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Hey everyone! I am WildJackal. I don't have much to say. I guess here are a few things about me:

I'm 14 years old.

I love writing my own stories and books (even though most of my books remain unfinished.)

I'm afraid of talking to most people except for my close family members.

I can't go through life without at least one obsession.

I love food.

I can't think of much more right now.

Rachel in NY

My Favorite Characters

Rachel Berry


Tina Cohen-Chang

Cheerleader Tina

Kurt Hummel

Normal cco glee109 008

Artie Abrams

Artie rolls

Sam Evans


Quinn Fabray

300 glee lc 052510

Jesse St. James


My Favorite Episodes

  • Preggers
  • Ballad
  • The Power Of Madonna
  • Laryngitis
  • Theatricality
  • Duets
  • A Very Glee Christmas
  • Original Song
  • Rumours
  • Prom Queen

My Favorite Songs

(Season 1)

Pilot-Don't Stop Believin'

Showmance-Push It

Acafellas-Bust Your Windows

Preggers-Taking Chances

The Rhodes Not Taken-Somebody To Love

Vitamin D-It's My Life/Confessions Part II'

Throwdown-No Air

Mash-Up-Sweet Caroline

Wheels-Defying Gravity

Ballad-Endless Love

Hairography-True Colors


Sectionals-Don't Rain On My Parade


The Power Of Madonna-4 Minutes


Bad Reputation-Total Eclipse of the Heart

Laryngitis-Rose's Turn

Dream On-Safety Dance

Theatricality-Bad Romance

Funk-Give Up the Funk

Journey-Any Way You Want It/Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

(Season 2)

Audition-What I Did For Love

Britney/Brittany-Me Against The Music

Grilled Cheesus-One Of Us


The Rocky Horror Glee Show-There's A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place)

Never Been Kissed-Stop! In the Name Of Love

The Substitute-Singing In the Rain/Umbrella

Furt-Just The Way You Are

Special Education-(I've Had) The Time Of My Life

A Very Glee Christmas-Merry Christmas Darling

Comeback-Somebody to Love

Blame It On The Alcohol-Don't You Want Me

Original Song-Get It Right

A Night Of Neglect-I Follow Rivers

Born This Way-Somewhere Only We Know

Rumours-Go Your Own Way

Funeral-Pure Imagination

New York-Light Up The World

(Season 3)

The Purple Piano Project-You Can't Stop the Beat

I Am Unicorn-I'm The Greatest Star

Asian F-It's All Over

My Favorite Couples

  • Rachel/Jesse (Glee)
  • Kurt/Sam (Glee)
  • Tina/Artie (Glee)
  • Quinn/Rachel (Glee)
  • Andy/Angela (The Office)
  • Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory)
  • Britta/Jeff (Community)
  • Annie/Abed (Community)
  • Harry/Luna (Harry Potter)
  • Ron/Hermoine (Harry Potter)
  • Katniss/Peeta (Hunger Games)


This user is a huge Tartie fan.
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Artie and Tina can be happy together again.
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