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Welcome to the

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Samcedes Team


"We had a summer fling"

Welcome to the Samcedes Team, home of the Diva and the Dork, where we enjoy bountiful amounts of white chocolate thunder. The feelings Sam and Mercedes have for each other is something words cannot describe. Their great potential, the fact that they break so many stereotypes, and their strong chemistry live in our hearts. We will never give up on our love for this exceptional couple. Samcedes is magic, it's Human Nature. This team keeps it real!

"It was more than that."


Click here to see why we ship Samcedes. ❤

Samcedes Ying-Yang


∗Rules Of The TeaM

  1. You have to have an account to sign.
  2. No spamming or inserting false information.
  3. If you don't ship Samcedes, go on a different page. Please do not bash or vandalise this page.
  4. You mustn't sign more than once.
  5. Samcedes shippers are respectful so please do not bash other team pages.
  6. Do Not delete what is not yours!
  7. Don't bash other people's comments. Because all Samcedians matter!!!!
  8. If you have any suggestions for a featured section of this team page (ex. Poll, Featured Vid, etc.) please contact the person in charge of that section.


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Without Spaces

{ { WhiteChocolateThunder } }
Samcedes39 This user loves White Chocolate Thunder!
{ { Samcedesfan } }
Samcedes New York This user is a huge Samcedes fan.

{ { Samcedesotp } }

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My OTP is Samcedes
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Kiss03643 This user wants a lot of Samcedes kisses!
{ { SamcedesMJ } }
This user loves the Dork and the Diva.
{ { Samcedian } }
This user is forever a proud Samcedian.
{ { Mersamming2 } }
Sorry for
{ { LovesSamcedes } }
Samcedes Prom Picture
This user loves Samcedes.
{ { Summerdreams2 } }
Summer Dreams ripped at the seams.
{ { Samcedes4ever } }
"I don't care how big or bad your boyfriend is, I'm going to fight
to get you back."
{ { Mersamming } }
This user cannot stop
{ { SamcedesSmiles } }
This user loves Samcedes smiles.
{ { iwantsamcedes } }
Samcedes 41
This user demands Samcedes
{ { Samcedes1 } }
"And I knew our joy, would fill the earth ."
{ { Tellmemore } }
{ { Samcedes2 } }
“Do you think they know?” Yes Mercedes, yes we do…
{ { Summernights } }
“Summer fling, don't mean a thing but, oh, oh, the summer nights
{ { WCT } } { { Samcedesfans } }
This user is a huge
Samcedes fan.
{ { SamcedesCrazy } } { { HN } }
If they say why, why? Tell 'em that it's
Human Nature.
{ { Tweet } } { { Choice } }
Samcedes: because they chose each other.
{ { Breath } }
“You can take my breath away.”
{ { SamcedesChristmas } }
All this user wants for Christmas is
{ { BoW1 } }
It don't matter if you're Black or White.
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This user is a huge Rileystreet fan
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RIB tried to break up Samcedes, we said: "HELL TO THE NO!"...



Signatures: 1-100 ~ 101-200 ~ 201-300

If you don't know how to sign, please leave a comment and someone will help you. :3

301. CatalinaSw33t
302. Samcedes2000
303. Asian Persuasion ;D
304. Amberrileyrules
305.The dreams in which I'm dying Are the best I've ever had. ♥
306. CloveFoxface
307. PortugueseNayaholic
308. Tinetine748
309. Samcedesftw1
310. Vidapelin
311. Gleefan4-ever
312. Beremy29
313. Nasz wanna knoe
314. Gleefan1018
315. Gleefan4-ever
315. GleekyWinchester

∗Featured Melody

In Charge: LovesMeSomeKurt
Click here to see our Samcedes melody wish list.
Trey Songz - Already Taken03:55

Trey Songz - Already Taken

Already Taken

∗RileyStreet District

The Samcedians can also be The RileyStreeters.

We ship the amazing Samcedes


We also ship the even more amazing RileyStreet, whether it is for them to be a couple are very good friends.


Just like the signatures for Samcedians, if you don't know how to sign, please leave a comment and someone will help you. :3

1. Sam Evans, you are crazy! Crazy about you. ♥
2. Please Don't Judge Me and I Won't Judge You❤❤
3. LovesMeSomeKurt
4. ATLA Gleek
5. RoamingwithSamcedes
6. Poufkimashoula
7. Sequoi
8. On the thin line between love and hate, I choose love - Kurtbastian for life
9. Klainegirl1912
10. NightfallWolves
11. Be the first rate version of yourself than the second-rate version of somebody else.
12. Surfing2 Simple.PlanNER Surf's up dude 21:25, June 7, 2012 (UTC) can i ship their friendship only?
13. Andy I Am. And I Like Green Eggs and Ham (friendship only)
14. Laurenglee
15. Brittanalovers
16. Raychelle Anderson
17. IJustLoveKlaine
18. QuicksamcedesFTW!!
19. KKD
20. Mersaming4ever
21. Gleefan1018

