Okay guys, it was a long and hard decision for me, but last night, I decided who would make it through to The Glee Project: A Showdown. Congratulations to all those who made it through! The first episode and the wiki will be up tomorrow, until then, just bask in your glory. Thanks. :)

The following is a list of those who made it through.

Contender Age Hometown
Ariana Channing 18 Malibu, California
Brandon Cassidy 19 Mullens, West Virginia
Bree Monica Owens 19 Trenton, New Jersey
Christina "Christi" Jamed 19 Las Vegas, Nevada
Cody Bohn 18 Duisburg, Germany
Connor Matthews 18 Manhattan, New York
Hinton Knight 18 Paris, France
Katie Meeks 18 Miami, Florida
Leila Baxter 19 Los Angeles, California
Leon Mraz 21 ???, Kentucky
Maxi Devon 21 Dublin, Ireland
Maxwell Dean 24 ???, New York
Valerie Crawford 19 Auckland, New Zealand
Zachary Kade "Zach" Owens 21 Baltimore, Maryland

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