This is the page for the people who love Will and Emma and want them to be together. They are perfect for each other and the cutest couple on the show. It's impossible not to ship them.

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Reasons to ship Wemma

  • Emma convinced Will to follow his dreams.
  • Emma has always liked Will since the Pilot.
  • In Sectionals, Will finally made the realisation during My Life Would Suck Without You that this was how he felt about Emma. He looked extremely sad when she wasn't in her office and then when he found her, it was like a do or die now situation to stop Emma (his true love) from leaving Mckinley.
  • Will said he loved her "I Love You Emma" in Journey & because we know Emma loves him as well.
  • Will tried to help her overcome her OCD (A Night of Neglect & Born This Way).
  • Unlike Terri, Emma supports the Glee Club (Vitamin D, Sectionals, Hold on to Sixteen & Nationals).
  • No matter who they are with, they will always come back to one another.
  • Some things are worth fighting for (Journey).
  • In Journey when Emma told Will that she had a boyfriend (Carl), he said to her "this thing isn't over between us" and then they got back together again in Season 3.
  • The way they both look at each other.
  • In Mash-Up they danced together extremely well to I Could Have Danced All Night.
  • All Wemma fans know that she wouldn't have sung that if Will wasn't there (Mash-Up).
  • The Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me scene which took place in The Rocky Horror Glee Show.
  • When Rachel said "Have you ever liked somebody so much you just want to lock yourself up in your room, turn on sad music, and cry?," Emma looked over at Will and immediately related this to her feelings for him (Showmance).
  • When Emma sees Will wearing sunglasses she automatically finds them cool. (Mash-Up)
  • "Terri, Will is a good man. He's kind and generous... and he deserves a lot better than you." (Vitamin D)
  • Emma stated that out of all the crush worthy teachers in the school that Will would be number 1 with a bullet (Ballad).
  • Emma can't help but become a fangirl when Will sings (Ballad).
  • Will wants kids with Emma (The Purple Piano Project).
  • Will loves musicals & Emma's 1st choice for a wedding song just happened to be "I Could've Danced All Night from My Fair Lady (which is a musical) & Will also preferred her song choice to Ken's (Mash-Up).
  • Will defended Emma from her parents' horrible remarks about her OCD, he also said he wanted to learn how to pray in order to make Emma try & feel better again & even sang Fix You to Emma to comfort her (Asian F).
  • Out of all the relationships she ever had, Emma only trusted Will to take her virginity (Nationals).
  • New Directions ships them (Sectionals & Yes/No).
  • Coach Beiste and Sue ships them.
  • All of Emma solos so far have been sung about Will.
  • Because as of (Yes/No) they are getting married.
  • Because Emma wanted to marry Will so badly, that she nearly proposed to him herself (Yes/No).
  • When Will admits that he nearly committed suicide himself in On My Way, he states one of his reasons for being glad that he didn't was because then he wouldn't have met Emma.
  • Because of their flashback scene in Yes/No.
  • Because of the proposal scene in Yes/No
  • Because they've been through bad times together and managed to sort every problem they've had out since.


Featured Fanfiction of the Week:

TS wemmaFB (2)

Title: New Memories

Rating: K

Summary: Will and Emma hit a new milestone in their relationship. and Wemma continue to hit many milestones in their new life together.

Author: wemmagleek719

Extract: It was Friday evening and Emma was sound asleep on Will's chest, and Will laid awake and not able to think about anything other than the next days events. Will opened his nightstand drawer and pulled out a small red box and opened it to revel a diamond engagement ring. Will couldn't wait for tomorrow, and he just hoped all went well and she would say yes in the end. Tomorrow was also there 1st anniversary of the day they started dating.

The next morning Emma woke up and kissed Will on his cheek to try and wake him up, Will stirred in him sleep but didn't wake up. Emma then full out kissed him on the lips, if this didn't wake him up she didn't know what would.

"Wow now that's a great thing to wake up to" Will smiled

"Happy Anniversary" Emma said as she kissed Will again.

"Oh that's right I forgot" Will laughed as Emma playfully slapped his chest. Will pulled Emma's face close to his and kissed her "Happy Anniversary sweetie" Will said as he pulled away from there kiss.

"And if I was not mistaken you said you had planned out our entire day" Emma said with a smile

"Yes I did and I'm ready to start our day whenever you're ready" Will said and he knew that Emma was excited so he knew she would quickly get ready to go. But first part of the day was the special breakfast he had planned for her.

"Remember the first time we went to see Vocal Adrenaline and we shared a…."

"PB&J" Emma said smiling finishing Will's sentence

"Yes" Will laughed "So I know its not breakfast food but who cares" Will said as he went into the kitchen and grabbed two heart shaped PB&J sandwiches. They sat down at the dining room table and Will went to go take a bite from his sandwich when Emma stopped him.

"We have to do this right Will, if we are re-creating our first memory" Emma smiled and then cut her sandwich in half "You wanna go halfsies on a PB&J"

"I would love to" Will said as he grabbed her half and then he leaned in to kiss her.

They both soon got ready and headed to their first destination. Will opened the car door for Emma and then he got into the driver seat and he began driving. Will pulled into the parking lot of the school, and Emma looked confused. "Will what are we doing here?"

"You will see" Will said with a smile. Emma knew he had something up his sleeve.

They walked into the school and they stopped at Emma's office. "Four years ago, this was where we first met. I was walking to my first period class and saw you polishing your new name plate and I welcomed you to the school and I looked into your beautiful eyes and I remembered how pretty you were, and I instantly felt an attraction to you" Will said as he began walking to the next place.

They next went outside and went to a bench that was outside. "This was were I used my credit card to scrape gum off the bottom of your shoe, and where I also called you Cinderella."

They next stopped in the middle of the hallway. "This was where we shared our first kiss. I remember the kids were singing 'My Life Would Suck Without You' and I realized that I couldn't let you go, I knew I needed you in my life, and that was when I ran to your office and I panicked and thought I was too late when I saw your office was already packed up. I then saw you at the opposite end of the hallway wearing a green jacket and my heart nearly stopped and tears even started to fill in my eyes because I was so happy to see that you didn't leave yet. I don't even know how I managed to run up to you because my legs felt like jelly as soon as I saw you. I knew that was my chance to make my move so I didn't end up loosing you."


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