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June 8, 2011
  • I live in the bay area
  • I was born on July 5
  • My occupation is i really don't know what to call it. i've done so many different jobs in the last 15 months.
  • I am currently serving onboard the uss enterprise…in the astrometrics lab ;)
General Information
Gender: female
Hair Color: sandy brown/dirty blonde and silver gray
Eye Color: hazel
Birthday: july 5th, 1776
Height: 5'7"
Aliases: d=g



the queen mum

Family & Friends
Family: Kat, Soph (twin daughters–Karatekid1018, Klainemomentsxoxo)

adam (brother–John Adam Alejandro)

maya (niece–ItAllRevolvesAroundKlaine)

rumble (niece–IAmRumbleRoar)

faye (niece-in-law––Colcrebor)

Q-Ball (WIFEY)

JW (biological cousin)

Other Information
Interests: presidential elections, san francisco giants, cooking, swimming, glee, the new normal, star trek
Education: los altos high school (graduated)

san jose state university (graduated)

Series Information
First episode: july 5th
Last episode: not for 437 years, i hope :)
Glee s3 countdown chain

this is my glee s3 countdown chain! yes, i am an obsessed glee dork!

a note: (as of 6/18/13) the current image that i use as my avatar is from a piece of fan art. I, IN NO WAY, CLAIM RIGHTS TO BEING THE ARTIST OF THIS IMAGE. the artist of my avatar is CBM. it is simply an image that i love and wish to share with others.

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This user has faith in the strength of the Klaine Relationship!

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gotta love the fashion of the 70s :)

hi folks! there's really not much to tell about myself. i am a thirty-something year-old gleek who lives in northern california. i am a rabidly passionate baseball fan (sfgiants 2010 ws champs!), i love to chat with my cyberfriends here on gleewikia, and i have a BA in political science with a minor in communication studies and an AA in both speech communications and liberal arts. oh, and did i mention that madly and passionately obsessed with glee? i am also grateful that i had the opportunity (twice) to see glee live in concert 2011–this is a must go to event. chris colfer is my king! sorry this is incoherent; i'll fix it up at a later time...

The Klaine Manifesto

EQUALITY: We Expect No More and We Will Accept No Less!*

* this manifesto that i keep repeating, i need to cite it. in no way is this my original work. this comes from the M*A*S*H* episode "Hepatitis," written by Alan Alda circa 1976, 1977. my manifesto is a take on a scene between cpt. pierce and maj. houlihan. in it, maj. houlihan says, "respect. simple respect. i expect nothing more and i'll accept nothing less." i just simply took the inspiration of the quote and applied equality to it and i tweaked it a bit. all credit goes to Alan Alda for being the original writer of this fabulous line!

My Wiki Friends (In No Particular Order)




Astormcomes (RIP Kerry–you will forever be missed)



John Adam Alejandro



Raindrops and Sunshine




more to come soon–i promise!

My Favorite Characters

  • kurt hummel
  • blaine anderson
  • burt hummel
  • dave karofsky
    Tumblr m74pxqIe0R1qbdpqqo6 250 (1)

    gotta love disco! :)

  • sam evans
  • santana lopez
  • brittany pierce
  • rory flannagan
  • noah puckerman
  • reed van kamp (in the fic "dalton")
  • shane anderson (in the fic "dalton")
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My Favorite Episodes (in no particular order)

  • saturday night glee-ver (all right…i have to admit that this is my favorite episode of all 4 seasons)
  • pot o' gold
  • the purple piano project
  • hold on to sixteen
  • extraordinary merry christmas
  • grilled cheesus
  • duets
  • the rocky horror glee show (the episode that started it all. it was the first one i ever watched!)
  • never been kissed
  • furt (minus the sue marrying herself plot)
  • special education
  • on my way
  • the sue sylvester shuffle
  • silly love songs
  • sexy
  • original song
  • born this way
  • rumours
  • prom queen
  • preggers
  • the power of madonna

My Favorite Songs (in no particular order)

Tumblr lvr1vyM1ou1qapg62o1 500
  • The entire soundtrack from Saturday Night Glee-ver–all 8 songs (My absolute favorite)
  • dancing queen
  • le jazz hot
  • gloria
  • teenage dream
  • born this way
  • my life
  • we got the beat
  • hey jude
  • wake me up before you go-go
  • i'm the only one
  • it's time
  • don't stop
  • uptown girl
  • into the groove
  • somewhere only we know
  • perfect
  • everybody wants to rule the world
  • ABC
  • ANYTHING from the warblers' album (except for bills, bills, bills)
  • for good (i love that rachel and kurt are singing about their friendship)
  • you can't stop the beat
  • losing my religion
  • ice, ice, baby
  • bad romance
  • hot patootie (aka whatever happened to saturday night? i'm a hardcore RHPS fan–okay?)
  • dong dong! the witch is dead
  • don't dream it's over
  • baby
  • misery
  • animal
  • do ya think i'm sexy?
  • it's not unusual
  • happy days are here again/get happy
  • i want to hold your hand
  • last friday night (TGIF)
  • to sir, with love
  • loser like me
  • and pretty much anything that kurt or blaine sings

My Favorite Couples




puckurt (in fanfiction)

kurt-mike (in fanfiction)

kurt-carson (in fanfiction)

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