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November 27, 2011
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310px-Seblaine tfteisyf

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Hey, I'm Lexi. Welcome to my profile!

Favourite Characters

Brittany S. Pierce
StartMeUp1 StartMeUp2 StartMeUp9
StartMeUp7 StartMeUp8 StartMeUp3
StartMeUp4 StartMeUp5 StartMeUp6

Santana Lopez
ShowmanceS3 ShowmanceS1 ShowmanceS2
ShowmanceS5 ShowmanceS6 ShowmanceS4
ShowmanceS7 ShowmanceS8 ShowmanceS9

Quinn Fabray
ShowmanceQ5 ShowmanceQ4 ShowmanceQ6
ShowmanceQ7 ShowmanceQ8 ShowmanceQ1
ShowmanceQ9 ShowmanceQ2 ShowmanceQ3

Sugar Motta
SugarHeart1 SugarHeart2 SugarHeart3
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SugarHeart7 SugarHeart5 SugarHeart9

Who Are Ma Friends?

My friends, you ask? Ehm, well. These people are not ALL my friends, so don't be worried.

  • RandomRambler AKA Nadiah - One of my oldest, nicest friends. I love you with all my heart babe. So, okay that babe maybe let you look weird, but you know I love you. I love your legs and your beautiful back. You're amazing just the way you are. xxx
  • User:Cat5sparkles AKA CAT - I love you Cat. Cat is my bestie on this wikia. She's my twin. She's ma girl. NO ONE CAN TOUCH THIS BEAUTIFUL CREATURE ON EARTH <3. Love you Catt! Ma ma ma ma girl <3
  • User:JadeGagaOlly AKA JADEEEEE - Jadie is the most most most cute thing on earth! I LOVE HER HAIR. just sayin'. I kind of forced her to be my friend, but, WHO CARES. My Jiggly Jade since February 2012. ;) xxx
  • Sam Evans, you are crazy! Crazy about you. ♥ AKA Perry - Perry is one of my close friends. I love her! She's epic. We have the most weird, cute and awesome conversations ever. I love her icon. I do not know many ways to describe her, because she's so unique. Can I say that? Yes I can. Love you, Per Per <3.

  • talkSvwiki99blog
    AKA Sasha - Sasha. You wanted a speech about you with Emotion. Well, here it is. Dear Sasha, You're an amazing and nice friend, okay, soemtimes a little bit odd, but, okay, everyone is. You're amazing and even though I have never heard your voice I bet it sounds very very cool. You're one cool dude and never forget that. I love you and you're the Cream to my Icecream. La-la-la-love this. Do you have enough emotion? probably, yes. Okay Bye.

Brittana chocolate feeding

♥Fabrevans,Finchel, Brittana♥-♥I've Had The Time of my life♥! AKA Tiff - She's one of the most beautiful girls I am ever going to meet in my entire life. She's a great dancer, She's nice, she's sweet, she loves candy and she is a blonde, like me. I love you <3.

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My Ships

I ship Brittana because they are right for each other. Since the first time they appeared on screen together, they have been a duo.

I ship Seblaine because there is this click between the two of them. It's hard to explain, but I see them together.


Even better than the one before. Gonna party on 'till Santa grants my wishes.
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This Person Loves Brittana
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Sam and Quinn are Hopelessly Devoted to each other


So, Cat left, but one of the things she wrote about me makes me love her so much;
Okay, be prepared for a VERY long paragraph, because I have so much to say about Lexi. LOL Lexi is my twinseh. That's for sure. We have so much in common! She's the sweetest thing ever in the whole entire world. She makes me smile every single day, even when I don't talk to her. Lexi will forever be my GW bestie. <333 Lexi is so adorable, and she's just an amazing person. Everyday we always make each other laugh. I've had so many good times with Lexi in such a short time. I'm so happy I've found my twin, because basically, I've been searching forever for that one person, one person who I know is my twin. Lexi is so affectionate, and just so sweet. She tells me everyday that she loves me, and that makes my day. I feel the same way about her. I love her too much. She's just sooooo sweet. She always knows what to do when I'm in a "situation". So, what I'm trying to say here, is that Lexi is mah bestie. If you hurt her, or anyone on this list, I will get very mad. VERY mad. Anywho, if you haven't met Lexi, go make friends with her, because she rocks. <333 Love you, Lexi!




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