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The Role You Were Born to Play

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The Role You Were Born to Play
Season Four, Episode Five
First Aired November 8th, 2012
Episode Guide
"The Break-Up"
The Role You Were Born to Play (Source) is the fifth episode of Glee's fourth season, and the seventy-first episode overall. This episode is set to premiere on November 8th, 2012, after a four-week hiatus. The episode will be directed by Brad Falchuk. Source


McKinley High

  • This could be the school musical episode.
  • The musical could be 'Grease'. (Source)

Mike and Mercedes

  • Mike and Mercedes will be back for this episode and 4x06. Source
  • So what happened to Tike anyway, besides the “Make Change Forever” tattoo tweak? Harry Shum Jr. says that when Mike resurfaces in Episode 5, “You’ll get a little more explanation on how that ended. ” As he notes, “It’s always difficult when you have a long distance relationship” – especially when one party appears to be faring just fine, if not better, during the separation. “Mike’s always been a straight-A student, so he is doing really well [at college], and I think that’s what’s difficult for them,” Shum ventures. “Tina doesn’t know how to really figure that out.” Source

Finn and Ryder

Brittany and Santana

  • Brittany and Santana have a scene in a "hot and steamy" laundry room. Source Source 2


  • Cory was filming on the McKinley set. Source
  • Lea and Cory filmed a Finchel scene today (9/04) Source However this could be for The Break-Up.
  • Lea, Cory, Naya, Heather, Jayma, Matthew, Darren and Chris filmed a scene together (9/04) Source However this could be for The Break-Up.
  • Dot-Marie Jones has returned to filming and has filmed 2 scenes with Matthew and Jayma. (9/11) Source
  • Cory filmed a scene which was described on Twitter as " A Step in a Different Direction for Mr Finn Hudson." (9/11). Source
  • Lea filmed a scene a dancing scene NYADA (9/11). Source
  • Harry Shum Jr. was at a dance rehearsal with the newer cast members (9/11). Source
  • Melissa Benoist filmed a scene with Alex Newell (9/12). Source
  • Amber Riley has return to filming and has filmed a scene with Cory, Kevin and Harry in the auditorium (9/12) .Source
  • Melissa and Alex filmed a scene with Jane (9/13).Source
  • Blake Jenner has had his first day of shooting (9/13) Source
  • Lea filmed a scene with Amber today (9/14). Source
  • Lea and Chris were filming on the Mckinley set. (9/14) Source




  • At 30 characters (with spaces) and seven words, this episode title is the longest of all the Glee episode titles, beating out "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" by four characters and two words.
  • This is the fourth time that the fifth episode of the season starts with the word "The"
  • This is the fourth time the fifth episode includes a musical ( The first episode was Cabret in "The Rhodes Not Taken" in season 1 and the second was The Rocky Horror Show in "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" in season 2 and third is West Side Story in "The First Time" in Season 3.

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