Hey guys, its me: INA :D Okay, so many of you may or may not know me but "wassup?" Okay so I know a lot of fanfics are posted around the wiki and I get that some of you are probably sick of auditioning. But my fanfic it's not just about glee club, it's about superhumans. (Note: Superhumans are different from superheroes in the definition in my fanfic) It'll have action, drama, kick ass songs, great storylines, a little funny here and there, maybe a little romance and all around fun. If this won't convince you maybe the sneak peek wil. Enjoy :)

Sneak Peak of the Pilot

Adrian Collins looked bored as he explained for the 4th time, the Boston Tea Party to the class of bored, burned out class of 10th graders. He was yet again filling in for Mrs. Hoffman who was absent for the 3rd time this week.

He glanced around the room. The jocks were sleeping, the cheerleaders were filing their nails and reading Teen Vogue, the nerds were in a heated discussion about the new Star Wars coming out in 2015 and the rest were bums and burn outs staring out into space. It was obvious that no one was listening.

Mr. Collins rolled his eyes and said, “Okay, I give up. I’ll just give chapter 2 as homework and we’ll call it a day.” Then the PA system crackled to life. The voice of Principal Walter Johnson woke everyone up from their stupor.

“Adrian Collins, principal’s office. Now.”

Mr. Collins sighed and could hear the students rejoice at his absence. He entered Principal Johnson’s office which was sparsely decorated.

Mr. Collins sat down.

“What is this about Walter?”

“Here’s the thing Adrian, we need a director for the glee club.”

“We don’t have a glee club.”

“That’s why we’re making one.”


“Because Adrian, things are different now. Superhumans are dying out.”

“And how is a glee club supposed to help them?”

“We’re too different. We stand out. If we don’t train ourselves to control or vent our powers we will be hunted. We will be exposed. These kids have never experienced normal lives and a glee club is supposed to help them! They can experience glee club!”

“And you want me to be the director?”


“Are you hearing yourself right now Walter? A glee club…full of superhumans hopped up on hormones. I mean, you’re kidding me. If you wanted us to fit in why not let them have a drama club instead?”

“That’s too expensive! We don’t have the funds and besides…I have this sense that little firebreathing Asian kid is a drama geek and I worry that if she doesn’t get the lead, she’ll kill everyone in the school.”

Mr. Collins thought this over and shook his head. “That’s just insane.”

“Adrian, think about it. It’ll be fun. It’ll be like back when you were in high school.”

“When I was normal.” Adrian said bitterly.

“I know it’s not easy but who knows? Maybe you’ll like it!”

“You think having bat wings is easy?”

Principal Johnson raised his eyebrow in protest and his monkey tail sprouted from his desk. “You think being gay, Asian and having a monkey tail is easy?”


“Look, I’ll double your salary Adrian. Just do it.”

Adrian was broke and needed the money, how could he refuse? “Fine. When will I start?”

“Auditions are on Wednesday.” Principal Johnson dismissed Adrian silently.

Mr. Collins approached a sad looking Mark Di Angelo walk out of class. Mr. Collins caught up to Mark. “Mark, can I talk to you for a sec?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” Mark felt awkward talking to Mr. Collins. No one really knew him and Mark wasn’t sure he remembered his name.

“I need you to audition for glee club.”


“I need you to audition.”

“Um, thanks but no thanks Mr…”

“It’s Mr. Collins.”

“Mr. Collins, but I don’t even sing.”

“I know you can sing. Your mom told me.”

“You know my mom?”

“We were classmates in high school.”

“Right. But the point is Mr. Collins, I don’t know if I can.”

“Just audition Mark, please.”

Mark hated to disappoint. But joining glee club would be social suicide. “I’ll try Mr. Collins.” And he walked to his locker.

Mark thought about joining glee club and was seriously reconsidering it. Who knows, it could be fun.

Sammy Davis met up with Mark, his best friend and his only friend. Sammy Davis’ parents thought it would be funny to name him Sammy so he could have the same name as Sammy Davis Jr. for which he is ridiculed for.

“Hey dude. You wanna go to lunch?”

“Yeah, just a sec.” Mark gathered his things and as they were about to walk off to the cafeteria until a blue icy splash hit them in the face. Another reminder of why Mark shouldn’t join. It burned their eyes and they headed off to the boys room and cleaned themselves.

“Hey Sammy, I was wondering if we could join a club this year.” Mark said as he cleaned off the corn syrup from his hair

“Yeah, like what?”

“Glee club.”

“We don’t have a glee club.”

“Well Mr. Collins asked me to join and I was thinking we should do it. You know, for fun.”

“How is glee club fun? You know I can’t sing.”

“Just think about it dude. We could get popular. We could be different!”

