I know I'm gonna still have this, but... I WANTED TO MAKE A BLOG ANYWAY XDD So, here's my old profile page. Enjoy!

Hey everyone! I'm Cat, and this is my userpage! :D Contents [hide] 1 ©©© My Quote ©©© 1.1 "When in doubt...RICKROLL 2 ✌✌✌ Overview! ✌✌✌ 3 CAT About Meh TAC 3.1 Normal questions 3.2 Random questions that have been on my mind for a while 4 ▲▲▲ My Favorite Characters ▼▼▼ 5 ☆☆☆ My Prom Candidates ☆☆☆ 5.1 2011 McKinley High School Prom Candidates 5.2 Prom Queen 5.3 Prom King 5.4 2012 McKinley High School Prom Candidates 5.5 Prom Queen 5.5.1 Prom King 6 ❀❀❀ My Favorite Warblers ❀❀❀ 6.1 Ex-Warblers 6.2 Warblers 7 ☏☏☏ My Glee Ships ☏☏☏ 8 ✠✠✠ Ships I Don't Give an Elephant Named Barbra About ✠✠✠ 9 ❦❦❦ Ships on Other Shows, Movies, or Plays ❦❦❦ 10 ✉✉✉ Loving HeMo and BriPie ✉✉✉✉ 10.1 Heather 11 ★★★ My Favorite Episodes ★★★ 11.1 Episodes in general 11.2 Competition episodes 11.3 Tribute episodes 11.4 Party episodes 11.5 Episodes with a moral 12 ➌➌➌ An Amazing Puckleberry Scene ➌➌➌ 13 ☂☂☂ My Favorite Songs in Each Episode ☂☂☂ 14 ✐✐✐ My Wikia Friends ✐✐✐ 15 ☞☞☞ The Epic Battles ☜☜☜ 15.1 The Battle of Caura 15.2 The Battle of Dead Perry 15.3 The Battle of Mia Swier 16 ✿✿✿ My Favorite Couple Quotes ✿✿✿ 16.1 Faberry 16.1.1 Quote Number One 16.1.2 Quote Number Two 16.1.3 Quote Number Three 16.1.4 Quote Number Four 16.2 Klaine 16.2.1 Quote Number One 16.2.2 Quote Number Two 16.2.3 Quote Number Three 16.2.4 Quote Number Four 16.3 Brittana 16.3.1 Quote Number One 16.4 Puckleberry 16.4.1 Quote Number One 16.4.2 Quote Number Two 17 ❑❑❑ GALLEREH ❐❐❐ 18 $$$ TEMPLATES $$$ ©©© My Quote ©©©Edit "When in doubt...RICKROLLEdit - ME ✌✌✌ Overview! ✌✌✌Edit Now, I'm not really sure what need there is for an overview, but I thought it'd make me look cool... So, here goes nothing. I'm Cat5sparkles (no duh), but you can call me Cat or Nyan. I know. Very funny. Nyan Cat. I get it. By the way, while I'm making this page I'm playing that game... But anyway, yes. I'm Cat. If you call me anything else... ☻. But let's keep it practical, shall we? Now, on my message and talk page; if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all or I'll report you. Deal? Thanks. Also, here's the thing about tipping me off or arguing with me: If you do something that annoys me, I'll get a little...annoyed. If you do something to tip me off, I'll get a little mad. But if you do something to infuriate me, hands down, I'll hold a grudge. Luckily, that hasn't happened so far. :D I think that's a good overview, don't you? Okay, well, scroll down and you'll find bucketloads of Cat awesomeness. Bye! See you next time on ✌✌✌ Overview! ✌✌✌ CAT About Meh TACEdit Normal questionsEdit 1. What is my best friend's name? On the Wiki: Lexi <333 AND MORE! All my BFFs are awesome. Off the Wiki: I ain't telling you, but it starts with an E 2. What am I listening to right now? The birds chirping 3. What's my favorite number? Three 4. What was the last thing I ate? Uh... I think I had some vanilla wafers... 5. If I were a crayon, what color would I be? Electric watermelon or something like that 6. How is the weather right now? Sunny-cloudy 7. Who was the last person I talked to on the phone? My mom 8. The first thing I notice about the opposite sex? Their shoes or feet 9. Do I have a significant other? No :( 10. Favorite TV show? Glee, and if Glee's not on, Switched at Birth, and if Switched at Birth's not on, Misfits 11. Siblings? One older sister 12. Height? I think about 4'9 13. Hair color? Golden brown 14. Eye color? Dark blue 15. Do I wear contacts? No, but I'd like to 16. Favorite holiday? Christmas 17. Month? November 18. Have I ever cried for no reason? No 19. What was the last movie I watched? Some Disney movie 20. Favorite day of the year? November 16 21. Am I to shy to ask someone out? On a date, yes. To a dance, no 22. Can I do a headstand (not using the wall)? No 23. Hugs or kisses? Kisses 24. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla 25. Do I want my friends to respond to this? Not really 26. Who is most likely to respond to a text from me? My friends offline 27. Who is least likely to respond to a text from me? My cousin 28. What books am I reading? Two books for fun, two books for school 29. Piercings? No, but I'm getting pierced ears VERY soon, right Mom? 30. Favorite movies? I've always had a soft spot for the Shirley Temple movies, but definitely the one about Rocky Dennis 31. Favorite football team? Uh, the Colts.... HAHAHA! Who am I kidding? The New England Patriots! 32. What am I doing right now? I'm on Glee Wiki chat 33. Butter, plain, or salted popcorn? Salted popcorn 34. Dogs or cats? Cats and cats 35. Favorite flower? Chrysanthemum 36. Been caught doing something you were supposed to do? *looks down sheepishly* 37. Do I have a best friend of the opposite sex? On the Wiki: Yes Off the Wiki: Yes 38. Have I ever loved someone? Yes 39. Who would I like to see right now? My best friend 40. Am I still friends with people from kindergarten? Yes 41. Have I ever fired a gun? No 42. Do I like to travel by plane? I've only been on a plane once, so not really 43. Right-handed or left-handed? Right-handed 44. How many pillows do I sleep with? Three 45. Am I missing someone? Yes 46. Do I have a tattoo? No 47. Anybody on the Wiki that I'd go on a date with? ...No. Random questions that have been on my mind for a whileEdit 1. Do my eyes water when I yawn? Yes 2. How do I get rhythm? Your heart 3. Isn't it weird how the future is always only seconds ahead of us? Yes 4. Why does it take so EFFING LONG to make a TURKEY?! Because I'm a bad cook 5. When does it finally go from, "Is this really happening?" to "How can I make it stop?"