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April 6, 2012
  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on November 30
  • I am Female
Naya Rivera - Photoshoot (47)
ViennaTangAdded by ViennaTang

my name is Vienna Tang, and I am a 17-year-old girl! I'm from Holland but when I'm older I want to move to the USA and get there a job in a high building with my own office, a nice view would be nice to :P

I am a huge fan of Glee but I also like to watch other tv series like: Charmed, Pretty Little Liars, Lost Girl, White Collar, Legend of the Seeker and Nikita.

Love Britney Spears (since 2008), Cheryl Cole (Since 2010) & Naya Rivera. (Since 2011)

My Favorite Characters

  • Favorite Character #1 Santana Lopez
  • Favorite Character #2 Brittany Pierce
  • Favorite Character #3 Rachel Berry
  • Favorite Character #4 Quinn Fabray
  • Favorite Character #5 Blaine Anderson
  • Favorite Character #6 Noah Puckerman
  • Favorite Character #7 Finn Hudson
  • Favorite Character #8 Sam Evans
  • Favorite Character #9 Kurt Hummel
  • Favorite Character #10 Mercedes Jones

My Favorite Episodes

My Favorite Songs

DefendthestarAdded by Defendthestar
  • Favorite song #1 Songbird
  • Favorite song #2 Landslide
  • Favorite song #3 I Feel Pretty / Unpretty
  • Favorite song #4 Smooth Criminal
  • Favorite song #5 La Isla Bonita
  • Favorite song #6 The Boy Is Mine
  • Favorite song #7 Constant Craving
  • Favorite song #8 Cough Syrup

My Favorite Couples

HeYa (3)
ViennaTangAdded by ViennaTang

Brittana, because Santana is my favorite character and she's a bitch to most people but when she's with Brittany she's very nice and cute and I really like the way how this friendship grew into a relationship.

XIamAweSamAdded by XIamAweSam

Fabrevans, because I think they were a cute couple. Also I liked that they are both blonde and I think it's fun that people call them Ken and Barbie because they're both very pretty and blonde.

Finchel (5)
ViennaTangAdded by ViennaTang

Finchel, because they are just made for eachother altough I don't think they should get as much screentime as they have at the moment.

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