I, do not like this episode. For many reasons which of some I am going to talk about. Not saying that there are parts of the episode that are good, because there are. I like how they talk about the dangers of having multiple sexual partners and the increased risk of contracting an STD or STI. That part is ok. But it's the part were they talk about religion and waiting for mariage to have sex. This isn't because of personal ideas, it's the fact that they probably intended to get across a goot message and create a lesson for the viewers. But I hate how christian this show can be sometimes. I feel like they try to pander to thier audience sometimes and talk about LGBTQ+ rights and racism but never pin the tail on the donkey, or like they have an alternative reason to be doing all of these episodes on all of these controversial topics. There are several other episodes that I think do this and I really could state them all, but that would take far to long. What I want to do here is see what other fans of Glee think about this and if they agree with me or not. I hope to have several discussings with people. So if you think like you would want to have a discussion, please comment. Thank you.

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