? When you finally get bothered by it 6. Isn't it weird how your neck is holding up your head? Mm-hmm 7. Why am I hanging off the bunk bed with the fan remote in my mouth? Because I feel like it 8. Is this the no-pants pasta festival? I think so... 9. Where did this ice cream and pile of hardware magazines come from? Dumbledore and the magic ponies 10. Did I let Sam out again? ...YES-- 11. Why didn't the chainsaw in his trunk make me leave any sooner? Because I was intrrrrrrrigued 12. How did I get a rugburn from skimboarding? I dunno 13. Can you plug me in a like a toaster so I don't have to sleep? Sure! 14. Do you feel the carpet connecting and absorbing into your feet? Always 15. Is my hair bleeding? Hmm.... That's one for your father 16. Did you just say BRB then keep talking to me? Pretty much 17. Why are you dating a boy who's basically the equivalent of flaming, flying monkey shit? Cuz I need a prom date 18. Do you think I'm psychic or just really, really hungry? Psychic 19. God, where is the glue gun and the plethora of Darren Criss when you need them? In the Christmas closet, no freaking duh 20. Why don't you stop THREATENING to punt my dog, and actually DO IT?! Cause I'm lazeh 21. Okay... Who wrote "Caress Me Down" on the dry erase board? Everyone: TIMMY DID IT! 22. Why do I keep finding toothpicks in my gym shorts? Dad does the laundry, ask him 23. Why do you start speaking Japanese whenever he walks in the room? Because... 24. "How many times am I gonna have to tell you not to put your brother in there before you actually listen?" 100 25. Well, what would YOU have done if you had eight arms and a fanny pack?! I dunno 26. You know how in movies if you go back in time you can see what happened? Well, does that mean is occuring right now, just in another time??! I DON'T KNOW NOW GET OUTTA MY ROOM 27. How many 14-year-olds did you have to kill for that? No, seriously, how many? ...14? 28. Why are there play-dough eggs out here? Hehe... 29. What about "compound words" and "insulated attics" don't you understand? ALL OF IT! 30. Out of everything I said about the case, all you remembered was "Kermit the Frog"? Really? Uh, HELL yeah! 31. What kind of peanut butter did he say makes her have an anxiety attack? I think the peanuty kind... 32. Do you have small fingers? Yes 33. Does this shirt make me look cheap, or like I'm literally "ready to rumble"? Cheap... 34. How long do I have to massge your feet before you'll sign this? 10. Long. Hours. 35. Should we ask her to leave when she pulls it out, or when dinner's over? Hmm... Whichever happens first 36. So, what do you suggest, ladies man? *man's lady 37. How do heavy doors and strands of blonde hair relate? I dunno. How are lightning and above-ground pools in competition with each other? 38. Why did she think cutting off her baby toenail and giving it as a gift would prove anything? She's got a mind of her own, my friend 39. Who is "Elroy" and why do you insist on cramming blueberries into the 25 cent machine? Elroy is a man of mystery, and I am extraordinarily bored 40. Why are you watching infomercials on mute and sobbing to the Titanic soundtrack? This isn't okay. Me: *sobbing* Once more *sob* you open the door *sob* And you're here *sob* in my heart *sob* And my heart *sob* will go on *sob* and on *sob* 41. So, you're dressed up in that giant red M&M suit to win a 10 lb. bag of Canadian bacon? Yeah, got a problem with that? 42. How do I choose between a satanist and a plumber? ...I have absolutely nothing to say to that 43. At what point did you decide carrying around 7 bricks and your baby sister was a good idea? When she spit up on me, keep up! 44. So you honked the horn...and then she just started to strip? UGH OMIGOD THAT WASN'T ME WTF 45. Why did you even have your iguana that close to the a/c? Was the bus even close yet? ...Because, and no 46. How did you acciddentally leave a steak knife at the doctor's office? It fell outta mah pocket 47. How did you manage to scratch it with your head in there like that? I don't know 48. Do you not like me or are these cheese doodles just old? They're just old 49. Do you ever just feel like throwing all these naked photos and self-adhesive envelopes out the window and moving on with life? Yes, and again, that was not me, it was someone else 50. How did you fit the horse in there with all of those nuts in the way? Don't ask 51. She wanted you to do WHAT with the singing sunflower and gasoline? IKR?! 52. Did you want me to bring by a bucket of KFC for when we watch the exorcism? Uh, yeah, that would be good 53. Was I just invited to a home improvement convention, or did he just say mini-pony jail? Neither! 54. How many songs do you think say "baby" an average of every five words? Every song in the world 55. How do we find out the number one painkiller in Somalia? Secret allegiance 56. Is there another universe where I can try out the rototiller with more peace and quiet? No 57. Can I just have one card? I don't need the whole watering can. Um, sure? 58. Hey, man, did you want the number three or the truck bed? Cuz I have neither. THE TRUCK BED! 59. WHO TOLD I DON'T EAT FRIES WITH SALT WATER? Timmy 60. Can I help you, or are you just going to keep saying "eight eight eight eight eight" all day? Eight eight eight eight eight 61. How is that even relevant when we were talking about sodium's impact on green? I dunno 62. Did you want it to say Squeegy Me or Squaggy Me? Neither 63. So was it the rubber ducky collection or the packages of saltines lining the kitchen that made you want to leave? Um, the saltines, definitely 64. Why does reading the Sears catalog's section on fridges and housewares make you feel less nauseous? I do not know 65. Why do you have a torch and a stack of pancakes? Cuz I do 66. How do you go about supplanting rumors of simultaneous death and taxation without representation? It's magic 67. Is REERR the sound that the angry cat makes or that the scanner makes? Angry cat 68. Should we meet up after they finish tossing radishes at each other or when the neighbor's tree house is finally burned down? After they finish tossing radishes 69. Did you see the grey hair or the spaghetti sauce? I don't wanna talk about it Well, I think those are all the random questions I have in my mind, so yeah. :D ▲▲▲ My Favorite Characters ▼▼▼Edit Brittany Pierce (Favorite Character) Kurt Hummel Kitty Blaine Anderson Santana Lopez Mike Chang Quinn Fabray Noah Puckerman Rachel Berry Brody Weston Marley Rose ☆☆☆ My Prom Candidates ☆☆☆Edit 2011 McKinley High School Prom CandidatesEdit Prom QueenEdit I nominated Lauren Zizes for 2011 McKinley High School Prom Queen. Prom KingEdit I nominated Noah "Puck" Puckerman for 2011 McKinley High School Prom King. 2012 McKinley High School Prom CandidatesEdit Prom QueenEdit I nominated Santana Lopez for 2012 McKinley High School Prom Queen. Prom KingEdit I nominated Brittany Pierce for 2012 McKinley High School Prom King. ❀❀❀ My Favorite Warblers ❀❀❀Edit Ex-WarblersEdit 1. Kurt Hummel 2. Blaine Anderson 3. Pavarotti 4. Wes Warblers Edit 1. Sebastian 2. Nick 3. Jeff 4. Trent 5. David 6. Thad

