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My Favorite Characters

My Favorite Episodes

  • Sssgif
    The Sue Sylvester Shuffle - This was the first glee episode I ever saw. I didn't watch glee before because I thought it was a remake of high school musical or something. When I saw this episode and heard Artie and Santana singing "Thriller/ Heads Will Roll" I fell in love witht he show and started watching from th very beginning until I caught up with the series. Now I can't get enough of the show!
  • Choke - I saw that Choke had the least views out of all the episodes of season 3, and that quite frankly sucks for those who missed it, because this was definitely the best episode of the season (in my opinion). I loved that Tina finally had some good screen time in an episode. The thing that got me the most was actually Rachel's audition. I started crying while watching it. Then I cried again when Rachel sang "Cry".
  • Blame It On The Alcohol - This episode is just all around funny to me.
  • Grilled Cheesus - Kurt and his dad made this episode for me. It made me really see how great of an actor Chris Colfer really is. I also liked this episode because it talked about religion.
  • Never Been Kissed - The Karofsky and Kurt story made this so amazing for me. Finally seeing the truth as to why Karofsky was always so mean to Kurt just made me so emotional.
  • Props - Of course I love this episode because it showcased Tina. Althought I didn't like how every made Tina
    out to be the bad guy for standing up for herself, nor did I like how Mike did not support her in any way, but instead talked about how good Rachel is, but it was still a really good episode.
  • The New Rachel - Great start to season four! I love that Rachel is going to really have to work extremely hard at NYADA. I love that Kurt will at least be there with her as well to help her get through it all! I love the new characters Marley and Jake! Marley's story is going to be really good, and Jake will definitely have a good storyline with Puck in the future! I loved Tina's bold new attitude! Although she was a bit too much of a bitch, so I hope she tones it down a little.
  • Asian F - I loved that we finally got a solo out of Mike, and a storyline! I loved Mercedes in this episode, finally standing up for herself! Brittany was amazing in "Run The World (Girls)" and I enjoyed seeing Quinn dance in that song as well! The Emma storyline was also very amazing! I almost cried watching it! And then when Will sang "Fix You" while we watch everyone get their parts in the school musical, and we watch Mercedes leave the New Directions, it was so sad.
  • Funeral - This episode was so dramatic! Sue's sister dying, Finn leaving Quinn for Rachel, just so much! I loved it!
  • Heart - This episode was so funny and sad. Mike and Tina's duet was great! I was so heartbroken with the Sam and Mercedes story, and when Mercedes sang "I Will Always Love You" it was amazing! I also loved the cover "Cherish/ Cherish" by The God Squad. I never thought Quinn and Mercedes would sound so great together!
  • Onmyway
    On My Way - Very heavy episode! Karofsky's story in this one was so deep, especially for me. Also, Quinn's wreck (although the minute I saw her driving, I knew it was going to happen) was so intense! Me and my friends were speechless.
  • Yes/ No - I just loved everything about this episode. Becky's voiceover had me dying of laughter!
  • New York - I loved everything about this episode! Especially Santana!!!
  • Born This Way - The Santana and Brittany story was good!
  • Bad Reputation - The Glist! Tina, Artie, Mercedes, Kurt, and Brittany were the only reason I really love this episode.

My Favorite Couples

  • Tike (Tina/ Mike)
  • Samcedes (Sam/ Mercedes)
  • Quindependence (Quinn)
  • Tartie (Tina/ Artie)

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