∗Samcedes Dictionary

  • Samcedes - (n.) The combination of Sam's and Mercedes' names.
  • Samcedian - (n.) The lovely people who ship Samcedes.
  • Mersamming - (v.) Means that Samcedians can't be tamed.
  • Samcedes Deprivation (SD) - (n.) The illness Samcedians suffer from when they have not been exposed to enough Samcedes (can be fatal).
  • White Chocolate Thunder - (adj.) Depicts the great chemistry between Sam and Mercedes.
  • D&D - (adj.) The loving nickname between Sam and Mercedes, The Diva and The Dork.
  • Samcex - (v.) Relations between Sam and Mercedes.
  • Samcedes Fever (SF) - (n.) When you've had too much of Samcedes. Literally it's all you think about, like Samcedes is your drug. (It's a happy fever sometimes though.)
  • Evones - (n.) The offspring(s) of Sam and Mercedes.
  • Evonding - (n.) Scenes between Sam and Mercedes.
  • Chamber or Rileystreet - (n.) Name combination between Amber and Chord.
  • Chocolate Swirl - (adj.) The epic-ness of Sam and Mercedes.
  • Samcetional - (adj.) The great excitement and interest Samcedes causes.
  • Samcedese - (n.) The non-verbal communication between Sam and Mercedes.
  • Sciss - (n.) A kiss between Samcedes.

∗Samcedes Sites

∗Featured Quote

In Charge: Perry

Tumblr n3f4kxCCuI1qhh5fko1 500

Mercedes: Se here I am, two bedrooms and a refrigerator.
Sam: That's cool.
Mercedes: It's crazy.
Sam: So uh, what are you going to do with the other room?
Mercedes: Oh well, you know I was thinking of storing my hair for my weaves in there. But then I got to thinking, maybe I should rent it out to a couple of nerds I knew back in high school.
Sam: Yeah but Blaine and I need a place so you could just rent it to us.
(Mercedes gives Sam a look)
Sam: ...Oh you were talking about us.
Mercedes: Yes I was. (laughs)

New New York

∗Important Events

Tumblr loj8u8cgeR1qcrj3yo1 r1 500

We White Chocolate Thunder

  • [October 12, 2010] Sam and Mercedes meet for the first time.
  • [October 26, 2010] Sam plays Rocky and Mercedes plays Dr. Frank N. Furter for ND's production of Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • [May 3, 2011] Mercedes finds out about Sam's family's financial situation.
  • [May 10, 2011] Sam and Mercedes attend junior prom together and dance the night away.
  • [May 11, 2011] The Samcedes Team is born.
  • [May 24, 2011] Mercedes and Sam are revealed to be dating.
  • [May 24, 2011] Samcedes is endgame by the finale of season one.
  • [June] Sam and Mercedes break up due to Sam's family moving away.
  • [September 20, 2011] We find out Mercedes has a new boyfriend.
  • [December 6, 2011] Sam returns and vows to win Mercedes back.
  • [December 10, 2011] The Samcedes Team hits 100 signatures.
  • [December 13, 2011] All Mercedes wants for Christmas is Sam.
  • [December 30, 2011] Samcedians discover Samcedes honorary color, Purple.
  • [January 3, 2012] A preview of the Samcedes duet Summer Nights is released.
  • [January 3, 2012] Many Samcedians suffer from SF.
  • [January 5, 2012] Many Samcedians are still suffering from SF.
  • [January 6, 2012] Our beloved Gleek090892 becomes an admin.
  • [January 13, 2012] The full version of Summer Nights is released and Samcedians once again suffer from major SF.
  • [January 17, 2012] Sam practically asks Mercedes to marry him.
  • [January 17, 2012] Mercedes realizes that she still has strong feelings for Sam.
  • [January 27, 2012] Sam's and Mercedes' very first duet together is released, Human Nature.
  • [January 31, 2012] Sam refers to Mercedes as immortal and puts her name in lights.
  • [January 31, 2012] Sam and Mercedes kiss for the first time on screen.
  • [February 7, 2012] Sam tweets that Mercedes smells good and won't stop till it's trending.
  • [February 7, 2012] Sam and Mercedes have to go an entire week without talking to the other.
  • [February 14, 2012] Sam asks Mercedes to be his valentine.
  • [February 14, 2012] Mercedes reveals to have broken up with Shane.
  • [February 14, 2012] Mercedes tells Sam she loves him.
  • [February 14, 2012] Mercedes tells Sam she can't be with him at the moment.
  • [February 14, 2012] First time Sam has ever cried over a girl. (true love)
  • [February 14, 2012] not over.
  • [February 16, 2012] The day of Chamber/RileyStreet celebration.
  • [March 4, 2012] The Samcedes Team reaches 200 signatures.
  • [April 10, 2012] Samcedes sexual tension is undeniable.
  • [April 17, 2012] Sam posts a video of Mercedes singing Disco Inferno online, to support her future plans.
  • [April 17, 2012] Although Mercedes had previously said that she couldn't be with anyone, herself and Sam share their second kiss onscreen.
  • [May 8, 2012] Sam and Mercedes attend senior prom together and are revealed to be an item, again.
  • [May 22, 2012] Sam and Mercedes celebrate Mercedes getting a recording contract as a back-up singer.
  • [May 22, 2012] Samcedes is endgame for a second time by the finale of season three.
  • [January 31, 2013] Mercedes pitches in with the letter for Sam, and mentions how he helped her get to her dreams.
  • [April 1, 2014] Sam and Mercedes feelings are renewed.
  • [April 1, 2014] Sam and Mercedes move in together.
  • [April 8, 2014] Sam and Mercedes, once again, officially become a couple.
  • [April 15 , 2014] Sam I Love You To Mercedes
  • [Apri 15 , 2014] Sam Said "I Could Live Without Sex But I Can't Live Without You" To Mercedes