☏☏☏ My Glee Ships ☏☏☏Edit Faberry (OTP) Klaine Samcedes Brittana Puckleberry Fabrevans Bartie Flamotta Blainchel {C Flevans I also ship Kurtbastian a bit, as well as Rake (Rachel and Mike) and Tike (Tina and Mike) and Wemma (Will and Emma). Also, I think green is good... for the planet xD Oh, and I also love Quartie and Artchel <3 As far as friendships go... I love the Faberry, Puckleberry and Raine friendships. Totally. I also love Furt, Kurtcedes, Rachcedes, Quinncedes and Rachcedes. Murtchel (Mercedes, Kurt and Rachel) rocks, as well as Furtchel (Finn, Kurt and Rachel). The Unholy Trinity is my favorite friendship, especially because me, Tiff and Lexi consider ourselves TUT <3 Pezberry, Pieberry and Quintana work best as friends, as well as Pinn and Quick. You gotta love Brittanacedes (Brittany, Santana and Mercedes), as well as Sugarittanacedes (Sugar, Brittany, Santana and Mercedes). Suester is a rocking friendship as well, as well as Beister and Sylbieste. But besides The Unholy Trinity, Faberittana is an amazing friendship too <3 YAY! xD And last but not least... food ships. Quacon (Quinn and Bacon) Totcedes (Mercedes and Tater Tots) Puffle (Puck and Waffles) Breadtana (Santana and Breadsticks) Fondittany (Fondue and Brittany) ✠✠✠ Ships I Don't Give an Elephant Named Barbra About ✠✠✠Edit Finchel (Frankenteen and Rachel) Fabson (Finn and Preggers) Quoe (Jar Jar Banks and Quinn) Shanecedes (Chocolate Thunder- Shane and Mercedes) St. Berry (Jesse and Rachel) Quick (Quinn and Puck) Puckcedes (Puck and Mercedes) Pucktana (Puck and Santana) Puckpierce (Puck and Bicorn <3) Mattana (Matt and Santana) Mattcedes (I kinda think this is cute, but it doesn't matter anymore, cuz Matt fell of the cheek of the Earth) Brike (Mike and Brittany) Sugartie (Sugar and Artie) Del Schuester (Terri and Will) Carma (Carl and Emma) Shelster (Shelby and Will) Shuck (Shelby and Puck) Seblaine (Sebastian and Blaine) Kurtbastian (I ship Klaine 100 percent, but I'm up for new experiences... Oh yeah, Kurt and Sebastian) Kurtofsky (Kurt and David) Finntana (Ewwwww, Finn and Santana) Fritters (Whatever da fuq that is -.-) Pezberry (Santana and Rachel) Pieberry (Brittany and Rachel) Quinntana (Quinn and Santana) Quaine (Quinn and Blaine) Blaintana (Blain and Santana) Quike (Quinn and Mike) Pinn (Puck and Finn) Hevans (Kurt and Sam) Beister (Beiste and Will) Suester (Sue and Will) Beiper (Beiste and Cooper) Sueper (Sue and Cooper) Tartie (Tina and Artie) Kurtany (Kurt and Brittany) Kurtana (Kurt and Santana) Blam (Blaine and Sam) Samtana (Sam and Santana) Sack (Sam and Puck) Sinn (Sam and Finn) Furt (Finn and Kurt) Wilchel (Will and Rachel) Artchel (WTF AM I SAYING I SO SHIP THEM ARTIE AND RACHEL <3)

❦❦❦ Ships on Other Shows, Movies, or Plays ❦❦❦Edit 1. Naley on One Tree Hill 2. Bemmett on Switched at Birth 3. Sathan on Misfits 4. Barbin on How I Met Your Mother 5. Romione in Harry Potter 6. Harriny in A Very Potter Musical 7. Dumblebridge in A Very Potter Sequel 8. Peetniss in The Hunger Games 9. Bedward in Twilight ✉✉✉ Loving HeMo and BriPie ✉✉✉✉Edit

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HeatherEdit I made this section on my profile page, because I truly and absolutely adore Heather Morris. She's so amazing, and I look up to her. She's definitely my favorite actress on Glee, and I couldn't love Brittany more than I do. Britt makes me smile everyday, and I really hope she graduates next year. I'd love to see her marry Santana and start a new life with her as a dancer. I love HeMo so much, and I hope that when Glee's over, she'll find some great acting, dancing, and singing jobs.

