Tracy Pendergrass
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Occupations: High School Sports Reporter/Journalist
Aliases: Rerun (Sue, called twice according to him)
Family & Friends
Other Information
Interests: High School Cheerleading (possibly other sports as well)
Series Information
First episode: Home
Last episode: Home
Portrayer: Michael Benjamin Washington

Tracy Pendergrass is a sports news reporter. He made his appearance in Home, the sixteenth episode of Season One

He is portrayed by Michael Benjamin Washington.


Season One


In Home, he visits the William McKinley High School in order to expose Sue for being a fraud. However, when Mercedes Jones steps in at the pep rally to state that being on the Cheerios shouldn't be about being popular or "fitting in," by performing Beautiful, he decides not to expose Sue. When Tracy tells Sue this, she pretends that Mercedes' speech and performance were her ideas and claims that she wants everyone to feel accepted.

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