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DanceSamchel IshipSamchel

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This is a team dedicated to those who love the idea of Sam and Rachel being together.

Rules Of This Team


  • No one may come on to this page and say "Sam is gay!" or "Rachel belongs with Finn." If you don't have anything positive to say about Samchel, goodbye!
  • No inappropriate pictures!
  • If you convert to Finchel, Quam, Samtana, Puckleberry, etc. to the point where you no longer ship Samchel, remember to take your name off the list.
  • Do not spam.
  • Don't put anyone else down for sharing their opinion on what should happen; everyone is allowed to express their own views.
  • No one is wrong. Everyone has their own opinions.

Samchelites Signatures

  1. GleeDesire
  2. User:CityGal101
  3. Finchelquicklover
  4. SSweetnam
  5. Open Your Heart To Me Finchel Forever
  7. I wish I could tie you up in my shoes, make you feel unpretty too
  8. Golden_Starz Whether it's a heart attack or heartbreak, just like Broadway, the show must go on
  9. DazzlingGleek
  10. You like HER more than ME! She's BLOND and AWESOME and SO SMART! ADMIT IT! Just ADMIT IT! NO KISS ME! The wisdom of a Weepy Hysterical Drunk.
  11. Gleekjonleaheathernayadianna
  12. This could be the end of everything... So why don't we go Somewhere Only we Know?
  13. --I want my kids to be able to look back at these books and see who I was, make them proud — not the bastard one I'm carrying now, of course — the ones I'll have when I'm married and ready [Quinn Fabray the best glee character]
  14. We are the winx Come join the (Glee) club We don't believe in the star system
  15. -- Just say yes: And WE can be The perfect team SAMCHEL
  16. {{SUBST:User:Gleek4Glee/CHANANDLER BONG!!! Actually, it's Miz Chanandler Bong.}}
  17. LoserLikeMe
  18. 23Ab Mil GO TEAM SAMCHEL I <3 U 2
  19. -- --My outsides look cool My insides are blue I feel pretty, oh so pretty
  20. Lucy xx
  21. Gleek1234567
  22. MR.Santana Lopez
  23. I was sure that New Direction's Trophy was gonna grow over the HolidaysGlee Rocks!
  24. --Gleeeoholic
  25. Pig&gleecrazy!
  26. GleeTribeFan1
  27. Your very talented. Really? Yeah. I should know, I'm very talented too.
  28. Queen Quinn
  29. User:Georgialovesglee:)
  30. I'll Be My Own Savior
  31. Summergirl881
  32. Mrs. Puckzilla
  33. User:RainbowZombies
  34. Samchel fan
  35. Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks? ~IT'S BRITTANY BITCH
  36. Just a Lucky Person
  37. Whether It's a Heart Attack or Heartbreak, just like Broadway... The Show Must Go On
  38. EverydayISeeMyDreamMy TalkBlogs
  39. Littlemissbrittany888
  40. Remember,if Sue finds out you posted the Glistdon't scream like a womanArtie helps Kurt
  41. You're Magical, Like A Unicorn!
  42. CoutureIsLife
  43. Lunaagleek
  44. |Simple.PlanNER|
  45. Diannalicious
  46. We're Perfect Together.-My Talk Page, Hrsefinatic101
  47. <span style="letter-spacing: 0px; font-size: 13px>Tonight we are young ~Gleek090892
  48. "I'm through excepting limits, cause someone says there so, Some things I cannot change, But till I try, I'll never know!" 04:47, January 22, 2012 (UTC)
  49. WillDaGleek
  50. MeredithFan
  51. Wicked.Renthead-Gleek I'm Never Saying Goodbye to You 13:52, January 22, 2012 (UTC)
  52. Would you mind taking me back to the start?
  53. Gleeseason3lyrics
  54. Haley94607
  55. QFabrayGleek4eva
  56. MoncheleGleek33
  57. Lunona
  58. MitchieLoveXoXo123
  59. FabrevansIsEndgame
  60. Mominalovesfinchel
  61. Sugaryanderpezfinchel95
  62. SlusheeFacial
  63. Once a Warbler always a Warbler - Layla Gleek 21:35, March 11, 2012 (UTC)
  64. Brittana4Life
  65. Jgal12
  66. Valetwi
  67. . ❅ IceBerry ❅ .
  68. NightfallWolves
  69. SamcedesGoingforthewin
  70. You can own the Earth and still, All you'll own is Earth until, You can paint with all the colors of the wind.
  71. Cat5sparkles
  72. UK1
  73. PowerPuffGirls
  74. MoncheleIsLIFE
  75. Nini nia123
  76. You mock us sir! But I would rather you let me give my heart. To sir with love.
  77. PEETA
  78. Lunona
  79. DrewlovesKuinn
  80. Your turkey burger is cold ~
  81. Nxt2normalfan
  82. Santignd
  83. Gleekforever1018
  84. Melissabenoist123
  85. Olive1006
  86. Khgleeluver01
  87. 22gd
  88. MsGleek
  89. PhoebeGleek
  90. DarrenDiannaNaya
  91. Ms Imperfection
  92. ♪ ♫ TaeInTheSky ♫ ♪
  93. CatalinaSw33t
  94. Nicksessor
  95.    danieltravelStilessig
  96. Gleek2001
  97. Florence11
  98. Dancin'NoViolence
  99. Ashleigh hannah grace
  100. Mlkane720
  101. CollinAndJenna4Eva
  102. Dongaload
  103. Adani23
  104. Shippingcriss
  105. ItAllRevolvesAroundKlaine
  106. BeccaToBe
  107. GleeDegrassi
  108. BackToTheStart
  109. Ropowo
  110. Mexicanthirdeye
  111. KlainerzGonnaKlaine
  112. DarrenDiannaNaya
  113. Charlie75
  114. Geoff109
  115. GleeTropica
  116. Aquarius20
  117. Shashou The Gleek
  118. Slinehan05
  119. Samchel is life
  120. AndersonSylvester34
  121. Diannaagronlover
  122. LoserLikeMe996
  123. IShipBrittana&Samchel
  124. The Nobodies Rules
  125. Samchelendgameplease