★★★ My Favorite Episodes ★★★Edit Episodes in generalEdit 1. Dance With Somebody I love the episode Dance With Somebody because the writing was great, the songs were great, the costumes were great, the storyline was just epic. There were parts that made my cry, like the Klaine fight and Chandler, some parts that had me moving and grooving, like I Wanna Dance With Somebody, and parts that had me jumping for joy, like the Pezberrry friendship. My rating for this episode? A+ 2. Furt Furt... Finn and Kurt are brothers now, and while I loved what Finn did for him, that doesn't change how I feel about Finn. Eww. And I thought that the Rachcedes dance was cute, and I thought the wedding scene was absolutely amazing. I loved watching them perform Marry You, because I love Bruno Mars' music. I think the guys (well, not Finn) did great while they fought Karofsky. I was all, "PUNCH HIM IN THE NECK!" xD My rating for this episode? A+ 3. Extraordinary Merry Christmas Yes, yes, I know... Another holiday episode. Well, I love this one because I thought it was very lighthearted and sweet. There was a Blainchel duet, a Pinn duet and a Brittany song. And I absolutely adore the scene at the homeless shelter, is it? Hmm. Well, I thought the Fabrevans friendship was cute, and I thought it was cute when Rory was reading to all the little kids. But my fave part of the episode was the Christmas special. I loved how it was in black and white, I loved the laugh track and such, and I loved how Klaine was the focus the whole time. Just great. And if you wanna see the epic SIMGM version, well, here it is: Epic SIMGM Christmas Spoof My rating for this episode? A+ Competition episodesEdit 1. Journey I think this episode is really touching and VERY dramatic. I mean, let's start from the top. So, we have the scene at Mr. Schue's house: not AS dramatic as the other scenes, but still very sweet. Same goes for the Will-car-Journey scene. Next... REGIONALS! So, Quinn goes into labor to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody... Best scene ever. I loved that scene, it was great. NEXT... They lost, WTF?! Then... AWW BETHY-BOO. xD 2. Original Song Well, one thing's for sure... FABSON. I'm a hardcore non-shipper of Fabson. Absolutely... Ugh. I'd much rather prefer Faberry or Finndependence. BUT I DO SHIP KLAINEKLAINEKLAINEOMGKLAINEKLAINE! And Regionals was epic. I love the original songs and I love the Warblers and I just love Klaine. OOH CHERREH REFERENCE. And the Faberry fight was angsty and Quinn was a little too mean for my liking, but there's a million ways Faberry could've been having a secret relationship and it was just acting within the acting? Hmm? No? Okay. Boo. :( 3. Hold On To Sixteen This competition episode is really great, and there are a few things in particular that I like about it. First? The Faberry friendship scenes. I am a Faberry shipper, I'm sorry. xD You'll have to deal with my fangirlings over Faberry scenes. Anyway, I think the Faberry friendship is sweet in this episode because they genuninely care about each other, like sisters, (but I can dream of romance) and I like how Rachel is like Quinn's conscience, trying to convince her that telling Figgins about Shuck is wrong. Next? SAMMEH EVANS! YAY! I thought I was going to die of Sam-loss. I'm so happy that he's back in the club, but upset that he wasn't a main character again. Chord... What's wrong with you? And last... Britt, Mercedes, Santana, and Sugar are back in the glee club! Yay! Tribute episodesEdit 1. Theatricality The tribute to Gaga, Lady was spectacular. All the songs, all the costumes, all the storylines... Just fantastic. The first storyline, the one about Kurt being bullied because of his Gaga wear, was very sad for me, because Kurt is so sweet and I hate seeing him get hurt. My dislike for Finn grew even more when he wouldn't help Kurt, and then when he said the f-word about him... I literally exploded. And then I spent the next hour or so venting to my cats about how upset I was. Thank GOD for Burt kicking the Hudsons out. Anyone who says things like that to Kurt earns my total hate. Except for Dave. He's cool now. And Puckosaurus. The second storyline, the Shelby-Rachel one, was sad as well. I understand Shelby's intentions, but I couldn't help but feel bad for Rachel. I mean, how would I feel if my mother didn't want to get to know me? I would be miserable! But I thought the thing about the gold-star cup was cute. And the last storyline, the Beth storyline, was the sweetest of all. I loved how Puck's soft side came out when he serenaded Quinn with that beautiful song, and then how he asked if they could name their precious little girl Beth. So sweet. And might I add, Kurt had the best Gaga costume. ;D 2. The Rocky Horror Glee Show Okay, this one was a personal favorite of mine because it was Hallowen! Yay! But, I liked this one the most because it was just great, without having a reason. This episode made me laugh, this episode made me get up and dance, but this episode was just a really free-spirited episode, and for that it will be a favorite of mine. I also liked this one particularly because there was no drama. It was all fun, Rocky Horror awesomeness. 3. Michael This episode was awesomeeeeeeeeness because MJ is da King o' Pop, and nothing will ever change that. I thought that Sebastian throwing that demented slushie at Kurt and having it accidentally hit Blaine was just enough drama for me to break out the Kleenex and cry my freaking eyes out. Did I like Sebastian at that moment? HELL no. Did I think it was ironic because they have an enforced no-bullying policy at their school? Um, yeah! But I still think that it was an overall good dramatic scene. Smooth Criminal was amazing. Those cello players are great. So beautiful and haunting... And Santana got the whole thing on her underboob. Bravo, San. The last scene was my favorite because Black or White is just such a great song, and I thought it was really cool how they morphed their heads into one another. But I thought it would've been funny to see Tina all of a sudden turn into Rory. But sadly, she wasn't there. -_- Party episodesEdit 1. Blame It on the Alcohol THIS EPISODE WAS HILARIOUS. xD