In Charge: Perry

Do you think Sam and and Mercedes are ready to have sex?

The poll was created at 18:28 on April 5, 2014, and so far 74 people voted.

Do you still have faith in Samcedes? ;w;

No, RM has ruined it and I do not believe it can be saved or that they can get back together. :S [4 = 5.48%]

Yes I do because Samcedes is meant to be. ;w; [55 = 75.34%]

I do have faith in them but I just don't think it will happen typical sam never going back to an EX. XD [14 = 19.18%]

∗Hallway Chronicles

*Notably many major Samcedes moments take place in between classes in the hallway. These are the hallway scenes in chronological order.


  • In the episode The Rocky Horror Glee Show, Mercedes played the part of Frank-N-Furter while Sam played the part of the Monster *foreshadowing wink*.
  • In the episode The Substitute, Sam and Mercedes were dance partners during the song Singin' In the Rain/Umbrella.
  • During the majority of Loser Like Me, Sam and Mercedes can be found dancing near/next to each other.
  • Near the end of Loser Like Me, it looked as if Sam was trying to kiss Mercedes on the cheek.
  • When Sam and Mercedes hugged at the end of Light Up the World, Quinn smiled at them while Finn made weird arm motions.
  • Sam and Mercedes are normally dancing partners for big group numbers.
  • Sam's and Mercedes' Disney Personas are Aladdin and Jasmine from the Aladdin, and Phoebus and Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.
  • When Mercedes saw Sam in his Justin Bieber tunic for the first time, she wondered who had ordered tickets to "Crazy Town."
  • Mercedes reacted with disgust when she saw the relationship between Sam and Santana.
  • The Samcedes Team has alliances with Cool Ranch Totritos and the Stotritoscedes foursome.
  • In ‎A Night of Neglect, Sam is the first person out of his chair to applaud Mercedes after she sings.
  • During I Love New York/New York, New York, while in Central Park, Sam sat close to Mercedes and whenever they got up from the benches, held her hand.
  • Mercedes and Sam have two of the best "Judging You" faces out of the entire group.
  • In "[my cup]" song, Sam and mercedes were sitting close.
  • In New York, when Sam said "If I was in love with a girl, and I wasn't homeless, I would totally go for it," he was most likely talking about Mercedes. This may point to one possibility as to why they are trying to stay a secret since Sam is insecure about his living arrangements.
  • Sam and Mercedes are amusingly bad at hiding their flirting.
  • At a Glee Live show, while performing Loser Like Me, you clearly see Chord (while playing Sam) staring at Amber's (who's playing Mercedes) behind.
  • Samcedes' honorary color is purple.
  • If Sam and Mercedes were comic book characters, Sam would be Thor and Captain America while Mercedes would be Storm and Catwoman.
  • The Samcedes theme song is a soft piano version of Summer Nights.
  • Chord and Amber share the same birthday month and birthdays within 2 days of each other. Chord (Feb. 17)/Amber (Feb. 15)
  • Mercedes is the only girlfriend of Sam's who has not publicly embarrassed him.
  • As of Saturday Night Glee-ver Sam is the first glee club member to film his love interest (Mercedes) while they were performing a musical number in class.
  • In the episode Goodbye, Sam buys Mercedes some purple balloons, as well as decorating the interior and exterior of her locker to show his pride in her receiving a record deal.
  • Mercedes repeatedly points at Sam whilst singing during the episode Goodbye.
  • Of all Sam's relationships, he has continuously tried to pursue a relationship with Mercedes the most.
  • First love interest either has lived with.
  • Sam has stated on multiple occasions that they have chemistry and are perfect together.
  • Sam has stated that he has always like Mercedes.

∗Tumblr Moment of the Week

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In Charge: LovesMeSomeKurt

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Cutest Samcedes Moments♥

∗Samcedes Love

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∗Featured VidEO∗

In Charge: ATLA Gleek

Sam & Mercedes You'll be in my heart always..01:05

Sam & Mercedes You'll be in my heart always...

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