2009 photo of New Directions.

The Thunderclap is the name of William McKinley High School's yearbook. Each one can be found in the library and it is also certain that nearly every Glee club photo in the yearbooks has been vandalized.


Season One


It's time for the pictures to be taken for the 2009 Thunderclap, and Sue convinces Principal Figgins that Glee Club shouldn't have a photo. The Glee Club hold a meeting to look at past Thunderclaps, and after seeing how horrific the vandalism is on the glee club photos decide to not to fight the ruling. Will however decides to fight and writes a $325 check for a quarter page of advertisement space, which will allow space for two club members' photos.

Rachel isn't unnerved by the vandalism, and goes to look at the 2008 Thunderclap where she appears in nearly all of the club photos. Also in the library are Santana and Brittany who vandalize the Mock United Nations Club photo. Quinn watches them and after reflecting over the previous years' Cheerios photos with her front and center as captain, makes up her mind to be in the 2009 Thunderclap Cheerios photo. Quinn goes to Sue and blackmails Sue into giving the Glee Club one of the Cheerios' six pages. Sue reluctantly agrees.

The photos for the Thunderclap are taken by Dennis Halberstadt, who photographs Rachel, Will, Sue, Emma, Ken, and eventually the entire glee club.
1993 junior Prom

1993 junior Prom page


Terri tells Emma to look up the Junior Prom page (page 42) in the 1993 Thunderclap to prove to her that Hello Again was her and Will's prom song.

Season Three


During Tongue Tied a girl comes up to Rachel and gestures for Rachel to sign her copy of the Thunderclap.


Will writes in Finn's yearbook ("Dear Finn, great knowing you, Will Schuester") and Finn is a bit taken aback by the lack of emotion, Will admits he couldn't write an emotional message without falling apart.


  • Puck's name is given as Nathan in the 09/10 Thunderclap, but it is revealed to be Noah.