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   First things first, I'll start things off with my name. Hello, I'm Ray Luis    Capalaran Jr. and I'm from Philippines, specifically Cebu. I'm
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Quinn and Puck

now a    graduating student in high school and a certified Scholastican. I have many reasons to be a proud Filipino, one is because of Sunshine Corazon. Charice is basically a Filipino. I like to watch foreign TV series. I have been watching One Tree Hill since I was 3rd yr. and still waiting for the release of its latest season. Basically because I don't usually watch it on TV. So, for the mean time, I watch Glee. Glee is an awesome TV series and a one of a kind. My classmates were the ones who first discovered Glee and I was very curious about it. One of my classmates encouraged me to watch it and just this last month, August, I finally got a DVD copy of the 1st season of Glee. It was pirated though, haha!

Gleeks :D

At first, I didn't seem to like it because I expected it to include these latest songs. But now, I'm already getting a hang of it! It's like my weekends isn't complete without watching even just one episode of Glee's first season. It's like I'm an addict. I didn't really like Rachel that much maybe because of her talking style. And she's too bossy... But I think she and Finn are an item. The best couple for me is "Puck-Quinn" tandem. Quinn's just so gorgeous. She's way prettier than Rachel, I just don't like her voice that much than Rachel's. Kurt should be with Mercedes, haha... Artie and Tina looks cool. Cooler than Will and Emma. I'm looking forward to have more fun and enjoying experience with glee that's full of the latest songs. Not the 90's. :D

My Top 10 Glee songs:

  1. Teenage Dream - The Warblers

    One of Us - New Directions

  2. Faithfully - Rachel and Finn with New Directions
  3. Hey, Soul Sister - The Warblers
  4. Marry You - New Directions
  5. Defying Gravity - Rachel and Kurt
  6. Valerie - Santana and New Directions
  7. Just the Way You Are - New Directions
  8. Don't Stop Believin' (Regionals Version) - New Directions
  9. One of Us - New Directions
  10. Bohemian Rhapsody - Vocal Adrenaline

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