“Different? Different how? The point in going to school is so that we could blend in.”

“I know but it sucks being tormented all the time. I mean, we just got slushies thrown in our faces. Normal people make fun of us for being the same and superhumans make fun of us for being different. It’s like an endless cycle of torment.”

Just then, Conor Granger and his band of jocks walked in and shoved Mark and Sam toward the sinks. The jocks laughed and Conor said, “Good thing I didn’t go full on Conor ass buster on you guys.” Conor and his jocks stepped out of the bathroom, leaving Mark and Sam trying to pick themselves up.

“I don’t know what you did to make your cousin hate you.” Sam mumbled.

“Me neither.” Mark said as he stared daggers at Conor’s retreating back. 

Audition Form 







Superhero name:




Audition Song:

What he/she likes to wear:


My Characters

Name: Adrian Collins

Age: 37

Occupation: Student

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Superpower: Has bat wings 

Superhero name: Chiroptera (look it up)

Origin: Adrian Collins was a normal boy who had a scientist who worked on bats for dad and a zoologist for a mom. They constantly bring their work home. In high school, he was popular and joined the glee club and on his graduation dinner, his mother accidentally replaced something in his food with his dad's chemicals and Adrian grew bat wings over night. He is tormented and ridiculed and was driven to near insanity when he found South Beach High School for the Gifted and now works as a subsitute History teacher.

Personality: He is charismatic, charming and a hot head

Clique: He's a teacher

Audition Song: He's a teacher

What he/she likes to wear: Ties and linen shirts

Portrayer: Max Greenfield 


Name: Mark Di Angelo 

Occupation: Student 

Age: 16 

Gender: Male 

Sexuality: Straight

Superpower: Power to control fire but cannot produce it 

Superhero name: Azar 

Origin: Mark grew up as a dancer and his mom made him take singing lessons when he was a kid. When he grew up, he developed his power for controlling fire and is able to withstand extremley high temperatures. 

Personality: Fun loving,headstrong, although shy, loyal,caring, and a goofball

Clique: Loner type 

Audition Song: Take You Down by Chris Brown 

Weakness: Low temperatures and people ignoring him and bullying him 

What he/she likes to wear: Hoodies, v necks and snapbacks 

Portrayer: Brian Puspos


Name: Sammy Davis 

Occupation: Student 

Age: 15

Gender: male

Sexuality: Straight 

Superpower: Telekinesis 

Superhero name: Cataclysm 

Origin: Sammy gained his powers when he was eleven years of age when he got angry at a neighorhood bully who was bullying him and accidentally threw him 50 yards away. Sammy was traumatized and never used his powers, refusing to get angry because it triggers his telekinetic powers. 

Personality: Shy, friendly, naive and sarcastic

Clique: Loner type 

Audition Song: Houstalantavegas by Drake 

Weakness: Getting angry

What he/she likes to wear: Plain shirts, his skinny jeans and his signature leopard print Vans, knit caps 

Portrayer: Ian Eastwood


Name: Summer Winters 

Occupation: Student

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi 

Superpower: Power to control ice although she cannot produce it 

Superhero name: Winterstorm 

Origin: Summers' family is a hippie family which led to her very ironic name. She hates it more than anything and which caused her rebellious attitude. Her powers came when she was born and there is no real reason how she gained them. 

Personality: Rebellious, sarcastic, narsassitic, hot headed (despite her power) 

Clique: Bad girls 

Audition Song: Fever by Joe Cocker (a slower version though) 

Weaknesses: People making fun of her name 

What he/she likes to wear: She can rock anything but she always wears her leather jacket and cross necklace 

Portrayer: Lucy Hale 


Name: Conor Granger 

Occupation: Student 


Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight 

Superpower: Super strength 

Superhero name: The Tank 

Origin: Conor's father was a football player and ate steroids to gain weight. He experimented with a lot of steroids using other chemicals and tested them on himself and his Conor. He created one accidentally and fed it to Conor and made Conor gain his super strength. The blue pill never worked on him when he tried to consume it and could not remember the chemicals and formula used to create it. 

Personality: Hot head, a little dumb, easily irritated and protective of his friends 

Clique: Jocks 

Audition Song: Burn It Down by Linkin Park 

Weaknesses: People insulting him, low grades

What he/she likes to wear: Jerseys and Nikes 

Portrayer: Chris Zylka  

Okay guys, I know I have a lot of characters but I promise you they play an important role in the episodes to come and I know these are my characters but they are no less important than yours. I know coming up with superhero names is tough but you can always go to google :) You can audition as many characters you want whether you've used them before in other fanfics or if they're new :) I'm going to be picking 11 characters and 5 recurring characters so happy auditioning :) 

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