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ReasonsToShip Wildebrams

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  1. They are super cute together!
  2. Kitty helped Artie decide to go to film school, she even went to talk to his mom!
  3. They sing awesome duets.
  4. Kitty said she really likes Artie in front of the whole glee club.
  5. First Kitty relationship that we actually see their love onscreen!
  6. Artie's had his eye on Kitty since Wannabe
  7. Kitty's decided to date him despite what it might do to her image at McKinley.
  8. Artie's got a thing for blonde cheerleaders, and apparently they've got a thing for him too!
  9. Kitty got jealous of the Vocal Adrenaline girl dancing with Artie in Help!
  10. Before they got together they were always dancing and sitting together in glee club, even cuddling in Say
  11. According to Artie the raw animal attraction between them is undeniable.
  12. Artie is Kitty's first love.

Feel free to add more reasons or leave some in the comments below!


Wildebrams Cinema


Full Performance of "Drive My Car" from "Love, Love Love" GLEE02:12

Full Performance of "Drive My Car" from "Love, Love Love" GLEE

Full Performance of "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" from "Love, Love Love" GLEE02:29

Full Performance of "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" from "Love, Love Love" GLEE

Full Performance of "Signed Sealed Delivered" from "Wonder-ful" GLEE02:02

Full Performance of "Signed Sealed Delivered" from "Wonder-ful" GLEE

Wildebrams Pics&Gifs

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Wildebrams Shippers


  1. I'm the Hottest Piece of action at this School - Max is AWESOME!!
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  23. Tina Finn Fan :D
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  70. "All I've ever wanted to do is spend my life loving you"

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McTobin Shippers

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  1. DodgeballSantanaSpimax is AwesomeDiarySantana
  2. Dazaruz


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