The total package. Drunken glee kids (IT TASTES LIKE PINK! PINK!), Angry Drunks (I had abs before you got me pregnant!), a Blainchel kiss and duet (Your face...tastes....awesome) AND an amazing song (My's about headbands). I thought they all did a very good job pretending to be drunk, and while the Tik Tok scene was gross, I still thought it was well-written. I also thought the scene where Sue replays Mr. Schue's drunk-dial was so... Sue. 2. Prom Queen P to the R to the OM. This prom had everything. First? Gronchele/St. Berry. I think their voices sound great together, and I think they did a wonderful acapella version of an Adele song. Second? Samcedes. The prom-on-a-budget was adorable, and Sam is so sweet. He gave Mercedes everything she wanted in a prom, and I thought that was super nice. Sam: Mercedes, I just wanted to say that you look beautiful tonight. Mercedes: Thanks. Sam: Would you like to dance? Mercedes: I'd love to. < AMAZING. Third? The Fabathroom scene. The second sign of Faberry friendship was when Quinn and Rachel had that angsty scene when Quinn slapped Rach and apologized. Then Quinn said that Rachel had everything going for her, and Rachel said Quinn was the prettiest girl she'd ever seen. (I liked it when she said it better than when Finn said it) Fourth? KLAINE. KLAINE. KLAINE. The Klaine dance AND prom picture was so adorable, and they both looked cuteeeeee while doing so. 3. Prom-asaurus Another prom episode. I didn't like this one as much as the other one, but there were still a few things I liked about it. The first was more Faberry. I thought it was so sweet how Quinn ripped up all the other votes and made her BFF prom queen. HER dream. What used to be HER crown. She gave her last chance at being prom queen, which she probably would've gotten, to someone who was so much less popular than her, but was still her best friend. Next, the Brittany scenes. Brittany is my little bicorn and I love her. She's so cute and innocent and funny and she will forever be my favorite. I WUV YOU HEATHER! But anyway, I think Dinosaur is a great theme for a prom, and I can only imagine my prom will be based on that, although it probably won't. And last, Gelaine. I love seeing Darren without hair gel, and I think he looks super-hawt with his fuz. Episodes with a moralEdit 1. Mash-Up I think that this episode was grrrrrreat because of PUCKLEBERREH <333, which I am a pretty big shipper of, and the moral of this episode was that opposites attract. I think that this was a great moral because, well, Emma was engaged to Ken, Puck wanted Rachel, and Ken and Emma both wanted completely different songs to be mashed up, and even though they couldn't, they still tried, right? 2. Rumours This episode was very dramatic. There was a Fabson fight, angsty Faberry ineraction and Brittana. Lots of great Fleetwood Mac songs, plus, April Rhodes came back. I would've loved to see her all-white version of The Wiz, though. Hmm... But, the moral of this episode was that rumors are wrong. I think that gets the point across clearly because of the stupid Muckraker. 3. Choke Okay, this episode I actually really didn't like. But it had a moral, and that moral was that domestic violence is a big no-no, especially with kids. I do not like Cooper at all, and Shannon is so sweet. She doesn't need a guy like him. I hope they give Beiste a soul mate, who would never hit her or yell at her like that. ➌➌➌ An Amazing Puckleberry Scene ➌➌➌Edit This is a Puckleberry scene from an amazing Faberry FF I'm reading. In this FF, the chapter is based on the episode Rumours, and instead of Finn going on the stakeout with Rach, it's Puck, because instead of Fabson, it's Faberry. Also in this FF, Puck and Rachel are best friends, and it's adorable when the author puts Puckleberry scenes like this in. Anyway, please enjoy! "There is no way in hell that Mario Kart is better than Super Mario Brothers, Rachel, and I am not going to sit here and listen to your opinion on this mater, okay!?" Puck screamed at her as they sat in front of Sam's motel again. "Geez, calm down, Noah. I merely suggested that there is a possibility that it is better, okay?" "No, it is not okay, alright? That would be like me saying that The Wiz is better than Wicked," he said, and Rachel let out a loud gasp. "Oh, no you didn't." "Yeah, I did." he reiterated. "You're damn right I did... My point is, Rachel, stick to the things you know." She smiled at him and his Broadway reference. "You're right. Noah." she agreed, and he smiled smugly at her. "But you don't really think that The Wiz is better than Wicked, do you?" "I don't know," he answered honestly. "I just threw a couple of plays out there and I knew you liked Wicked from all the times I heard you moan about it in glee club..." She smiled at him for his attempt. "But that's not even my point. My point was, don't try to talk about stuff you know nothing about, okay?" "Okay," she agreed, still smiling at the fact that not only did Noah Puckerman ue a Broadway reference, he used it correctly--even though she wasn't quite sure he meant to use it correctly. "I love our friendship, Noah." "Yeah, yeah... Get sappy later. Right now, I want to talk about Super Mario Brothers and how it changed--" "Oh, my God." And that's all I'm going to give you. ☂☂☂ My Favorite Songs in Each Episode ☂☂☂Edit Pilot Showmance Acafellas Preggers The Rhodes Not Taken Vitamin D Throwdown Mash-Up Wheels Ballad Hairography Mattress Sectionals Hell-O The Power of Madonna Home Bad Reputation Laryngitis Dream On Theatricality Funk Journey Auditiion Britney/Brittany Grilled Cheesus Duets The Rocky Horror Glee Show Never Been Kissed The Substitute Furt Special Education A Very Glee Christmas The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Silly Love Songs Comeback Blame It on the Alcohol Sexy Original Song A Night Of Neglect Born This Way Rumours Prom Queen Funeral New York The Purple Piano Project I Am Unicorn Asian F Pot O' Gold The First Time Mash Off I Kissed a Girl Hold on to Sixteen Extraordinary Merry Christmas Yes/No Michael The Spanish Teacher Heart On My Way Big Brother Saturday Night Glee-ver Dance With Somebody Choke Prom-asaurus Props Nationals Goodbye

