lately, a lot of us on the klaine ship page have been having weird dreams and we have shared them with each other. i wanted to share my weird dream. but since it's fairly long, i thought putting in my blog would be more appropriate.

this dream is PG-13 and features Kurt, Rachel, Rory, and Adam. it is formatted in a fanfic format (that's kind of how i dream). there is non-graphic death in this dream. additionally, it is very Kadam (what the hell is my subconscious trying to say?) also know: i watched this dream in objective mode–to me that means, i was there simply watching, observing and commenting to myself; none of the characters in this dream could see, talk, or interact with me.

it's late at night, in NYC, and there is a late night pool party taking place on the roof of nyada's theater. there are at least 200 students there dancing to music, eating and chatting with friends, and the majority of them are making great use of the pool (and we won't even discuss how much sex is taking place in said pool). rachel is topside (she's on the deck eating and chatting because it's january and waaaaaaaaay too cold to be in the pool) and kurt is…well, at this point, i don't know where kurt is, other than he's nowhere to be seen right now.

the party is going on swimmingly, and everything seems to be status quo–nothing out of the ordinary. people are enjoying dancing on water (there is a transparent plexiglass dance floor that is covering the pool and there is multi-colored lighting in the pool's floor that is beaming upwards towards the sky); eating and chatting; having sex, swimming, and playing in the pool. and then, out of nowhere, it was gone–the fun, the vibrancy, the life of the party–it ceased to exist.

please don't ask how these unfortunate souls died. i, myself, have no idea. maybe a bolt of lightning struck the top of the theater and was so broad it touched all surfaces of the roof and pool? what i can say for sure is that rachel, who was topside, is slowly levitating bodies out of the pool and laying them out on the deck. this was the first time that she demonstrated any magical powers–who knew that she could levitate objects? 

kurt, for his part, was below the surface of the pool–he was under water with no swim gear, no scuba or snorkelling gear; it was hard to understand why kurt wasn't drowning–there was no bubblehead charm and no poorly performed transfiguration to provide him oxyen; perhaps he had eaten some gillyweed?

kurt was down there, standing in the deep end, wearing a turtle neck, sweater, trousers, and doc martens. he was standing in shock, surveying the amount of bodies floating in the water, absolutely shocked beyond belief. these were his and rachel's friends and classmates at nyada–and now they were all gone; their lives cruelly ripped from them in the prime of their lives. as kurt stood there in utter saddness and grief, angel rory faded into being, standing behind kurt and just of his left shoulder.

"look at that rory. they're dead. all of them." kurt observed sadly.

rory glanced around the aquatic graveyard. 

"not all of them are dead kurt." rory replied.

kurt looked up and quickly spun around in rory's direction, hope shining in his eye. he wanted to save whatever friends and classmates had survived. "who? where?" he demanded.

rory pointed at a man who was floating in the water. "him. his pulse is very weak, but it's still there." 

kurt didn't have time to wonder how rory knew that the man still had a pulse. as for my part, i guess that angel rory could sense or feel the man's pulse through the water and how his life was slowly fading away from him. kurt immediately pointed at the man and levitated him out of the water (who knew he and rachel shared the same magical skills?) and laid him out on the pool deck. kurt quickly pulled himself out of the water completely and utterly dry. he turned to briefly see rachel continuing her work of pulling bodies out of the pool. when he turned back to the man, he saw the man shiver. it was a cold night, and being just pulled out of the pool completely drenched, kurt knew the man would experience hypothermia very quickly. 

kurt remembered that the best way to warm up the body of someone suffering hypothermia was skin-to-skin contact. he quickly pulled off all his clothes, leaving him in nothing but his boxers. it was challenging, but kurt removed the man's water-logged clothes, so that he too was left in his boxers. kurt then got down on the ground and wrapped himself around the man; kurt's chest was to the man's back, maximizing the skin-to-skin coverage. at the initial contact, kurt shivered at the coldness and dampness of the man's body. kurt began to run his hands up and down the man's arms and torso.

after several minutes, the man moaned. "wha–?" he tried to ask.

"shhhh. don't try to talk." kurt whispered into his ear.

the man moaned again, while gingerly shaking his head from side to side. he looked back over his right shoulder intending to thank the person who keeping him warm. what he saw startled him into slightly more focused consciousness. "kurt..."he trailed off.

kurt, for his part, was beyond stunned and shocked. this was the first time he saw the man's face. he put his finger to the man's lips to quiet him. after a moment, kurt removed his finger and then leaned forward and pressed his lips against the man's. it was a sweet and passionately tender kiss that the man began to return after a moment. kurt finally broke the kiss and, with tears in his blue eyes, looked down at the man. "oh adam! i'm so happy you're still alive! i don't what i would have done if i had lost you…"

and that's were my dream ended. please feel free to hit the comments below and analyze this dreamfic. what do you think?

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