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April 24, 2011

Ahh, I've finally updated this. Yes, once upon a time, Kurtsies became unlazy...for 10 minutes. Yay! Well, howdy there. :D I'm a huuuge gleek. (Huge as in, so huge it's not healthy?)

Ok, well do people usually do this stuff? It's like talking to yourself. Ok, well, first of all, I'm relatively new. Actually, I've been one of those many mysterious Wiki contributors roaming around too lazy to make an account for a while. So don't be harsh on me. :P I"ve been on here only for about a month now, so I'm still catching on.

So, hmm...what about me? My Glee life: The only thing I look forward to on Tuesdays is Glee. Seriously, Tuesdays are the worst. I have no activities or anything on Tuesdays, but then I discovered Glee. :O I started watching on season 2, but I got the season 1 DVD and now I love it. :) Huge Finn hater. I know he's fictional, but he's just a horrible character, but for some reason, EVERYBODY LOVES HIM. What? Why? It's like how I feel about Bieber. But I'm not even getting into that. :) Yeah, I get pretty intense when I talk about stuff like that, so beware. :P Um...obviously, I love Kurt. I'm not even gay but I have some friends that are, and he's inspired me and them. I love St. Berry too. That being said, I'm in love with Jonathan Groff too. :D Best voice? I think so. I can go on and on about Glee, but I have a suspicion nobody wants to keep reading about it. If you do, then you should get to know me. :) Even if you like Finn. I won't long as, you know, you're not going to be rude about it.

My actual life: Because you know, I don't sit here all day searching Glee stuff...well, okay, on Tuesdays I might. But hey, Tuesdays are my Glee days. And yeah, I usually go to this site on my iPod to check up and get my gleekyness out. But ok, anyway, I'm Rosie. I'm big on photography. 80 words per minute typer, which is nerdy but I'm pretty proud of it. Somewhat of a dork. Ok, fine not somewhat--total dork. :B Haha. Love art & doodling. I play the alto saxophone. I play tennis and, don't mock because it's actually a sport, but I play ping-pong too. And pretty good at it, thank you very much. Hm, did I miss anything? Oh, did I mention I like Glee? :)

That's about all, really. for now. until I become magically original and make this more interesting, this is all you're getting. :)

My Favorite Characters

I love all the characters but here's some I really love. :)

  • Kurt Hummel (in case the username wasn't painfully clear)
  • Rachel Berry (insert gold star here. but I love her need for fame and her voice.)
  • Santana Lopez (best snarky comments ever)
  • Artie Abrams (<3 why they put their best dancer in a wheelchair I still do not understand. :|)
  • Brittany Pierce (funniest comments ever)
  • Sue Sylvester (best "villian" character ever. hey, she has her soft moments. did you NOT see funeral? :D)
  • Jesse St. James (I know he's not a main character but he's still one of the BEST. St. Berry ftw!)
  • Blaine Anderson (Klaine <3)
  • Lucy Quinn Fabray (Wait--let me be more clear. PREGNANT Quinn. There we go.)

My Favorite Couples

I ship a lot of things, but here's my favorites :)

  • St. Berry (Rachel and Jesse) - I'm a huuuge St. Berry fanatic, you've been warned. Down with Finchel, Up with St. Berry. If you're going to go ahead and say what a jerk he is, go ahead, I will defend St. Berry until you give up because I'm so annoying. Again, you've been warned. :P
  • Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) - Klaine is my happy place. Seriously, I know there's some people that only like Klaine because of Darren Criss but I can tell you I am NOT one of those people. I love Kurt and Blaine together since...well, since the first time they met! They are, IMO, the only couple, besides Tike, that's real and won't break up within the first 5 episodes. *cough cough Finchel*
  • Quam (Quinn and Sam) - Barbie and Ken! I love them together and hopefully they'll get back together soon...
  • Tike (Tina and Mike) - Asian sensation! Again, the only couple to have lasted an actual whole season! (Or, Glee-wise, a whole year. And I have no idea why this whole thing is underlined and I can't fix it. But it doesn't really mean anything. It's just underlined. :| And I can't un-underline it.
  • Bartie (Brittany and Artie) - They broke up. :( Don't get me wrong, I'm Brittana too, but you CAN'T say Bartie isn't cute. I mean, magic comb? Isn't She Lovely? She kept Artie happy and got him over Tina...but now Artie's...:(
  • Wemma (Will and Emma) - Get together already! Seriously. 2 whole seasons and they're only in the friend zone now.
  • Finn/Finn (Finn and Finn) - Finn deserves to be alone and single forever. He's a hypocrite, a horrible person, and just...ugh. I can't express how much I hate him.

Couples I Hate

There's a lot of couples I strongly dislike. But these few stand out from others :)

  • Finchel (Rachel and Finn) - LOVE Rachel. HATE Finn.
  • Kurtofsky (Kurt and Karofsky) - I'm sorry. But I love Klaine and I just really don't like this shipping. Maybe if Karofsky became nicer, but all the bullying he's done to Kurt...even though he's "confused", it doesn't make up for that. I know he already apoligized,

Nah, that's all. There's only two I REALLY don't like.

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