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October 3, 2010
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3 Years Ago

I joined the Glee Wiki as SuperGleek, a name that although sounds silly to me now, was a spur of the moment choice. I found the Glee Wiki first through Kurt Hummel's page where some "Wiki Contributors" were trashing him and I got all defensive and gave them a serve.

It is funny to think I have lasted 3 years as I remember that I share this anniversary day with Finchelfanno1 who I don't see as being active anymore. Other account such as KurtElizabethHummel and Team Doofensmirtz are also less prominent then I remember. I remember SkySplitz who I think was a mod and let me tell you, the mods were far less strict back then. I remember a phase where pornagraphic images were stuck as the background because some user (who's name I forget) was trolling us horribly.

I went through a phase were I was meticulous about the images on the website. I would upload episode screencaps and character photos, some that are still used (and others were removed -_- )

I also remember attending the first ever Glee Wiki Awards and being all excited when I Feel Pretty / Unpretty won several awards :D

I still love the Glee Wiki community. I know I haven't always been vocal but I am impressed with how the admins have improved the wiki (despite my criticism at times). When I started, it was a bit of a fire cracker. There was very little blatred but ship wars (Finchel vs Brittana) divided the Wiki.

So congrats to you guys and thanks for making my three years on the wiki so incredible. I am going to continue as a member until Glee ends which I hope is never :P You guys all have your own opinions and it is fantastic to be able to communicate with Glee lovers all over the world in a clean environment like this.

Again thanks for all the memories!!





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