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April 18, 2012
  • I live in Orange County, California
  • I am Male

Hi everyone! Gleek since season 3. Favorite song is "Night Fever" (take a listen! :). Favorite characters are Santana López, Joe Hart, Burt Hummel (Kurt's dad), Coach Beiste, and Maribel López (Santana's mother). Favorite couple is Brittana (Brittany + Santana). Favorite crack relationship is: Breadtana. Favorite friendship: Martana (Marley & Santana). Favorite GW chatters include Emma, Lena, & Sis. Thanks to HrseFntic101 (Molly) for setting up Night Fever on my page!

General Information
Gender: Male
Age: Dirt
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel (changes colour randomly; sometimes, each eye is different)
Height: 6' 5" (1.96m)
Weight: 247 lbs (109.75 Kg)
Address: 10 minutes north of Disneyland
Occupations: Failed dreamer
Aliases: JimCode3
Family & Friends
Family: Adopted; only (adopted) child [two blood half-brothers somewhere in the world]; adoptive father deceased
Friends: None yet
Employer: No comment
Other Information
Interests: Computers, music (playing and listening to)
Clique: Loner
Talent: Speak multiple languages
Vulnerabilities: Hatred, fear; sad pandas; people who can't handle rejection
Strengths: Love math
Weaknesses: bad grammar & spelling; rejection; use British spelling of words even though I'm American; use foreign words / sentences for no reason, randomly (sometimes without my knowledge, at first)
Series Information

2x09 - Brittany Patting Santana's Butt

I'm old, and I enjoy Glee. It brings back fond memories of my band geek & TV crew days at MDHS. Also, I was a music education major in college. Taught one year of junior high and one year of high school music.

Side-stepping the "Hollywood-ized" drama of the show (which is needed for good ratings), the story is good, the characters are solid, and the inter-character relationships are mesmerizing (both in "good" and "bad" ways). The show isn't afraid of talking about real things that we (as kids then) faced, and our kids now (today) face. You know: the stuff that you never told your parents? (But sometimes, they knew anyway ....)

Music matters more than anything (Naya and I have this in common). To explain how people relate, here's a musical analogy:

We are all notes on the Grand Staff of Life. Some people are harmonious together (major triad), some are very dissonant (minor 2nd / 9th), and are "perfect" together (perfect 4th / 5th), some are exact matches (same note, or octaves), and some bring trials and challenges but also guide us like a ray of hope (minor 7th). No matter what, everyone has his / her place.

Glee=1x10 - Brittany & Santana

Brittany & Santana

My Favorite Characters

Glee=05x12 - Brittany & Santana Quote

Brittany begging Santana back



Glee=3x16 - Santana Singing to Brittany -with Added Caption-

3x16: Saturday Night Glee-ver - Santana singing "If I Can't Have You"

My Favorite Episodes

My Favorite Songs

Absolute favorite:

Glee=2x20 - New Poster

Poster I "made" to counter the prom king / queen posted for Karofsky / López

Other favorites:

My Favorite Couples

Glee=3x16 - Santana & Brittany 7

3x16: Saturday Night Glee-ver - Santana & Brittany dancing together to "More Than a Woman"

Personal Beliefs

Glee=3x17 - Santana - Pointing -Cropped-

Santana López

My wife and I are straight allies; we volunteered for the "No on [California's] proposition 8" campaign and also VFE (Vote for Equality). As such, we are supportive of the story lines regarding "Brittana" (Santittany??) and "Klaine." We appreciate how deep and honestly the writers and actors dive into these stories, especially Santana's realizations (the "why I'm such a bitch" speech / "Hurt Locker" scene) and the (physical and emotional) abuse Kurt suffered from Karofsky. These are real situations that kids face daily, and they don't get acknowledged enough.

Glee=05x12 - Brittany & Santana Quote

Glee=05x12 - Brittany & Santana Quote 2

Glee=05x12 - Brittany & Santana Quote 3

Glee=05x12 - Brittany & Santana Quote 4

Glee=05x12 - Brittany & Santana - Kiss 01

Proof one can not give up hope for Brittana



Keep Calm And Ship Brittana


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Brittana are girlfriends, get over it!
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are soulmates.

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Brittana from the very beginning.

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