✐✐✐ My Wikia Friends ✐✐✐Edit {C {C {C {C These are my friends on Glee Wiki. They're the people on the wiki that I most absolutely care about and love. I feel so incredibly lucky to know all of these people. If you're not on here, please don't get offended. It doesn't mean in any way that I don't think of you as a friend, I just don't want this list to get too long. I have an overly long user page, anyway. :P Anyway, if you hurt anyone on this list, I will go all Lima Heights on you, and let me tell you, when I'm mad at someone, it's never fun for me or you. So, for modesty's sake, please don't hurt any of my friends.


General Information Gender: Female Age: 15 Hair Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue Birthday: November 16 Height: 4'9 (I'm pretty short :P) Occupation(s): DA COOLEST EIGHTH GRADER ON DA BLOCK Aliases: Catherine (Lena) Cat (Everyone) Kitty (Raven and a few others) Twinseh or twinnie (Lexi) Catty Poo (Tiffy) Sparkie (Jackie) Sparkles (Sis) Catz (Emma and Jade) C4T (Jade and Lena) Cat Sistaaaaaaah (Cherry) Cat Miarren Hating Bud (Sarah) Family & Friends Family: IRL: Mother, father, sister Wiki: Rachel - grandmother 
Jade - mother 
Shan - mother 
Lena - mother 
Molly -mother 
Raven - uncle 
Kerwin/Max - maid 
Danny - uncle 
Tiff - niece 
Sarah - niece Relationships: Darren Criss (make-out sessions) Louis Tomlinson (spouse, in love with) Sophia Bush (crush; one-sided) Friends: Emma Hayley Jade Rachel Lexi Laura Perry Cherry Lena Shan Glen Molly Sis Kerwin Sarah Raven Jason Nemo Soph Tiff Pet(s): Two cats Other Information Interests: Singing Acting Dancing Math Basketball Clique: Gleek, basketball person Talent: Basketball, singing, acting, dancing Strengths: Friendliness, humor Weaknesses: I'm kinda annoying, and sometimes I make awkward mistakes Awards: One five-year dance award, and one third-place trophy for making an epic Veteran's Day poster. Series Information First appearance: November 16, 1997 Last appearance: NEVAH! Portrayer: Moi <3 • Lexi Okay, be prepared for a VERY long paragraph, because I have so much to say about Lexi. LOL Lexi is my twinseh. That's for sure. We have so much in common! She's the sweetest thing ever in the whole entire world. She makes me smile every single day, even when I don't talk to her. Lexi will forever be my GW bestie. <333 Lexi is so adorable, and she's just an amazing person. Everyday we always make each other laugh. I've had so many good times with Lexi in such a short time. I'm so happy I've found my twin, because basically, I've been searching forever for that one person, one person who I know is my twin. Lexi is so affectionate, and just so sweet. She tells me everyday that she loves me, and that makes my day. I feel the same way about her. I love her too much. She's just sooooo sweet. She always knows what to do when I'm in a "situation". So, what I'm trying to say here, is that Lexi is mah bestie. If you hurt her, or anyone on this list, I will get very mad. VERY mad. Anywho, if you haven't met Lexi, go make friends with her, because she rocks. <333 Love you, Lexi! • Jade Where do I start with Jade? Um, let's see... Ah, yes. Lexi's my twin, but Jade's definitely my little sister (I'm older than her by a year <3). I've had a lot of good times with this girl. Funny moments, emotional moments, and just great moments. Her computer and I are, like, BFFs. Forever. BFFFs, in that case. Best Friends Forever Forever. Our two favorite inside jokes? Number One: Lollipop/Moxi/Ryan/Max. Number Two: WILDFIRE <333 Yeah, Jade rocks. I'm so lucky to be friends with her, and if you're friends with her too, consider yourseld just as honored, because she is an amazing friend, an amazing sister, an amazing mom, weirdly enough, and an amazing person. <3 • Tiffany Tiffy Poo! Tiffany is the most adorable, loving niece I could wish for, and I love her to pieces. I love our nicknames for each other: I'm Catty Poo, she's Tiffy Poo! AWW <3 Me, her and Lexi are like the Unholy Trinity! Out friendship name is either Taxi or Tatexi :P I'm Brittany, Tiff's Quinn, and Lexi is Santana. I'm so happy I got to know her more, because this is a friendship I'm gonnna want to hold on to. <3 • Lena Lena's my wiki-mom. She's so friendly, and she's a hugbug. She's so sweet, and so charming, and I just couldn't resist how understanding and kind she was. Lena is amazing, and I love her so much. I hope she knows that I'll always be here for her. She's just the best wiki-mom I could ask for, and she makes me smile all the time. Me, Jade and her are like the Unholy Trinity! xD • Emma Emma is one of my closest friends on here, one of my bestest friends on here, actually. She's so sweet, and just so kind. I can always confide in Emma. We always have so much fun together, and she is just an awesome friend to me. I always know that Emma will always be here for me, and for that I love her even more. • Hayley Stripper Hayley is another one of my closest friends. She is so funny, and so nice, and I love her so much. Hay is mah kitty-bud, and we will always be close like dat. KITTY POWERS, IGNITE! • Rachel Rachel is very, very, VERY forward about wiki ships. Like, Catgo, and Caura. But even though that can annoy the hell outta me, she's still a good friend of mine. She makes me laugh all the time, and I think 'she's my niece or something. Or my grandma? Whatever. She's either my niece or my grandma. • Laura Laura is soooo awesome. She's my Caura-hating friend. :P We always have great conversations, and we have a lot in common. Whether it's Louis Tomlinson, Faberry or Harry Potter, I always know that she'll get what I'm saying when I mention something about that. Laura is really great, and I hope continue to keep talking! • Perry Perry is Perry. We both know we'll have to live with each other, but we also both know that we love each other, and we love teasing each other. Perry is there for me (most of the time) when I'm blue, and I return the favor for her. She is the creator of Caura, and just because of that me and Laura will forever be teased about it, and I cringe whenever I hear the song Call Me Maybe. But Perry and I are usually on the same page, so I still love her. • Cherry MAH SISTAH! Cherry is my sister, and it seems like we never talk, but we do. We always PM each other and have corny coupley "NO I MISSED YOU MORE" arguments. Cherry is the sweetest thing ever, and you could never hate her. • Shan Shan is awesome. She's so sweet, and so quirky. I just think she's a super person. I think it's adorable how she and Jade are so in love, and I am a hardcore Shade shipper. Shan is so caring and she's literally just an awesome person. • Glen Glenny is super great. He's one of my best friends on here, as well as my little glomp-monster. :P I've have so many great times with this guy. He's NOT my brother, or my wiki-brother for that matter, but he will always be like one to me. • Nemo Nemo is the sweetest. She's so kind, and I love her to death. Nemo is a fellow Directioner, and she's one of the people on here who knows what I'm talking about when I say that I date guys who like girls who eat carrots. xD But yeah. Nemo's amazing, and I'm proud to be her friend. • Molly Molly is one of my wiki-moms on here, the others being Lena, her wiki-love, Jade and Shan. But Molly's a reallly awesome, really cool mom. Not one of those lame moms who picks you up from school with curlers in her hair (no offense to anyone who has moms who do that, just trying to make a point, I actually think moms like that are cool). So, yeah. Molly rocks. • Sis Sis is a good buddy of mine. She always knows how to make me smile, and I like people who do that for me. We always have a true connection as friends, and I hope that connection will always stay positive. No negativity. I am a hater of all things negative. • Kerwin Kerrity Ker is a great guy. I don't have anything but praise for him. He's so sweet, and so caring and just... He's just so kind. I hope that we'll be friends for a long time, because this is a friendship that means a lot to me. • Sarah Now, I have a lot of things in common with Sarah. But one thing that we have in common the most is that we both HATE Mia Swier. Whether she's Darren's girlfriend or not, we will always hate her. But anyway, I always have a good time with Sarah, so for that, she's great. • Raven < He is my birdie. I am his kittie. And he's a very close friend of mine. Raven's amazing. He's so nice, and he always cheers me up. I mean, two people who have animal names are destined to be friends, even if the animals they're named after contrast. Like, do YOU think a cat and a raven would get along if they were put in a room together? Didn't think so. • Ryan OMG RYAN! :D Ryan is my rumble buddy <3 We're both competing in the same TGP fic, Project: Glee. And we both love a good rumble. You know, rumble? Like a fight. Drama makes it better. :P You should seriously talk to this guy, he's so awesome. :D • Jason RANDOM BUDDEH. Jason is so nice. He cares about my feelings, he makes good conversation, and he's SO funny! xD I know a lot of people give him a hard time on this wiki. But I don't agree with them, whether they're my friend or not. All the crap people give him... It's not true. He's so sweet, and he's so caring, and he's a close friend of mine. I don't care if you don't like him. All that matters is that I like him. • Soph I'm still getting to know Soph, but already I know she's a really nice girl. I like talking to her, and she's an amazing artist, too. On her user page, there are pictures of some of her drawings, you should check it out. Soph is a really ncie girl, and I consider her my friend already. :D • Tots Tots is my Totcedes bud. I love Tots because she's a fun, sweet unicorn who is a lover of Totcedes and Tartie. I'm so glad I get to know Tots, because I love being friends with her. Plus, always remember... Tater Tots. • Nadiah Okay, so Nadiah is a really nice person, and even though I'm still getting to know her, she's my friend already. Nads is a VERY, VERY random girl, but she's also a really kind girl. Two things I like in a person. :D • Ina Ina! What can I say about this girl? Ina is so random and funny, she makes me laugh all the time with her random comments. Yeah, Ina's great, she's already a good friend of mine. :D •Luke Luke is a fairly new pal, but he seems really cool! I even gave him a brownie. ;) xD I hope he liked it! But yeah, I hope we get to talk more! • Jack Just like Luke, Jack is a pretty new friend of mine. But still, he seems very friendly and awesome, and I hope to get to know him better.

