Note: Much of this blog is my own opinion. So please don't take my word as fact. Please do not comment if you are going to be rude to me. I am not saying you can't disagree with me. Feel free to disagree as long as it is in a respectful manner. Thank you.

The Problem

Okay. So recently, I have been really bugged by the fact that Lindsay Pearce, AKA Harmony, won't be returning for Season Four. Not only was she probably the most memorable
out of any of the winners from The Glee Project thus far (not counting Ryder), but she was also, arguably, a better singer and actor than fellow winner Damian McGinty, who got an EXTENDED run on the season.


Why would RIB even bother mentioning that Harmony is a Sophomore if not planning to have her return? That honestly does not make sense to me.


When Lindsay Pearce first stated that she was not going to return,
Harmony 1;
I, along with most of the fan-base, thought that it was due to her wanting to focus on the theatre she was doing at the time. I was perfectly fine with that. However, when she stated that she would be willing to return to Glee if asked, I was furious. That was not the end of my anger.


Ryan Murphy decided to put Wade Adams/Unique into Season Four. This made me even more angry. Not only was he a terrible actor in the two episodes he was given, the fact that he was chosen based on the fact that his storyline (transgender) is relatable. I personally, do not see it. However, I do understand that there are many people that struggle with gender identity issues. But I personally, do not think that a storyline, that will probably get old really fast, can outweigh the fact that someone is all-around a better performer.


The main reason Lindsay is not returning to Glee is probably because of this season's focus on Pop Culture and moving away from Broadway. Even if this is not the case, this is the assumption that I am making to ease my mind. xD Even if Lindsay does not return to Glee again, I am hoping to see more of her in the future.

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