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Welcome to the Team that is dedicated to those who support Pucktana!

Pucktana's Team Rules

  1. You must have an account to sign, or if you are an anon, you must link to your Special Contributions.
  2. No spamming or inserting false information.
  3. If you don't ship Pucktana, please go on a different page; please do not bash or vandalize this page.
  4. You may not sign more than once.

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Pucktana shipper

  1. --I'm Lucy Merrygold You know I practically rule the world of fashion and have a super hot husband
  2. DiannaAgron xo <3 PUCKTANA!!!!!
  3. xxHeatherxx
  4. Finn+Rachel=love
  5. Every time we say goodbye, I wish we had one more kiss
  6. Finn's Girl
  7. QuinnyGirl
  8. St.Berry Foreva!
  9. gleekforever1018
  10. Jeje4ever247
  11. RatedRSupersta
  12. User:SamcedesandKlaineForever
  13. My main ship always and forever: Bourtney.
  14. StGroffles
  15. Finntanalover99
  16. Jesse St Ninja
  17. Gleekjonleaheathernayadianna
  18. Remember,if Sue finds out you posted the Glistdon't scream like a womanArtie helps Kurt
  19. I'll wear the dress if you wear the tieand baby we'lldance through the night
  20. Brittana4ever
  21. ILoveYouGlee
  22. gleekforever1018
  23. Puckleberry,Quartie,Brittana - Talk & Blog ~GLeeLOVER
  24. Pucktana Fan~I LOVE PUCKTANA!.
  25. PEETA
  26. Andy I Am. And I Like Green Eggs and Ham
  27. Per3ylove
  28. Gleeful46
  29. SamcedesGoingforthewin
  30. Midhatz
  31. Mdoz1997
  32. JadeGagaOlly
  33. Omjay100
  34. Lil' Dal
  35.  Surfing2 Simple.PlanNER Surf's up dude 12:14, June 1, 2012 (UTC)
  36. PauArg
  38. Devilsophie2
  39. Unicornianleague
  40. Deficits
  41. BlueRubys
  42. Spimax
  43. Iloveklaine10
  44. Samtinafreak101
  45. Jakelol
  46. Sibuna345
  47. ~ Nayaforever ~
  48. Gleekgirllosersam
  49. Lucia132377
  50. They could the best bada$$ friends :3
  51. KittyLynn
  52. UnHoly Trinity
  53. The quick lover
  54. Bogi05
  55. ItAllRevolvesAroundKlaine
  56. PucktanaForever
  57. CatalinaSw33t
  58. Danielle54
  59. Diannaagronlover


{ {Pucktana} }
3139728562 1 6 SjDyqKVa This user ships Pucktana Friendship.
{ {Pucktanafans} }
Pucktana1234 This user is a huge Pucktana fan.
{ {Don'tStopBelievin'} }
Don't stop believing. Hold on to that feeling.
{ {LovesPucktana} }
Pucktana 4 eva
This user loves Pucktana.

Pucktana Gallery

Pucktana Video Gallery!

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Price Tag



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