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Samtina, or Cohevans to others, is the hot and sexy friendship/relationship between two of the most unappreciated characters, Tina Cohen-Chang and Sam Evans. It's not canon, but we want to show our support of the ship. They sounded amazing together in 3 with the adorable Joe Hart. They are hoped to become a couple in Season 4.


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  • No bashing this ship. If you do not like the idea of Sam and Tina getting together, then please do not disrespect it. Otherwise, Grilled Cheesus will give you bad ju-ju.
  • No spamming. If you spam, well I can't really do anything about that, but don't SPAM, por favor!
  • Treat everyone with respect. No bashing Glee Wiki users and Glee characters. It's tempting, but no. Because I said so.
  • Nothing inappropriate. Nothing sexual. Keep this PG-13. And I'm talking Tyler Perry PG-13, not Jennifer Aniston rom-com PG-13.
  • No signing your name twice. If I see you do that, sh*t's going down.
  • You've gotta be a member to sign. But if you've actually managed to sign your name on here without having an account, despite it being virtually impossible, then maybe you deserve a spot for being that committed. Snaps for you.
  • This team is like the mob. Once ya in, ya ain't gettin' out. If ya tries to escape, Auntie Snix will go all Lima heights on ya.
  • Every once in a while, acknowledge the fact that One Direction exists and then weep for society.
  • If you're reading this, you will have acknowledged that the #2 is missing.
  • If you looked up to see if there was a #2 and that it was indeed missing, slap yourself upside the head, because I had actually used bullet points.
  • I love you all. Samtina feels the love.

Samtina Supporters

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Previous Signatures: 1 - 100

101. Punkprincess99


103. Love4kitty

104. Myers1978

105. Eugene limaheights

106. PhoebeGleek

107. Seddiefan1018

108. Smythe666

109. Ingrid-sora

110. LadyTayTay

111. Thegleeloser

112. GleeDegrassi

113. Urii.1506

114. Rotan

115. BryMac

116. ♥ IJustLoveKlaine ♥

117. Blindambitions

118. BlaineyBoo

119. And the shame was on the other sideWe can beat them, for ever and everThen we could be HeroesJust for one day

120. Klainerzgonnaklaine

121. I'm lucy caboosey!

122. Cabbiefan1018

Samtina Wishlist

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Sam Evans

Silver&Gold by Musiq Soulchild (suggested by @Aspiring)
When Sam & Tina start off as friends before realizing their feelings.

She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 (suggested by @Aspiring)
Sam wants Tina to know he loves her and sings this after her break-up with Mike.

I'll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men (suggested by @Aspiring)
Sam & Tina's first time.

Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin') by T-Pain featuring Yung Joc (suggested by @GinaSays16)
Also sung with Artie and Jake. Sam asks Tina on a date as Jake asks Marley and Artie asks out Sugar.

There Goes My Baby by Usher (suggested by @GinaSays16)
Sam experiences a sexual awakening. Tina is happy to help out.

Nothin' On You by B.o.B. featuring Bruno Mars (suggested by @BackToTheStart)
A duet with Artie. Sam wants to dispel rumors of him and a Cheerio by serenading Tina about how much he loves her.

Tina Cohen-Chang

Teenage Love Affair by Alicia Keys (suggested by @Aspiring)
Tina expresses herself to the girls about her feelings for Sam.

A Moment Like This by Leona Lewis (suggested by @Aspiring)
Tina sings this for Sam at prom.

Motivation by Kelly Rowland (suggested by @GinaSays16)
Sung with Quinn and Santana. Tina, Quinn, and Santana try to convince their significant others to make love to them.

Bring Me to Life by Evanescense featuring Paul McCoy (suggested by @TinaForever)
Tina's relationship with Mike is down the tubes when she realizes her feelings for Sam, so she expresses herself through song.

Together in a Duet or Group Number

No One by Alicia Keys (suggested by @Aspiring)
A duet they sing at Sectionals after Blaine comes down with laryngitis and breaks his legs after tripping down the stairs. (>:D)

Don't You (Forget About Me) by Simple Minds (suggested by @Aspiring)
Regionals song. They sing in lead vocals with solo lines from Sugar, Artie, Kitty, and Jake. Blaine's still in a cast.

Love the Way You Lie (Part II) by Rihanna & Eminem (suggested by @GinaSays16)
Competition song. Taking Blaine's place while he's healing

Why We Should Ship Samtina

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  1. Because if you blend their beautiful voices together, you'll get the most amazing eargasm in the world.
  2. Because Tina sang two wanky songs with Sam. One about a threesome and another about taking their clothes off.
  3. Because, before the monstrosity of character assassination that is Season Four, Tina and Sam were the sweetest and kindest members of New Directions.
  4. Because Sam's a hot blonde guy and Tina's a hot Asian gal. They'd be a hot couple. It works.
  5. Because they're BFFs with Blaine. And I'm sure Blaine would love it if his two best friends were bumping uglies pretties.
  6. Because as soon as we heard about "Tina's unexpected crush" spoiler for Sadie Hawkins, we all wanted it to be Sam... And Finn... and Hunter... and Lord Tubbington.
  7. Because Sam and Tina would be a hot couple. Thought I'd mention that again.
  8. Because Sam thinks Tina is "sort of hot" and if he were in a bunker with her, he'd totally hit that.
  9. Because Tina likes Sam's lips and thinks his impressions are adorably crush-worthy.
  10. Because Sam helped Tina prepare for the Diva Off and caressed her butt in the process.
  11. Because Sam was totally checking Tina out in the Hung Up performance.
  12. Because Sam allowed Tina to sit on his lap after Jake's performance of My Prerogative.
  13. Because Aspiring said so.
  14. Because while Mike did not like his arm wrapped around her during the pre-National huddle, she didn't seem to mind at all.
  15. Because they are super cute when dancing together (i.e Forget You)
  16. Because let's be honest, they would have adorable blonde ish Eurasian children (i.e, blonde Darren's)

Samtina Fanfiction

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Broadway Dreams (by @Ritter Sport)

Bonding Over Time Lord and Superheroes (by @JoshGleek24)

It Is You (I Have Loved) (by @kingofthebirds-wren)

Many Colors (by @AwakeningAngels)


Fade In Fade Out (by @Himaryan)

Appreciation (by @MyGlee66)

Wanna Grow Old (With You) (by @novel_concept26)

Samtina Templates

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{ { Cohevans } }
This user knows that Cohevans is inevitable

{ { SamTina } }
I think you're totally sorta hot. Like if I was in a bunker with you, I'd totally hit that

{ { LovesSamtina } }
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This user loves Samtina
{ { SamtinaDuets } }
This user thinks Samtina should sing more duets.
{ { SamtinaOTP } }
SamtinaOTP This user's OTP is Samtina.
{ { Samtinafan } }
Samtiner This user is a huge Samtina fan.
{ { Samtina } }
Samtinahug This user wants Sam and Tina to get together in Season Five.
{ { YouandMe } }
3 5 If you don't like the company, let's just do it, you and me...

Samtina Gallery

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Couple Alliance

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