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June 3, 2011
  • I live in Everywhere
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is to be a nutritious fruit
  • I am A sexy banana
Welcome To Br0dxwerc's Userpage

Hi. Wazzup? 

About me: 

  • I is fifteen
  • I is Filipino
  • I loves potatoes
  • I dances constantly in the confines of my room
  • I am are music lover
  • I plays guitar (but can't sing :P)
  • I prefers earphones over headphones any day :3
  • Me is constantly bored
  • Me is constantly lazy
  • Me is constantly hungry
  • Me is constantly sleeping

Did I also tell you I was bad at grammar? xDD

My Favorite Characters

  • Noah Puckerman (loved him since the Pilot. Puck FTW!)
  • Quinn Fabray (I love her! Dude, seriously, how can you not? xD But I suspect her of being bi-polar)
  • Coach Beiste (BEST. TEACHER. EVER. Seriously, she'd make a better glee club director than Mr. Schuester ever was)
  • Sam Evans (Seriously underrated. I swear I turn straight when I see him. Which is weird in a good way)
  • Santana Lopez (DAMN SHE FYYYNE.)
  • Mike Chang (How can you not love friggin Mike Chang?!)
  • Artie Abrams (I don't know about you but I like a guy who wears glasses and insane talent)
  • Sebastian Smythe (I love Sebastian and all but he seriously needs to cut his hair! xDD)
  • Kurt Hummel (There are no words for his awesomeness)
  • Kitty Wilde (I'm a sucker for bitchy characters and I hope she stays bitchy forever. I like a girl with no vulnerablities. Her only flaw is her ability to predict the election)
  • Marley Rose (Yeah...people call her the New Rachel but I beg to differ. She's WAY better than Rachel if you ask me)
  • Jake Puckerman (Yup, he knows ballet. Suck on that! xDD)
  • Mrs. Rose (I wish I had a mom like Marley's. I mean, who doesn't!) 

Favorite Songs

I guess that's it.

And for your complete and utter inconveience here is a Faberrry gif:

Faberry kiss3

And this too:


My Favorite Couples

1. FUE (Figgins + Sue. That's right! Even though no one shares my enthusiasm and passion for this couple, to me they are meant to be :P)

2. Quick (Always and forever! Don't judge me!)

3. Faberry (I feel that this needs no explanation)

4. Quartie (When both of those Quinn ships above fail, QUARTIE)

5. Jitty (yeah, Kitty is obssessed with Jake. I find it sort of refreshing to see a really mean girl ready to tear someone's throat out for the guy she likes)

6. Brittana (well...who doesn't love Brittana?!

Well as you may have noticed most of them are Quinn ships but what can I say...she's hot and I bet you think so too :P

My Inspiration

I know this is weird but I feel that this needs a special mention. Okay, when I was little, I loved to dance so my mom enrolled me in ballet (yeah...I did ballet.) And guess what? I loved it. But I stopped because I didn't think I was good enough and also because I had to concentrate on school because let's face it, I'm not the smartest tool in the shed. I grew up and found my other passions like my love for music and my favorite animal, crocodiles (I watch a lot of Animal Planet okay :P) I still danced but it was mainly for school presentations and stuff and I watch a lot of Youtube videos of dancing. And on Youtube I came across a Brian Puspos video. I was blown away that somone could dance like that. Even if the first video I watched of Brian was a wanky video because it had some suggestive lyrical content, Brian uploaded  his new stuff on Youtube and I was surprised that he had such a passion and love for dance that I cried when I was watching one of his videos (not the wanky ones, I swear). It reminded me of when I was little and why I loved dancing so much. So even though my college course is marine biology (because I love animals especially crocodiles) I will never stop dancing. EVER. I will never stop pursuing my dance dream and same goes for everybody who wishes to do the same. 

Note: Brian Puspos is my dp. 

Remember: Live inspired, die fulfilled - JP Goldstein 

Peace out, KUBSKOUTZ !!!

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