1. “Good girls are bad girls that don't get caught” - Anonymous
  2. Peterfan
  3. Flibbles
  4. Did you get my text? Yes... Well, you didn't text me back!
  5. RandomnessAndPuckleberryAndSeddieAndImmaGleek
  6. DazzlingGleek
  7. I just wanna talk to you One hot Jew to another
  8. x3 JG
  9. Idobite
  10. Where's Quinn?Probably down at the mall, looking for elastic waist pants.
  11. I'll Be My Own Savior
  12. NicoleeGleek
  13. Youngestgleek9
  14. Sky SplitsPretty awesome girlYou will love her
  15. Brittana21
  16. Rachel Berry "There's NOTHING ironic about show choir!! FinchelShipper<33
  17. I thought I was over someone but I still think I have feelings for them. The Clintons?
  18. Loveya Pictures last longer.
  19. Your very talented. Really? Yeah. I should know, I'm very talented too.
  20. sWEET cAROLINE20
  21. IgnaLovesPancakes
  22. Awesomefreak
  23. Gleeket2
  24. Every time we say goodbye, I wish we had one more kiss
  25. Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly.
  26. Puckleberry Fuinn, their pairing names are no co-incidence :).
  27. WestieKnowsBest
  28. Summergirl881
  29. When You Have Sex With Someone Your Having Sex With Everyone They Had Sex With,And Everybody's Got A Random..
  30. Sanzisgreat
  31. L.A.L.
  32. My outsides look cool My insides are blue I feel pretty, oh so pretty
  33. Finchel. I live it. Sleep it. Breathe it. I need Finchel to survive.
  34. Ke$ha blew the place and Usher wanted more. And where was I? Going my own way, that's what
  35. Just a Lucky Person
  36. LoserLikeMe
  38. No one will question the badassness
  39. Quamfan
  40. Adani23
  41. Stop Calling Stop CallingI don't wanna talk anymore
  42. Per3ylove - Talk
  43. Whether It's a Heart Attack or Heartbreak, just like Broadway... The Show Must Go On
  44. Fat bottomed girls you make the rocking world go round 
  45. gleekjonleaheathernayadianna
  46. theatregleek1995 says "Glee haters gonna hate. U mad?"
  47. Shootingstars12
  48. Glee4Glee
  49. "Do you remember when the school gave us a nickname? Puckleberry."
  50. Littlemissbrittany888
  51. BrittanyBoo2103
  52. PuckleberryLove
  53. Georgialovesglee :)
  54. Sushi Master :D
  55. Erikbutler
  56. Little<^>Monster<^>Gaga
  57. Why Not? We're a couple of good lookin' Jews!
  58. SimpleChaosMKC
  59. Finchelgleek54
  60. Rossidaniella
  61. Gleekonline101 says: Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?
  62. Remember,if Sue finds out you posted the Glistdon't scream like a womenArtie helps Kurt
  63. Break a leg....I love you.......<3 LeaMicheleLover!
  64. GleekoutThefrig
  65. I'll wear the dress if you wear the tieand baby we'lldance through the night
  66. Bobbobin
  67. Gleegirl14
  68. EverydayISeeMyDreamMy TalkBlogs
  69. ILoveYouGlee
  70. T A T E R T O T S
  71. LP4eva Nice tan, What's your race? Carrot?
  72. IShipQuick
  73. SantittanyFinchel
  74. Kathy22
  75. You're Magical,Like A Unicorn!
  76. QuinnGlee
  77. Puckleberrylover
  78. "Married by 30 Legally!!!" 20:07, December 24, 2011 (UT)
  79. Please Don't Judge Me and I Won't Judge You❤❤
  80. When you really believe in yourself, you don't have to bring other people down
  81. MayzzRC
  82. |Simple.PlanNER|
  83. Gleek090892
  84. Lunaagleek
  85. Foreverquam
  86. BloodAndy
  87. PuckleberryQuam
  88. LMC18
  89. Trouble00
  90. Aliye
  91. UnholyTrinity
  92. Celaunna
  93. MitchieLoveXoXo123
  94. Deadpools95
  95. Gleeluver23
  96. Spimax12
  97. Puckleberry just rock!
  98. Puckleberry! Yeah!
  99. Soul Soldier
  100. Im a GleekTwihardand a lil rockerso deal with it 22:42, March 10, 2012 (UTC)

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