Welcome To The Sebtana Team

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Rules For This Team.

Afores Santana Ends You and Sebastian's Dad Puts You In Jail

  • Respect other people's point of view.
  • If you don't ship Sebtana, please don't bash or vandalize this page.
  • You can't sign more than once.
  • No inappropriate pictures.
  • Any user that ships or likes Sebtana is allowed to sign.
  • Any other rules must be approved by an admin.


Sebtana by surfergirl3537-d4pnjkg

Welcome to the team dedicated to all of those amazing people who either ship Sebtana romantically, wish

Santana and Sebastian were friends, loved their rivalry, just as duet partners, or two smoking hot people who

just happen to have a lot of chemistry with each other. 


This user has been struck by a Smooth Criminal

  • Because they are made for each other
  • They are sarcastic, brash, brutally honest, snarky, intelligent, cunning, and manipulative
  • They both happen to be extremely attractive.
  • The had more chemistry in their first scene together than any other cannon couple
  • Sebastian is described as the male Santana.
  • They both go for the complicated and forbidden couples, Brittany and Blaine.
  • They are both naturally born leaders.
  • Their names both start with the letter 'S.'
  • They are both gay and had/have feelings with someone who's first name starts with a 'B.'
  • They are the head bitch in charge of their respective schools.
  • They met each other's match in Michael.
  • They sound amazing together.
  • They are both smooth criminals.
  • If they were both friends, they'd be unstoppable.
  • If they stayed enemies, it'd be the greatest rivalry on the show.
  • If they were both straight or bi and were together, they would be endgame.
  • If they were in Harry Potter, they'd both be in Slytherin
  • They use their charms to get what they want.
  • They're relationship movie is Mr. and Mrs. Smythe, a play on words for Smith.
  • Despite being cold hearted, they have both shown a softer side to them.
  • The only straight they are is a straight up bitch

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