Who is ready for Season Six of Glee??? We are counting down the seconds... Celebrate the premiere with your friends by cooking up this Glee-inspired menu. Have fun with it- even encourage your friends to dress up like one of the characters from Glee! (I call dressing up like Sue Sylvester). Enjoy!

You can't have a Glee party without breadsticks! So many great moments from the show happened at BreadstiX, so bake these homemade cheesy onion appetizers for your guests.


If only you could create real Grilled Cheesus Sandwiches in honor of Finn, but make these gourmet grilled cheeses instead. You can serve them as an appetizer or alongside the meatball marinara as your main course.


I think one of our favorite episodes of all time was the Brittany/Artie meatball episode at BreadstiX where Brittany admits that she had been practicing pushing meatballs with her nose like in Lady and the Tramp. Make these meatballs and recreate the scene yourself!


These butterscotch rollout cookies are not only incredibly delicious- but they are super cute when you cut them out and decorate them with a Glee theme. Create an activity for your party guests by baking the cookies in advance and letting them create their own Glee cookie with icing. Have fun with it!


Make these blended grown-up slushie (you can make them non-alcoholic as well). As a joke, throw the slushie on your first guest (just kidding!).


Marley slushie
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Do you have any tasty Glee themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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