1. Listen up... RODRICK RULES! Sorry Greg and Manny...
  2. St.Berry
  3. Did you get my text? Yes... Well, you didn't text me back!
  4. Goldstarrach
  5.  핀첼팬노원 It's Korean!|  
  6. Takeshimakojun
  7. Blame It On The Alcohol Their Outfits are Black and Sparkly
  8. Gleeful I'm like tinkerbell, I need applause to live
  9. Jade: The Brittany Pierce Of The Glamzons~
  10. My outsides look cool My insides are blue I feel pretty, oh so pretty
  11. This could be the end of everything... So why don't we go Somewhere Only we Know?
  12. Q_RGleek Zombie Double Rainbows
  13. How Many times will it take to get it right?~
  14. Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?~
  15. I can show you the world I don't wanna see it
  16. Is it Love? I'm totally going to graduate now!
  17. Gleekjonleaheathernayadianna OTP: St. Berry
  18. Rigby Aww man! This sucks.
  19. Stronger (Than yesterday.)
  20. Fernanda Mouta
  21. Leaberryfanatic
  22. AllieNoob
  23. Heart attacks are just from loving too much~
  24. SweetPorcelain
  25. OTP: Finchel Crack OTP: Cohen-Pierce RL OTP: Leth
  26. --To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
  27. We are talented so they hate us
  28. FunnyFlyby
  29. heyhey
  30. StBerry2210
  31. Pbb021
  32. Finn+Rachel=love
  33. St. Berry Forever
  34. Kurtsies
  35. Pink.Emily23
  36. Koekeloere
  37. Hummelberry
  38. I'll Be My Own Savior
  39. GleekForever
  40. St.Berrylove
  41. Finn is sweet, but Jesse is charming. He was so much cuter with Rachel than Finn ever was & will be.
  42. FR faithfully
  43. St.BerryIsMyDrug
  44. Lyramon
  45. St.berrylover
  46. Quam, puckleberry, brittana, bike and tartie forever!!
  47. Quinny Fabray Twin...Living her Life...
  48. I'm on the right' track baby I was born this way!!!
  49. DoubleDivaLover
  50. Mrs. Puckzilla
  51. When You Have Sex With Someone Your Having Sex With Everyone They Had Sex With,And Everybody's Got A Random..
  52. --Courage is when you're in pain" But you keep on living, anyways
  53. St.Berry is the BEST SHIP EVER!
  54. leajonathanberrygroff
  55. Stberryismydreamship
  56. Just a Lucky Person
  57. EpicRomance
  58. MyManJesseStJames
  59. St.Berrylove <3
  60. St.Berry Foreva!
  61. Jesse and Rachel. It's not a possibility. It's an inevitability.
  62. Per3ylove - Talk
  63. Thechosenone99
  64. Petrificus14
  65. Ilovekurtandblaine
  66. QuamGleek
  67. missy free your glee
  68. Live Life! Laugh Lots! Love Forever!
  69. Samantha2337
  70. Quinn.Sam
  71. Queen Quinn
  72. Jannico
  73. Jugglini
  74. 525,600 minutes525,000 moments so dear525,600 minutesSeasons of LoveGoodbye Love, Glee+St.Berry
  75. -- I spill table all over my liquids!teehee --
  76. XChisuka
  77. LoserLikeMe
  78. D-Dizzle Charlie Swagron
  80. Your my river running high....Run deep run wild!
  81. RandomnessAndPuckleberryAndSeddieAndImmaGleek
  82. Fabrevans, St. Berry & Bike 4-ever
  83. Just fear me, love me, do as I say.
  84. Quamfan
  85. Sunshine-Supergirl
  86. Snickerz911411
  87. St. Berry c:
  88. Finntanalover99
  89. The Santana of The Beauty Crew-ty
  90. Love.
  91. Klainiac
  92. samekerpops
  93. My Idol Marissa von blecken
  94. TootieYost
  95. --{Triple C Threat} Chris Cory Chord
  96. Finchelgleek54
  97. QuinnQuinn
  98. Peridots
  99. Littlemissbrittany888 it's a hell of a lot better than Finchel.
  100. Jesse St Ninja

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