☞☞☞ The Epic Battles ☜☜☜Edit As you may know, when I'm bored, I make someone become my special helper and we carry out my awesome mission. I've only done two battles so far. Here they are: The Battle of CauraEdit In this secret mission, mah Hay-Hay was my special assistant. Glen, Rachel and Perry were teasing me about Caura again, so I made up an awesome plan to distract them. I told Hayley that I would fly to the moon and hide in a moon-crater while my friend IM (Iron Man), who is a wrestler, fight three people. The three peeps were Glen, Rachel and Perry. IM beat all of them. Then, he, Hayley and I went to an epic intergalactic restaurant for something to eat. It was pretty amazing. The Battle of Dead PerryEdit In this secret mission, my wiki-mom, Lena, was my special assistant. Apparently, she and I accidentally shot Perry in the heart to get ice cream from someone. I, for one, missed Perry and wanted to bring her back to life. You may know that I have superpowers. I got them from Dumbledore, because I was in an RV that crashed into Hogwarts. I wanted magic powers, but Dumbledore made me go to school for seven years. I gave him cake if let me skip the seven years and just give me magic powers. Anyway, I went for a year. I snuck into the boys' dormitory and stole the Resurrection Stone from one Harry Potter. To bring someone back to life, you must flip the Resurrection Stone over three times in your hand, and then all Perry's loved ones would whoosh into him. Unfortunately, it didn't work. The Battle of Mia SwierEdit In this secret mission, Sarah was my helper. We both LOVE Darren Criss and we both HATE Mia Swier. So, I bought a black van. We hopped into the van and found Mia Swier's location (she's rumored to be Darren's girlfriend *gasp*). She was at: McDonald's. We went inside and shot her, then we ordered to McMeals for each of us. We put her in a knapsack, drove to a lava river, and Sarah kicked the bag into the river. Then, we found Darren's location. He was at: Build-A-Bear. Aww! We fangirled over how ADORABLE Darren was. ...GET HIM!!! We got him in the van, drove back to PM and made out with him. We lived on to tell our grandkids his story. It was AWESOME. ✿✿✿ My Favorite Couple Quotes ✿✿✿Edit FaberryEdit xD For this one, I actually have four... Quote Number OneEdit Rachel: (checking her cheek) Most girls would be upset about getting slapped in the face, but....I happen to appreciate the drama of it. (gets a paper towel) Quinn: (leans against the sink) know you think it's hard to be you, Rachel, but at least you don't have to be terrified all of the time. Rachel: What are you so scared of? (offers paper towel to Quinn) Quinn: (takes the paper towel) The future. When all this is gone. Rachel: Look, you have nothing to be scared of. You're a very pretty girl, Quinn. You're the prettiest girl I've ever met Quinn're a lot more than that. - Rachel and Quinn, Prom Queen Quote Number TwoEdit Rachel: Hey, Quinn. (turns to Quinn's friends) Uh, hello...skanks. Ronnie: Your friend stinks of soap, Quinn. Rachel: (to Quinn) We were friends once. Okay, and maybe when you cut off all of your hair last year and thought it would solve all of your problems, I should've spoken up. Maybe when you dropped out of society and started dating that 40 year old skateboarder, I should have said- Quinn: I'm not coming back to glee club. Rachel: We need you, okay? Have you seen those purple pianos around school? We're planning this big recruiting and it's a tribute to the Go-Gos. I mean, who doesn't love the Go-Gos? Sheila: I prefer The Bangles. Rachel: Okay. We need your tremulous alto and your Belinda Carlisle glamor. The Mack: I'll give you ten bucks if you let me beat her up for you, Quinn. Rachel: I’m sorry you’re so sad, Quinn, and maybe you’re not going to believe me because we were never really close but I’m sad not seeing you in the choir room and we’ve all been through so much together, we’re a family, and this is our year to get it right. We would love to have you back in the Glee club, whenever you’re ready, okay? - Rachel and Quinn, The Purple Piano Project Quote Number ThreeEdit Rachel: I know everyone expects us to be enemies and in competition, but I don't hate you. Quinn: Why not? I've been awful to you. Rachel: That was before you knew what it felt like to be me. An outsider. More people are gonna start finding out about this (she points to her belly) and you're gonna need friends who can relate. Quinn: How can you relate to what I'm going through? Rachel: You don't think people whisper about me in the lunch room or draw pornographic pictures of me on the bathroom walls? Quinn: That was me, actually. Rachel: Look, I don't agree with the choice you're making, but you're gonna need glee. You have seven months of your youth left. You should enjoy it. And let's face it, in a couple of months, that cheer leading uniform isn't gonna fit and we're gonna be all you have left. Just come back to practice. Boys versus girls. It's fun. And we could certainly use your voice right now. You're actually a good singer, Quinn. Occasionally sharp, but that's just because you lack my years of training. Quinn: I would have tortured you if the roles were reversed, you know? Rachel: I know. - Rachel and Quinn, Vitamin D Quote Number FourEdit Rachel: Well, my suspension is officially over. It'll still be on my transcript, though. I'm just hoping that the admissions department at NYADA see it as a sign of my artistic, rebellious attitude. Quinn: Good luck with that. Rachel: Are you going to go tell Figgins about Shelby? Because I still think it's a really terrible idea. Quinn: I came here to talk to you, actually. To tell you I'm not going to tell. Rachel: Why? Quinn: Because I love Beth, and I don't want to ruin her life. I wanted to thank you actually. Rachel: For what? Quinn: For keeping me from doing something stupid. Something I would have regretted my entire life. Rachel: ...We're kind of friends huh? Quinn: Kind of. What do you think about Yale? Rachel: Oh no no. I had my sights set on NYADA. Quinn: No, for me? I'm not the singer that you and Kurt are but Yale has an amazing drama program and I really do like to perform. Rachel: Yeah! Quinn: I certainly would nail all the parts where the girl has to cry. Rachel: [laughs] No I think it's a great idea! I'm especially since you won't have me to compete with. ...You're a lot better than you know. Quinn: Well..I'll see you at glee club. Rachel: Wait, w-where are you going? Quinn: There's a couple people I need to talk to. Rachel: Ok well, I don't know if you need help with your Yale application.. Quinn: Not with the Yale application but um, there is something you could do for me. - Rachel and Quinn, Hold on to Sixteen KlaineEdit Pfft, I only have FOUR again for this one! Quote Number OneEdit Kurt: Oh, excuse me! Um, hi, can I ask you a question? I'm new here. Blaine: My name's Blaine. (they shake hands) Kurt: Kurt. (smiles) - Kurt and Blaine, Never Been Kissed Quote Number TwoEdit Courage. - Blaine to Kurt, via text message, Never Been Kissed Quote Number ThreeEdit Kurt: Why did you pick me to sing that song with? Blaine:: (nervously) Kurt, there’s a moment you say, "Oh, there you are. I’ve been looking for you forever." (places hand on Kurt's) Watching you do Blackbird this week, that was that moment for me... About you. (pause) You move me, Kurt. And this duet would just be an excuse to spend more time with you. (leans in and kisses Kurt, then sheepishly) We should... We should practice. Kurt: (smiles) I thought we were. (kiss again) - Kurt and Blaine, Original Song Quote Number FourEdit Kurt: But what are you promising? Blaine: To always love you. To defend you even if I know you're wrong. To surprise you. To always pick up your call no matter what I'm doing. To bake you cookies at least twice a year and to kiss you whenever and where ever you want. Mostly to make sure that you always remember how perfectly imperfect you are. I know it's not something Elizabeth Taylor would've worn--- Kurt: I love it. I love you. Blaine: Merry Christmas, Kurt. Our first Christmas together. Kurt: The first of many. - Extraordinary Merry Christmas, cut scene BrittanaEdit Quote Number OneEdit Santana: What I've why I'm such a bitch all the time. I'm a bitch because I'm angry. I'm angry because I have all of these feelings. Feelings for you, that I'm afraid of dealing with. Because I'm afraid of dealing with the consequences. I want to be with you. But I'm afraid of the talks and the looks. Still I have to accept...that I love you. I love you. I don't want to be with Sam, or Finn, or any of those other guys. I just want you. Please say you love me back. Please. - Santana to Brittany, Sexy PuckleberryEdit Quote Number OneEdit Puck: Wanna make out? Rachel: Sure! - Puck and Rachel, Mash-Up Quote Number TwoEdit Rachel: This cheese smells funky. Puck: That's 'cause it's fromunda cheese. Rachel: Shut it, Puckerman! - Rachel and Puck, Funk ❑❑❑ GALLEREH ❐❐❐Edit

