1. SweetPorcelain
  2. Safety Dance (I'm the total opposite of safe.)
  3. Next time I'll be braverI'll be my own savior
  4. DazzlingGleek
  5. LoserLikeMe
  6. Yeah we danced on tabletops and took too many shots think we kissed but I forgot
  7. YopoAnon
  8. All Your Dates, Are Really My Dates proudly so♥
  9. Rachel Berry "There's NOTHING ironic about show choir!!
  10. Munro-eli
  11. Jpinion7
  12. Sanzisgreat
  13. “To anyone that ever told you that you’re no good…They’re no better.” - Hayley Williams
  14. Dancing with myself 
  15. --To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
  16. Maldadpura
  17. Blaine&KurtLover
  18. Glee4Glee
  19. SariahOStalk
  20. Mrs. Puckzilla
  21. ILoveBram
  22. User:Baby Tana
  23. --Audball2108
  24. I love my life I love this record and Mi amore vole fe yah
  25. RedQueen22 Love comes when you least expect it.
  26. User:LoveNayaRivera
  27. CrimeDramaBee
  28. Have a happy day
  30. MrsDrizzele
  31. SantitanyShipper89
  32. Quamfan
  33. Open Your Heart To Me Finchel Forever
  34. EverydayISeeMyDreamMy TalkBlogs
  35. FunnyFlyby
  36. St.Berry
  37. Gleek1537 Despite the fact that your mouth to face ratio is way off, you still somehow manage to be cute.
  39. Littlemissbrittany888
  40. RandomnessAndPuckleberryAndSeddieAndImmaGleek
  41. Don't Stop Thinking about tomorrow
  42. GroffBerry
  43. User:GleekandGleekier
  44. IHasTrouty Mouth
  45. Ilovekurtandblaine
  46. --Did I miss the election for queen? Because I didn't vote for you.
  47. maopyon
  48. Sunshine-Supergirl
  49. Quartie IS awesome.This Ship Is My LIFE.
  50. 525,600 minutes525,000 moments so dear525,600 minutesSeasons of LoveGoodbye Love, Glee+St.Berry
  51. UndercoverGleek
  52. Youngestgleek9 font-family:Vivaldi">talk
  53. diannaisdabest go Quartie
  54. Look at that loving stare -Gleekonline101
  55. Ain't no carpool lane too sexy Damn straight. Im3stupid4artie
  56. Snickerz911411
  57. Lopierce4eva Crack team......for now
  58. artinafanseason1
  59. Gleekonline101 says: Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?
  60. --Girl Get In The Car In 5 Minutes Imma Work Some Magic
  61. lovesantana
  62. You know me as Jesse,the star of Vocal Adrenaline. I want to introduce you to Jesse, the guy who’s nuts about you, the guy who would never hurt you.
  64. GleeWicked
  65. I was sure that New Direction's Trophy was gonna grow over the Holidays
  66. Look, I don't mean to be a bitch... Well, yeah, actually I do.
  67. Sahar
  68. PuckleberryLove;;♥
  69. Will we ever say the words we're feeling or will we forever only be Pretending?
  70. GleeLover
  71. Svwiki99
  72. BestThingINeverHad
  73. IShipQuick
  74. "Do you remember when the school gave us a nickname? Puckleberry."
  75. I'll wear the dress if you wear the tieand baby we'lldance through the night
  76. "It's not about doing your best anymore..... it's about doing better.."
  77. There's pepperoni in my bra. Those are your nipples.
  78. gleek1997
  79. syl_85
  80. --Klainenoco143
  81. Brittana4ever
  82. EverythingscomingupKurt- I've gotta gay, go! I've gotta go.
  83. NicoleeGleek
  84. --written-with-awesomeness
  85. --User:Gleekforever1018
  86. --Diannaagronrox
  87. Dalek194
  88. Samcedes Fan 2011
  89. You're Magical,Like A Unicorn!
  90. talkSvwiki99blog

  91. ILoveKurtHummel
  92. --When you really believe in yourself, you don't have to bring other people down.
  93. Foreverquam
  94. Glee-is-gleek
  95. Adani23
  96. Brittanaresoulmates
  97. I just prefer to think of the homeless as outdoorsy. So shine on urban campers!
  98. Nayaforever
  99. PuckleberryQuam
  100. QuartieOTP

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