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Welcome to the team that supports the relationship between Quinn and Puck. Quinn cheated on Finn and Sam, but never with Puck. That heavily implies that Quinn truly loves Puck. Puck loves Quinn dearly too, which was shown in season one. Unfortunately, Lauren got a hold of Puck in season two. Now that they have reunited not only with each other, but also with their daughter, Ryan Murphy just may be having one of his finer moments and will bring Quick back for good!

Main picture credit goes to

"I'm not here for a patch, I'm here because I love you."

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"You were my first. No regrets."

⊕Rules For This Team


  • Do not bash Quick, or any other ship
  • Don't delete anything that isn't yours!
  • Don't spam the page! No one likes spammers!
  • We are one big family, respect each other.
  • Don't troll. Seriously, just don't.

The Quickers


If you love Quick and would love to see Quick happen, then sign!

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301. Monchele dozkaya
302. FinchelQuick Gleek
303. Lucia132377
304. Aweshum
305. Sibuna345
306. Dancer1301
307. FinchelForeva99
308. Pamela Angela Malfoy
309. Breatt
310. Lucky Agron
311. Gleexoxo15
313. Loverklaine
314. RunsWithFlyingDolphins
315. Lucyhalelove
316. ♪ ♫ TaeInTheSky ♫ ♪
317. QuinnGlee talk
318. GoldStar
319. Bogi05
320. Ballet1301
321. ItAllRevolvesAroundKlaine
322. Bennyboyneb
323. KurtanaLove1998
324. PhoebeGleek
325. Lea99
326. MarauderingGleek
327. KittyWildeTobin
328. Gleefan4-ever
329. Darrenfangirl
330. CatalinaSw33t
331. Diannasbrittany
332. Clawdeen Ghoul
333. LouderLea
334. FinchelQuickForever
335. CloveFoxface
336. TotallyTinkerbell
337. Lockser3
338. QuickShipper123
339. QUICKchick
340. LordTubbington57
341. Gleefanfics
342. Quinnartlor menari TalkSamart
343. Imfrompoland
344. Nikki2013


♥Reasons Why We Ship Them

  • They are HOT together
  • They had a baby together
  • Because she just wants someone to love her, especially now
  • He told her he loved her, especially now
  • The baking scene in Wheels
  • He shows that he trusts her, in I Kissed A Girl
  • He blames her craziness on himself, and apologizes
  • Every time he sings, she fangirls
  • Because of how guilty and sad he looked when she was singing in Funk
  • He was the only boyfriend Quinn never cheated on
  • Quinn was his first love
  • It wasn't just another hook-up for him
  • Beth was no accident
  • The babysitting scene in Hairography
  • She looked the happiest when he came out from the wings in Never Can Say Goodbye
  • He is the only boy she was ever willing to have sex with
  • He wanted to be a family with her, and Quinn would have never tried to get Puck involved in her plans to get Beth back if she didn't want to raise her with him
  • Their eyebrow raises: Cute and sexy at the same time
  • Because she told him he was special and romantic
  • Because he believes in her, in I Kissed A Girl
  • They fight like a married couple
  • Their hug was so cute in Hold On Onto Sixteen, and she scouted him out of all the people on stage just so she could hug him
  • Because when ever they make out, she tugs on his mohawk
  • They both deeply care about their daughter and want her to have a good life
  • Because he helped her overcome her craziness by encouraging her to not let a baby or a dude get in the way of her future
  • Their dance in Michael
  • In Michael, Puck "fangirled" over Quinn this time when she was singing
  • Because they NEED a duet
  • Quinn stated that she wanted Puck back (I Kissed A Girl)
  • Beth was the only song that made her cry
  • Because they are perfectly imperfect together
  • Often stare at each other's butts during songs. (Examples: Halo/Walking on Sunshine and Fat Bottomed Girls)
  • Because she fangirls everytime that he sings a solo
  • Because Puck was the only one that realized Quinn need help from her friends (I Kissed A Girl)
  • Because Puck was the first boy she thought of in her Michael fantasy
  • Because Puck loved, cared, and believed in Quinn before it was even cool (Journey, I Kissed A Girl)
  • They're so awesome that even Rachel ships them!
  • They support each other.
  • The kiss in Goodbye
  • Because Quinn loves him (Goodbye). 
  • They held hands during their duet in Homeward Bound/Home
  • Quinn helped Puck graduate. Goodbye
  • Puck thinks she's hot like a pixi and that she's pretty much cooler than every other girl in their school. (I Kissed a Girl).
  • He admits that he was into her pretty hard. (I Kissed a Girl).
  • He wants to be with her. (Sectionals) and he'd do everything to be a good dad to Beth.
  • He fought over her with Finn. (Wheels).
  • They're proud of each-other. (I Am Unicorn and Goodbye).
  • Quinn thinks there's nobody that deserves that (her kiss) more. (Goodbye)
  • When they cuddle with each-other.(I Kissed A Girl
  • When they were together Puck was at his best. 
  • Puck was concerned when she slipped in Sectionals.
  • He sufferd from a depression because he isn't over Quinn. (Audition)

∗The Quick Headquarters

Having a problem with ship-bashing? Can't figure out how to sign your name? Just ask the members of the Quick Headquarters! We're here to help you and provide you with assistance if there are any issues here, or if you just simply have a "Quick" question. Note: The Quick Headquarters aren't "in power" over the rest of the other members, we just keep the peace and help newer Quickers :)

2012-10-20 003

⊕Featured Video and Song

It's back!!! The Quick themed featured video of the week is back! If you've seen any great Quick vids over the past week that are appropriate, please suggest them in the comments or message anyone of the Quick Headquarter members! If you have a song in mind that goes well with their relationship, then please suggest it too!

She will be loved quinn & puck01:59

She will be loved quinn & puck



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My OTP is Quick

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Puckquinn This user supports Quinn and Puck together,

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This user screamed OMG!!! when they saw Quick kissing in I Kissed A Girl

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Minigif quick "Did you love me? Yes, especially now.."

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Quick will last long... ironically

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Quick wedding
This user wants to see a
Quick wedding on Glee

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"When two people go through what we've been through, you're bonded for life"

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This user thinks Quinn and Puck belong together

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"You are such an egghead."
"I'm not."

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"Where my love lies waiting silently for me..."

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Quick glances.

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