Rule, Brittana! xD


  • sigh* It was nice while it lasted.

I quote Santana, "So freaking charming."

Sooooooo hot.


I just... I dunno. :P

They. Are. So. CUTEEE! <333

They make no sense, but they sound delish.


Faberry is my OTP. I don't care what other people say, I believe in this ship.


I got sucked in.


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$$$ TEMPLATES $$$Edit

Added by Quick4eva Faberry is the relationship between Quinn and Rachel, which has had its ups and downs. In the show Quinn and Rachel are frenimies, but off the show Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn, and Lea Michele, who plays Rachel, are really close friends. In interviews Dianna even says that her and Lea use to live together. This started rumors of romance between the pair, fans gave them the name achele. Then, on the Glee tour Dianna switched her normal t-shirt, from the episode Born this Way, for one that said "Likes Girls", a few months later she said that she was just supporting the LGBT community.

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Added by BforBerry

Rachel and Quinn Added by Kbooty26

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This user ships Brittana.

This user thinks that Bartie rocks. He or she says that they, though they are really good characters in the series, can really share they emotions to eachother.

This user thinks that Puckleberry is as good as berry. He or she thinks that, though they are like "Venus and Mars", they have more chemistry that Finchel and/or Quick has.

This user is a huge Unholy Trinity Fan.

This user thinks that Wemma is "rightemma". He or she thinks that they have a lot in common and that they are really cute together, and that Cemma is only created for Emma to make Will jealous (and it worked).

This User scribbles Kurtbastian All Day.

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Yes, I ship Kurtofsky, you don't like it? #DealWithIt

This user is a huge Faberry fan.

This user is obsessed with Darren Criss

This user is a huge Unholy Trinity Fan.

This user is Cat5sparkles, When in doubt... RICKROLL

This user ships the twinship between Lexi and Cat, otherwise known as Caxi

Be awesome and ship Sury

This user ships Klaine!

This user believes in Samchel

Sam and Quinn are Hopelessly Devoted to each other

It's the first time in my life I've ever felt like a grown man.

This user ships HATCHMA

This user is a big Peth fan.

This user loves Blainchel.

This user ships Pucktana Friendship. I am truly in love with Flamotta. They are so cute together!

This user is a huge HeMo fan

This user is a huge Brittany fan.

This users OTP is Shade

This user loves Klaine

This user is a huge Puckleberry fan.

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Keep calm and Brittango.

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