Samchel Fanfiction

Title Summary Genre
Hold Your Hand: Part One It had been over two years since she had last seen Sam Evans; and now he was standing in her doorway, begging for her forgivness. Romance/Family
Hold Your Hand: Part Two The continuing story of Sam and Rachel Evans, their family, and their lives together. Romance/Family
Dorks Like Us How Disney classics and a non-Disney princess brought two people together. Romance/Friendship
Twists and Turns Sam and Rachel are assigned a Mash-Up from Mr Schuester, much to Finn and Quinn's disapproval. A sudden romance quirks a lot of unexpected twists and turns. Can they make their relationship work? Mid-Season 2 to AU. Friendship/Romance
All These Labels When Santana asked Rachel to distract Sam she had no idea what it would lead to. But it certainly surpassed her expectations and more. Romance/Humor
Once More "We will live the life of husband and wife even if it may not be in this lifetime. I will come back again and again until I get it right. I promise." A promise made centuries ago. That remained unfilled until now. Romance/Supernatural
Something Rachel is madly in-love with her high school sweetheart and nothing or no one could ever change that because when you're in love there isn't anything that can tear it down… right? Romance/Friendship
Lies Rachel Berry needed to get the portrait that would pay off her family debt, but her plan of sneaking in failed horribly. Now she is stuck faking amnesia and being someone's wife. How can she tell him that they aren't married without revealing her lie? Romance/Drama
Restart It's Sept. 2009, and Rachel doesn't have it easy at all. After a horrible day she she falls and hits her head. She wakes up and learns that it's 2012, her life is completely flipped for the better. Until the hot blond tries to convince her otherwise. Romance
Everlasting Scars Rachel Berry's past is a mystery to those around her. Sam Evans helps her reveal the truth of her life and the people in it. Mystery/Romance
Undercover CIA member Rachel Berry gets told she's going to be hunted down by an ancient terrorist group and is being sent to a small town in Ohio to start a different life, and go to high school. She has no one to turn to except her companion, Sam Evans. Romance/Crime
Princess In Training Rachel lived in the Mountainous Village of Lima when she was removed with nineteen other girls to live in an academy. There she will learn how to be a princess. Prince Evans will choose his princess after the christmas ball. Fantasy/Romance
Navi Rachel Berry falls for Sam... In a big way. But when drama happens in later chapters, will their friendship be ruined? Romance/Horror
Finding a Voice After all that Sam's been through over the course of one summer, his voice just won't come anymore. Rachel Berry just might be the only girl who can change that. Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Scratch She just sat there; Her eyes were glazed, out of focused; She slumped in her seat. She wasn't herself anymore. Can he save her from her downward spiral? or Will he succumb to his own depression too? Romance/Hurt/Comfort
The Hummel Fake Plan To: Finchel's Epic Return Kurt is sick and tired of Rachel being hung over Finn. So he creates a plan to 'help' her get back with Finn by giving her a Make over which would make guys want her and make Finn jealous... who would expect Sam whould be one of the guys who want her? Humor/Romance
Dancing Across Time Love happens in various stages during a lifetime. One can never know the exact time it starts, only when or after one has fallen. What could be. What should be. And what will be. These are the different stages in life in which Sam and Rachel fall in love. Romance

Featured Samchel Video

Samchel Take Me on The Floor05:00

Samchel Take Me on The Floor


Featured Samchel Quote

I know everyone's always making fun of your lips, but I think they're cute and worth weatherproofing.

Rachel, Rumours


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