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Welcome to the team that supports 'Shanecedes.' The relationship between Shane Tinsley aka "Big Bubba" and Mercedes Jones

Some people also rarely refer to them as Bubbacedes.

ஜ Introduction (Welcome!)

After two seasons, we need to see Mercedes in a real relationship. Kurtcedes and Puckcedes were both very one-sided; Kurt was completely uninterested in her romantically, and Puck was only using her for his popularity. Samcedes ended before it had even had the chance to begin. Shane seems like such a sweetheart and from the looks of it, he treats Mercedes with the love and tenderness that she deserves, after she has been searching for it for so long. If you support this team, sign below.

ஜ Team Rules

  • You must have an account to join.
  • You must not go around spamming other ships' pages.
  • You must not delete anything that you did not post yourself.
  • Respect other peoples' points of view.
  • If you don't ship Shanecedes, please do not bash or vandalise this page.
  • You must not sign more than once.

​Any other rules must be approved by an admin.



ஜ The Shanecedians


  1. Glee Rocks!- Talk To Me!
  2. LoserLikeMe
  3. SkySplitz
  4. Xoxgleek410
  5. Rampquicknow
  6. Erikbutler
  7. Just a Lucky Person
  8. Majorgleek3782
  9. DisneySparkles
  10. MoncheleGleek33
  11. Glee4Glee
  12. CharmStarz
  13. Gleek170
  14. Youngestgleek9
  15. Trae209
  16. Gleekonline101 says: Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?
  17. Peace, Love, Finchel -Goldstargleek-
  18. Did you love me? Yes, especially now.
  19. MayzzRC
  20. Shanecedes Rules, Deal with it. How was I not on this?
  21. I'vegottabeme
  22. gleekforever1018
  23. QuinnGlee
  24. Puckleberry,Quartie,Brittana - Talk & Blog ~GLeeLOVER
  25. SamQuinnGlee
  26. SamGlee
  27. QuinnSamGlee
  28. RachelGlee
  29. TotosLoveMeSomeQuam
  30. FinnRachelForeverYeah
  31. ChinaMcclain
  32. PEETA
  33. Foreverquam
  34. |Simple.PlanNER| 06:15, January 14, 2012 (UTC)
  35. LoveMeForMe
  36. Fabrevans2012
  37. Fabrevans
  38. KCisaGleek98
  39. Bridget96
  40. FabrittanaForever
  41. Devilsophie2
  42. Iloveklaine10
  43. Sibuna345
  44. Gleelovesquares
  45. Brittanaresoulmates

Fan Fictions



1.Hey Baby, (I think I want to marry you) By Glee Rocks!

2.Hey Baby, (I think I want to marry you) Part 2 by Glee Rocks!

In Progress

1.Hey Baby, (I think I want too Marry You) Part 3 By Glee Rocks!

The Help Team


For further information about our help team, refer to this blog. Voting is now open.

ஜ Templates

Without the spaces

This user is a huge Shanecedes fan.

{ {Shanecedesfans} }

Marcedes2 This user is a huge Shanecedes fan.

{ {Shanecedesfan} }

S&M This User Wants Cocoa Babies Now!

{ {CocoaBabiesRossi} }

Mercedes-and-shane Shanecedes we be togther forever no matter even sam is back

{ {Shanecedes1} }

Mercedes&Shane2,S03E03 This user wants to see Shanecedes get Married now!

{ {Shanecedes2} }

3034090243 1 21 5XM42yUB This user THINKS Shane just love looking at Mercedes .

{ {Shanecedes3 }

Glee303img7 This user thinks that Shane has a Lot to offer to Mercedes that why their good togther..

{ {Shanecedes4} }

Shanecedes I Love This Couple so much i going to die

{ {Shanecedes5} }

Rilker Love is not what the mind thinks, but what the heart feels

{ {Shanecedes6} }

Tumblr lruer6z3Ib1qjk19mo2 400 Shane and Mercedes to be Together Forever and Ever and Ever.

{ {Shanecedes7} }

TST2 Shanecedes is Endgame!

{ {Shanecedes.Rossi} }

This user loves Shanecedes.

{ { LovesShanecedes } }


Wish List

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