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aka The Asian Fusion Coalition, Chang-Chang, Cohen-Chang-Chang, Chang², Asian Lovebirds,, Mina, McTina Cohen-Chang-Chang and/or True Love.



Welcome to the team dedicated to the relationship of the beautiful Tina Cohen-Chang and the gorgeous Mike Chang. They enjoy tap-dancing together and just generally being awesome. When the other one is feeling down, they talk about their problems. When Tina is crying, you can usually find Mike wrapping his arms around her. When Mike is feeling unsure about his singing voice, Tina sings a duet with him that raises his confidence enough to accept the role of Frank-N-Furter. How cute are they? Also, they have stayed together for a whole two seasons, and they are the only couple in the New Directions who have done that.

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839; Tina & Mike
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"And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave, To the dark, and the endless skies."

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We should go to Asian couples therapy

Photo Gallery

Mina Motion Pictures

Glee- Mike & Tina-Count on Me ♥00:26

Glee- Mike & Tina-Count on Me ♥

Tina & Mike - May I03:46

Tina & Mike - May I

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