Throat Explosion
ThroatExplosion CoA
Debut: A Katy or A Gaga
Type: Glee Club
Head: Jean Baptiste (Captain)
Institution: Unknown, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Status: Active

Throat Explosion is a Glee Club introduced in A Katy or A Gaga, the fourth episode of Season Five.


Season Five

A Katy or A Gaga

Will announces Throat Explosion as one of the teams competing against New Directions at Nationals. Immediately Blaine and Tina start worrying about them because Throat Explosion consists of a group of "outsiders," a niche that has made New Directions unique till this point. Additionally, Throat Explosion seem to be one of the best teams out there aside from Vocal Adrenaline and The Warblers. Will points out that New Directions has beat these teams before and that competing with good teams has the potential to make New Directions stronger by pushing them out of their comfort zones.

When Tina reveals that they will do Applause for their Nationals setlist, Will quickly interrupts the coming tension and says that it is a chance for the New Directions to become better.

City of Angels

Throat Explosion act as the New Directions' main competition at Nationals. Focused, committed and almost sadistically eager to win, they harrass the New Directions by poking fun at them and stealing Finn's plaque, despite the attempts of their leader, Jean Baptiste, to keep them in line. They book the auditorium for the night before the competition so that they can practice more, and kick out the New Directions to do so.

During the competition, they perform Mr. Roboto/Counting Stars, which gains the approval of the audience. They eventually manage to win the competition, beating the New Directions into second place. They seem ecstatic with the result.

Jean returns Finn's plaque at the end of the episode, assuring Sam and Blaine that the member responsible for stealing it has been kicked out of the group. 

Competition Setlists

Nationals, 2013





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