to Lima, finding things really changed after she left. Mention of major character death... Family/Romance T
North A year ago he would have barely given most of them a second look. But now, he couldn't imagine his life without any of them. Especially her. Angst T
Stardom Both of them are reaching for their dreams, what happens when their paths cross again? Romance T
Rachel & Puck Have a Baby Rachel & Puck have a baby girl and live together without anyone else knowing. Romance/Family T
Rachel & Puck Have Another Baby Our favourite family are back, Rachel and Noah are starting Senior Year and everything is wonderful. Well it would be, but old faces return and make things difficult, and to top it all Rachel's pregnant but as long as they have each other everything is ok. Family/Romance T
A Case of Mistaken Identity Off-Canon S3. Puck finally acknowledges his destiny to be with Rachel Berry when he sees another of God's signs at a costume party- except it wasn't a sign. One-shot Puckleberry. Romance/Humor T



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Little Puckleberry Notes

Little Puckleberry Notes

Little Puck and Rachel Things

Little Puck  and Rachel


Little Puckleberry Moments

Little Puckleberry








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